We prepared for you a list of 15 most typical interview questions


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We prepared for you a list of 15 most typical interview questions

  1. 1. We prepared for you a list of 15 most typical interview questions. It is alwaysgood to think about the answer before the job interview. Although you will notremember most of your answers, it will help you to calm down and be moreconfident in the job interview.After the presented list of questions, you can find links to different specializedarticles devoted to phone interview questions, Skype interview questions,group interview questions and other special forms of job interview.In order to minimize the group of questions you can possibly get, it is good tolook at these articles also. It is easier to prepare for ten questions (andremember ten answers) than try to prepare answers to fifty questions. Anyway,let’s have a look at the 15 most typical interview questions and answers.List of 15 most common interview questions and answersQuestion 1: Can you tell me something about yourself?This is typically the first question in the job interview. If you answer itwell, you will make a good first impression, feel better and logicallyhave better chances to get a job.You should focus on work related things in your answer. That means,what you do, what you are good at, what you have done before, whatare you looking for in your career, etc.You can mention your personal life and hobbies briefly, but it is notwhat the employer is interested in.Anyway, it is advisable to not spend more than one minute answeringthis question. It is simply not good to tire the interviewers right in thebeginning… This is just a starting question. Good example of ananswer can be:
  2. 2. “I like to manage people and work on interesting projects. I havebeen working for IBM for the past ten years, but am looking for a newchallenge right now. I like to do sports, especially football and spendmy free time with my wife.Question 2: Why did you apply for this job?Interviewers need to understand your intentions. And it is perfectlyall right and good for you. If you prepare a good answer to thisinterview question, you can convince them right in the beginning thatyou are the best person for the job.The key thing is to speak about the company, not about you (this willbe deeply described later). Anyway, you should definitely spendsome time reading company website and the job description, so youknow what to answer to this interview question. Here are two goodexamples:“I really like the job description and the working duties for thisposition. I believe that I am the perfect match for the job and can bean asset for your team.”“I decided to apply because I really like the vision of your companyand the possibilities for me there. It is a role where I can use my fullpotential and really help your company to grow.”Question 3: Why did you leave your last job? / Why are you planningto leave your job?
  3. 3. Change is a part of life. However, employers want to understand thereasons why you want to make a change, or why you are forced tomake a change.It is important to stay positive on this place and do not mention anynegative things about your previous employers. You should simplyfocus on the future, not on the past. Let me show you few goodanswers to this interview question. “My last job was not challenging enough. I was not motivated towake up to work anymore and I really needed a change. Based on thejob description I really believe that I can find what am I looking for inyour company.” There was a downsizing in our company and similarly to mostpeople in my department, I was fired. However, it is the past. I amready to utilize the knowledge and experience and start to build mynew career in your corporation.”“I want to be very honest to you. I have been in this company forseven years, achieved great results and help it to become the leaderon the market. However, I did never get a raise and was neverpromoted, although I asked for it. I believe that the results of my workcan be rewarded better somewhere else, maybe in your company.”Question 4: Can you tell me something about your education?For some employers and for certain positions, your education is veryimportant. Employers use to inquire about it. Degrees like MBA areprestigious and many employers prefer candidates with these formsof degrees.However, if you do not have it, you can still offer a good answer tothis interview question. Try to not focus on the names of the schools,
  4. 4. but on the knowledge you gained. Here is an example of a goodanswer to this interview question.“I studied in Cambridge. I acquired knowledge from statistics,project management and process management. I was very activeduring my studies and took part in several practical projects. Overallmy studies were really practical and I believe that I am very wellprepared for this job of a project manager.Question 5: Can you tell us something more about your workingexperience?You should always pick the most related experience. Many jobseekers spend twenty minutes answering this interview question. Butit is a mistake. Employer hiring for marketing management position isnot interested in your experiences from MC Donald’s, really. Youshould pick just one or two from your previous jobs and brieflydescribe what you did there and what you learned there. You can usethe following answer for your inspiration.“I had done a lot of things in my life, what helped me to gain a goodoverall understanding of business. From 2001 to 2004 I worked like aproject manager for Siemens, mostly we were working on smallerenergetic projects. I believe that I can utilize the knowledge andcontacts I gained during this time in your company. I learned how tobudget the project and lead it from the scratch to completion. Frommy other experience I can briefly mention my position in marketingfrom 1998 to 2001 and my freelancing experience from 2005 to 2009.”
