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Mr. Pepper Marketing Presentation


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Why social media is so important for businesses.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Mr. Pepper Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. THIS IS A MR. PEPPER MARKETING PRESENTATION PROVIDED BY A “LETS GET SOCIAL” TRAINED SOCIAL MEDIA PROFESSIONALIn this slide show you will learn why social media has become the go-to source for marketing. Just click on the big play button below the view the slides.
  2. 2. ‣ More than 500 million activeFacebook users!*‣ 50% of those users log on toFacebook any given day.* *
  3. 3. Visiting social sites is now the4th most popular online activity,ahead of personal email!
  4. 4. -"Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter”- While 14% people trust ads, 76% people trust consumer recommendations
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing Why you need Social Media!
  6. 6. What is yourunderstanding of Social Media?
  8. 8. What is thecurrentcondition ofyour business?- Could you use moreeffective Marketing?- Could you use morepurchasing Customers?
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing works!This presentation will show you why you need to be in the social space!
  10. 10. Major Corporations Use it...
  11. 11. ...and Make Money from the increased traffic!
  12. 12. BUT THAT’S EXPECTED!They have the high-end budgetMajor Corps are able to experimentEstablished BrandBig budget Marketers in-houseLeverage media and PR contactsHave an unfair advantage over small businesses
  14. 14. TRADITIONAL MARKETINGApproach: Disrupted Attention & AwarenessTelemarketing, Direct Mailings, Radio, etc...
  15. 15. NEW MEDIA MARKETINGApproach: Relationship driven, Permission basedSocial Media, Opt-In emails, Blogs, etc...
  16. 16. ?
  17. 17. HOW MUCH MONEY DID YOU SPEND LAST YEAR ON PRINT ADVERTISEMENT(NEWSPAPER, LOCAL MAGAZINE ADS, YELLOW PAGES, ETC...)Were you able to track your incoming traffic from these advertisement?What measurable BUZZ did Print Ads create for your business?
  18. 18. Did you know?➡ Your small business CAN COMPETE with the majors➡ You can reach the same LOCAL demographic in a much more authentic and meaningful way➡ Spend ONLY A FRACTION of what you paid previously
  19. 19. Social Media will do the job for you!
  20. 20. Social Media is FREE!
  21. 21. It doesn’t cost you anything to set up an account!It doesn’t cost you anything to maintain your social profiles It’s much like doesn’t cost you anything to clean your home! BUT...
  23. 23. Most people HIRE a housekeeper or maidservice because they’re simply TOO BUSY!
  24. 24. Business Owners are TOO BUSY running their business Sales, Book-keeping, Marketing, Operations, etc...
  25. 25. Business Owners are TOO BUSY to learnhow to use New Media, keep up with the ever changing landscape of online best practices, etc...
  26. 26. Social Media Marketing and Managementis an in-demand position to fill in the need for Quality Social Media work!
  27. 27. Social Media Marketer Offers proven Strategies for online success Maintains your Social Profiles while you concentrate on running your day-to-day operations Utilizes FREE online tools (SAVE on your AD $$$$$) Builds your Brand online & LOCALLY! Doubles your website Traffic (more attention!) Increases your Conversion Rates (more Sales!) Builds “Trust” (more loyal customers!)
  28. 28. 3 specific Case Studies:1. Curbside Cupcakes2. CoffeGroundz3.Family wine company
  29. 29. CASE STUDY #1: CURBSIDE CUPCAKES - INCREASED REVENUE - INCREASED BRAND EXPOSURE - EXPLOSIVE EXCITEMENTCurbside Cupcakes, a mobile gourmet cupcake vendor in Washington, DC,used Twitter and Facebook among other online platforms to build a significantcustomer following. They built up over 3,100 Twitter follower and over 5,600Facebook fans by posting a Cupcake Calendar with their locations for the month.They also had “Wildcard Spots” days in which they revealed their destinationsvia Twitter and Facebook. They engaged their following by tweeting with them,and fans posted photos of their cupcakes and their interactions with the mobilevan on Facebook. This generated excitement in the shopping process for theircustomers and increased the business’s exposure, following, and revenues.
  30. 30. CASE STUDY #2: COFFEEGROUNDZ - INCREASED REVENUE - DOUBLED TRAFFIC - INCREASED PR COVERAGEA cross between a coffee house and a lounge inHouston, TX, they were potentially the first to place andreceive a “to-go” order via Twitter. The company startedtaking to-go” orders via direct message on Twitter, and awhole new sales process was born. The café’s businessdemand doubled as a result of this strategy, coupledwith good press coverage that increased others’awareness of this convenient way of ordering.
  31. 31. CASE STUDY #3: Gary Vaynerchuck ✓ More Money!!!!! ✓ Constant Interaction✓ Increased Media Exposure
  32. 32. Social Media Marketing EFFECTIVE RELEVANT WORKS
  33. 33. Ok…so what’s the ROI?What’s YOUR Return On Invenstment on traditional advertising?
  34. 34. Ok…so what’s the ROI?What’s YOUR Return On Invenstment on traditional advertising? No Guarantee
  35. 35. Ok…so what’s theROI? Metrics, Followers Numbers, “Likes”
  36. 36. Ok…so what’s theROI? Guarantee!!!
  37. 37. Ok…so what’s the ROI? Guarantee!!!- Leads, Referrals- Exposure, Awareness
  38. 38. Ok…so what’s the ROI? Guarantee!!!- Leads, Referrals- Exposure, Awareness $$$$$$$$
  39. 39. Ok…so what’s theROI?
  40. 40. Ok…so what’s theROI? Your traffic WILL Increase…BUT…
  41. 41. Ok…so what’s theROI? Are you prepared to do business WITHOUT engaging?
  42. 42. Ok…so what’s theROI? Are you prepared to do business WITHOUT engaging?Social Media is where people are at!
  43. 43. Where are you?
  44. 44. Interested inknowing more? Questions?
  45. 45. Visit our website to see our Services & Prices * SPECIAL OFFER *
  46. 46. Visit our website to see our Services & Prices * SPECIAL OFFER *Sign up for a “1-2-1” session Personalized Q & A session + FREE Online Analysis of your social “spaces” + FREE Skeleton Strategy Plan ($197 value)
  47. 47. Special Thanks to:Collaborators LizKrukosky Marci Macari @lizkrukosky @marcimacari Becky Lam Gina Brelesky @SocMediaServ @ginabcurious Joan Marie Verba Kate Buck Jr @JoanMarieVerba @katebuckjr Dominic Laporte  @MisterPeppa