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Presentation for word press meetup


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Adam from RocketWP -
Adam Yates and I have been in the IT industry for more than 25 years. Fist got into WordPress as I got annoyed having to pay a developer whenever I wanted the most minor of changes. I soon realised that running WordPress requires regular maintenance like any other IT system. The hosting companies I had used where just not that great at doing this, the more I looked at other sites the more I realised that sites where not up to date and vulnerable to all sorts of threats, I also found that site were only being optimised for SEO and not for speed. So I setup RocketWP – we don’t design, develop or build websites, we don’t do email we just want to make sites run as fast as they possible can.

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Presentation for word press meetup

  1. 1. Making WordPress fast Guide to help achieving <3 second loading times
  2. 2. How to make WordPress Fly The first thing a visitor does it look up your IP address DNS Pick a quality host with a proven track record with WordPress. A fast host Cache your site for fast page delivery, use a CND to distribute content. Caching and CDN Use plugins and themes from valid sources. Themes & Plugins WordPress needs fine tuning to make sure your site loads fast – Google recommends your site should load in 3 seconds or less. KEY AREAS AFECTING SPEED
  3. 3. DNS When a potential visitor enters your web address the first thing they carry out is a DNS look up. You need to make sure your DNS lookup is quick and the service is reliable. You need 2 DNS servers at a minimum – they should be on totally different networks. Your server also needs to be using fast DNS servers to look up 3rd party links and services. @rocketwp
  4. 4. Use a Fast Host There are literally hundreds of companies offering WordPress hosting so how do you choose? Do your homework and test with a dummy site. Build your own with services such as Digital Ocean or Vultr Combine Digital Ocean with CloudWays or ServerPilot Check that the platform is kept up to date @rocketwp
  5. 5. Your hosting provider should support • HTTP/2 • GZIP Run up to date softwareincluding • PHP • MySQL @rocketwp
  6. 6. Use Caching WordPress dynamically creates each page as a visitor requests it. The server has to pull all the data togeather – text, images, plugins etc every single time a visitor requests the page and for every visitor. This will not always cause performance issues when using a fast host but will speed up your site. Caching works by generating a copy of every page, ready to send each visitor. @rocketwp
  7. 7. Use a CDN Using a CDN, a Content Delivery Network can help with Performance Grades but will not always speed up your site. You need to choose a good CDN partner and make sure that any caching is correctly configured. @rocketwp
  8. 8. Themes & Plugins Plugins and themes can have a massive effect on your site. Always test new plugins to check for any effects that they may have on your site Check themes – a lot of themes contain a whole host of ‘bloat’ that your site may never need. Try using a frame work if possible. @rocketwp
  9. 9. NO CACHE VARNISH / WPROCKET & CDN PUT IT ALL TOGEATHER THE IMAGES BELOW WERE ALL FROM TESTING WITH PINGDOM As you can see you need everythingto speed your site and get a good performance grade VARNISH CACHE VARNISH & WPROCKET
  10. 10. REMEMBER Keep them up to date, only use plugins and themes from valid sources. Plugins & Themes Keep the core up to date. WordPress Core Backup is the best form of security you can put in place on your site. Backup Implement basic security on your site. Secure WordPress needs to be looked after
  11. 11. Optimisation is not a set it and forget it task TEST TEST AND TEST AGAIN Optimising your site for speed is not something that you do once and then leave it. You should test your speed regularly and after any changes. You need to monitor your site’s speed and remember to optimize individual pages, especially those you are using on social media. Use a tool such as Pingdom and understand what the waterfall display is actually showing you.
  12. 12. We manage and maintain WordPress sites Chapter 1: Bullet Slide Page: 12 300MANAGED SITES 100SITES HOSTED 20CUPS OF COFFEE WE WORK WITH ANY HOST Here are a few of our stats
  13. 13. Thank you! WPINFO PINGDOM KeyCDN WPROCKET CloudWays Digital Ocean Vultr RESOURCES Below are some of the resources we use to manage and maintain performance on the sites we manage.