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AccessCity at Social Innovation Camp December 08


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Please visit to have a play with the prototype site and for video content please view at YouTube

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AccessCity at Social Innovation Camp December 08

  1. 1. ers by London ers gwdexter
  2. 2. need Yo yo • Testing testing bringing mass transit to the masses Candy
  3. 3. site demo
  4. 4. user experience Candy
  5. 5. road map museums bus stops public offices toilets pubs shops restaurant s
  6. 6. man with a plan Candy
  7. 7. sustainability • London government support to help deliver on the Mayor’s aims on equalities • Commercial organisations looking to clean up their accessibility act • Hook up with like minded organisations with use for data (travel guides etc)
  8. 8. possible partners OpenStreetMap
  9. 9. getting the word out Kaptain Kobold
  10. 10. a mini adventure • Ease of engagement with site • Fun and gaming possibilities • Competitive element Steve Oliver
  11. 11. big thanks! Chris Dom Kalv Laura Jenni phploveme