  5. 5. Question 6: Why should we hire you?This is probably the most difficult interview question. However, ifyour answer is convincing enough, it really can convince theemployer to hire you!You should simply focus on your USP (Unique selling point). Itmeans to show the employer something special other candidates cannot offer him. To use general phrases will not help you. You simplyneed to find this unique selling point by yourself. You can use thefollowing answers for your inspiration.“Well, I have a relevant experience for the job and I am stronglymotivated to work for your company.”“I fulfill all the requirements for the job. However, some otherapplicants do probably also fulfill it. I think that I am a nice guy andhelp to create a good atmosphere in the workplace. You can contactmy previous employers to question about this.” “I believe that I bring success with me to the companies. All thecompanies where I worked were prospering. It is good to have such aworker in your team, isn’t it?”Question 7: What are your strengths?Interview questions about strengths and weaknesses are typical. Andit is easy to answer it. All you have to do is to pick one or twostrengths that are relevant for the job.
  6. 6. “I am very responsible person and always accomplish all my duties.”“I am a very organized person, what is strongly reflected in my work.”“I have good communication skills. I believe that communicationskills are crucial in every job, but especially in job like this one.”Question 8: What are your weaknesses?It is not so important what weaknesses you list here. More importantis to define how exactly you try to get rid of your weakness. This iswhat the employer wants to hear.Secondly, you should choose the weakness that is not so importantfor the job you are applying for. This is pretty straight forward andyou should manage to do it. Here are some good examples of ananswer.“I am not very patient, what is obviously not good. But I am workingon it every day, doing various exercises.”“Sometimes I struggle to concentrate. However, I practice every dayand my concentration has improved over the years.”“I trust the people too much. It is nice to live with it, but it brought meinto many problematic situations in the past. However, as I am
  7. 7. getting older I am starting to distinguish who I can trust and who Ican not trust.”Question 9: What are your goals in five years horizon?Every responsible person has some goals. Employers know this.When questioning you about your goals, they simply want to hearthat you have any goals.However, you can do a mistake here. Some people like to mentionthat they dream about their own business. This is not a good answer.Companies do not want to hire someone who leaves after two yearsto start his own business.Recruiting is too lengthy procedure for this. That’s why you shouldeither choose personal goals, or connect your goals with thecompany where you are applying for a job. Let’s have a look at goodanswers to this interview question.“My goal is to become a better manager and help my employer toachieve good results as much as I can.”“I want to start a family and have a good position. I believe that yourcompany is a right place to realize my goals.”“I would like to be promoted in five years and have a really good jobin a really good company – like yours one.”
  8. 8. Question 10: What are your biggest achievements so far?Achievements are more important for the employers than yourexperiences. This is a fact. Other fact is that everyone of us has someachievements. We just sometimes do not realize it. You shouldthink about it for a while.Employers can be impressed by both tangible and intangibleachievements. If you was a heavy smoker before and was able to quitsmoking, it shows that you have a strong determination and will.Think about it…Our life is full of achievements. You just need to choose some foryour answers to interview questions. Just like our job applicants didin their answers.“I was able to run marathon under 3:30. I trained for it very hard and itstrengthen me both physically and mentally.”“When I worked like a sales manager in Cobeco Inc., the sales of thecompany grew by 20 percent every year.”“I became a better person over the years. I learned to listen to theothers and see the good in people. I consider this as my biggestachievement.”Question 11: What characterize a good boss/ colleague from yourpoint of view?
  9. 9. In most of the companies, you will not work alone. Interviewers try tounderstand if you fit into the company and if you may get along withyour colleagues. The crucial thing here is to not mention anything tootangible.Concretely, to say that you prefer your boss to be older than you is ahuge risk… If the boss is younger, you will not be chosen. The bestway is to choose a neutral answer and say that you can pretty muchget along with everybody. Let’s have a look at two good responds.“I can get along with everyone. All I want to be sure about when itcomes to my boss and colleagues is that they are qualified for thejob. And when I see the level of proficiency in this interview, I amsure they are qualified.”“There is nothing like an ideal boss for me. I simply focus on my joband on my performance and try to avoid any conflicts with otheremployees.”Question 12: What motivates you? / How do you motivate the others?Motivation is crucial in every role. You need to convince the employerthat you are motivated and do not need any special incentives towork hard. The best way to do so is to show the enthusiasm in theinterview and be filled with energy! If you do so, you will not get thisinterview question about motivation. However, if it comes here is theanswer.
