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I docstools

Main features of Klynt, 3WDOC and Popcorn confronted during the i-docs symposium (23rd March 2012)

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I docstools

  1. 1. Authoring tools confronted i-Docs Symposium 2012 March 23rd 2012. Bristol Eva Domínguez & María Yáñez
  2. 2. Tools Klynt 3WDOC Popcorn Maker
  3. 3. Development stageKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerFirst public version: Beta version Currently at version 0.12011 New releases everyMay 2012: Klynt for Next version: April monthtablets (iOS or Android 2012applications) 1.0 version will be released in November 2012.
  4. 4. Tool componentsKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerDesktop application Web-based authoring Web-based authoring tool toolData formats (standard Media manager handling traditional Code library Popcorn.jsw3c XML) media and extended & Butter.js media offering on-flyPlayer encoding solution Player and facilitation to publish on different environment and platform Based on a Javascript library and jQuery.
  5. 5. Player characteristicsKlynt 3WDOC PopcornBased on Flash Based on HTML5 HTML5 video / audio basedNot HTML5 by nowCompatible withAndroid + all webbrowsers
  6. 6. Types of content managed by the editorKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerStill images (jpg, gif, png) Still images (JPG, GIF, Video: Webm, MP4,OGG, PNG third partiesVideo files [mov (h264),mp4 (h264), flv] and third Audio (MP3, Soundcloud) Still imagesparties videos Text Video OGG, MP4, thirdAudio (MP3) parties TwitterTexts Text FlickrGoogle Maps Flash elements Wikipedia (embedded in a HTML5 Google MapsFlickr photos article) Anything you can findFlash elements, swf (AS3) Google Maps on the web
  7. 7. Third parties servicesKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerVideo Video VideoYoutube Youtube Youtube Daily Motion VimeoDaily Motion Any video file in an urlVimeo (webm, MP4-->this Still images only works in Chrome)Still images Flickr AudioFlickr Google Images Soundcloud Audio MP3 or OGG Souncloud Video upload and transcoding for Q3 2012
  8. 8. Where the files are hostedKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerThe user’s hosting The files are hosted in Hosting of work slated the Cloud (Amazon S3) for April release They can also be downloaded by the user to broadcast on its own website (internet or intranet). The creations will work off- line too.
  9. 9. Usability of the back-officeKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerWYSIWYG interface WYSIWYG interface WYSIWYG interface(interface for non (interface for non (interface for nonprogrammers) programmers) programmers) The learning curve is 2 There is alsoNo html or css skills hours Popcorn.js (a library forneeded developers). Users can fork from GitHub (social coding network) to make custom versions of app
  10. 10. Integration with other platformsKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerStandalone version of Standalone version of Code embeddable inthe final work the final work any website.(embeddable) (embeddable)Facebook (share Facebook (shareoption & embedding on option & embedding ona FB page) a FB page)Twitter (share option Twitter (share optionfrom the player) from the player)Integration with CMS Integration with CMS(Can be embedded (A module for Drupal, ausing an iframe) plugin for Wordpress are in the pipe)
  11. 11. Customization of the front-officeKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerCustom CSS design Custom CSS design Custom HTML (available in the freeCustom menu and version) Custom CSS designnavigation Some templates Custom menu and available navigation (available in the free version) New templates can be created (like Wordpress) Open Source
  12. 12. Any other features to highlight?Klynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerVisual mock-up The concept of co- Future versions will haveVisual storyboard creation, you can work ability to "fork" popcornVarious media import anywhere with anyone. creations - ie copy andConnect to external media modify.libraries You can create anyRich media editing content, anywhere at anyOrganize media in a time, with anyone.timeline Integration of the best webInstant preview usages for content creation: aggregation,Easy publishing curation and sharing.Create index and mapmenusExport and embed Both player and editorShare and monitor your will work on iPad as weproject leverage on browser.
  13. 13. LanguagesKlynt 3WDOC Popcorn MakerEnglish English English (open to Spanish translations) French
  14. 14. Business model Klynt 3WDOC Popcorn Maker1- Lite (150 €) Freemium model FreeOne user account*, Unlimitedprojects. A version will be Free and Mozilla is a non-profitAll Standard Features, for the paid versions, user organizationSupport Center (48-hour will be charged on aassistance by e-mail). Their mission is to monthly basis between 25 promote openness,2 - Pro (500 €) to 100 euros per month innovation andOne user account*, Unlimited opportunity on the web.projects.All Standard Features,Support Center (24-hourguaranteed assistance by e-mail and Skype).+ Custom Branding+ Script Export Feature+ Detailed Analytics+ Collaborative Features
  15. 15. Thanks! @edominguez @maria_yanez @klynt_app @3wdoc @popcornjs