  10. 10. “I want to feel important in my job, do a good job for my employer.This is very important for me, to see a purpose in my job. It naturallymotivates me to work hard and try to become better every day.”“I just like to work. If I was not strongly motivated to do this job, Iwould not apply for it. I would never work only for money.”Question 13: What are your salary expectations?This is actually a good question. If the employers ask it, it means thatthey consider to hire you (or least give you a chance). You should notstart the discussion about salary by yourself. However, once theemployer starts it, you should have your answer ready.The key is to emphasize that the salary is not the deciding factor foryou. However, on the other hand, you should never say less thanyour minimum expectations are. It won’t make any sense…If youneed to mention the number, it is always better to mention the salaryrange than the figure. Here are examples of good answers to thisinterview question.“First of all, salary is not a deciding factor for me. I really like the jobdescription and want to get this job. I will accept an average salaryfor this position what is something between $35,000 and $40,000″,according to my knowledge.“I really like this job and would like to do it. I have looked at theaverage salaries and found out that the average is between $35,000
  11. 11. and $40,000 for this position. I am willing to accept the lower figurefrom this range, as I really like would like to have this job.”Question 14: When are you able to start?Companies have their plans and needs. If they need someone fromthe next month, they need him and that’s it. That’s why you shouldalways say that you can start when they need you. But if you reallycan not short circuit the notice period or something else, you still cansave yourself with an exceptional answer! Let’s have a look at severalof these answers.“I am ready to start as soon as possible.”“There is a two months notice period in my company. However, Ihave very good relations with my boss so I am sure I can negotiate itand start earlier.”“I could possibly start tomorrow, but I want to finish the project Icurrently work on. It will be very unprofessional and irresponsiblefrom me to leave now. I will need two or three weeks. I hope youunderstand this.”Question 15: Do you have any questions?In every good job interview, there is a place for the questions of thecandidates. It is good to ask one or two questions. You should
  12. 12. definitely not ask about something that was already answered in theinterview or something from the job description. However, you canuse one of the following questions:“What are the next steps of the recruiting process?”“Can you tell me something more about the working environment?”“What are the goals of your company in long term horizon?”Interview questions for customer assistants are very specific, related to theposition of customer service assistant you are just applying for, or any otherposition in this field. In this post, we will have a look at ten tough, commoninterview questions for customer service and advise you some good answersto these questions.First of all, you need to have a right approach during the job interview. Youshould try to act like an ideal customer service assistant in every second of it.That is the best thing you can do to be successful and end up being chosen forthis job. Let’s progress to the questions right now.Ten tough interview questions and answers forcustomer serviceQuestion 1: How would you deal with an aggressive or strongly unsatisfiedcustomer?People are just people, and in the job of customer assistant, you will have todeal with all kind of people. The good answer to this question is that you woulddefinitely approach him, try to stay calm and smiley, and uncover the reasonwhy he is unsatisfied or behave offensive to the others.Once you uncover the reason, you would try to solve his problem, or call amore experienced member of staff to come to help you. Good customer
  13. 13. assistant is not afraid of aggressive or bad customers. He tries to calm themdown and solve the problem.Question 2: Is there anything extra you will do for your customer, to make himas happy and satisfied as possible?Nowadays, the competition is tough. Questioning these sort of customerservice interview questions, interviewers simply try to identify if you really areone of the exceptional customer service assistants.And what to answer to this question? To say that you would have an informaltalk with the customer, just to make him feeling better, is not a bad idea. Youcan also say that you would not mind giving a customer a small unexpectedgift, of course if it is okay with company policy. Hand shaking also means a lotfor people – it’s a gesture of friendship. To mention that you will create someextra program of benefits for returning customers and for a new one is alsoadvisable. You should simply try to be creative when answering this question.Question 3: If a customer buys 3 items, each for $4.43, and gives you $20 bill,what is the change?With such mathematical interview questions, they are testing if you simply cando a basic math, and will not make basic mistakes in the work. However, it’stough to get prepared for this questions in advance. Just pay attention duringthe job interview and listen carefully. You can calmly use pen and paper forquick calculation or even bring a calculator to the interview with you. Showthem that you are prepared and really want to get this job. Most importantly,take the task seriously, and do not joke about it. Simply count it, announce thesum and that’s it.Question 4: What plays the key role in the success of any retail business?Price, product value, or communication?To answer this question honestly, in some cases, both price and product valuemight be truth. But as an applicant answering the interview questions, youshould say communication definitely. Communication is very important. Somepeople will come back to shop just because they like the approach of the staff
  14. 14. there. Wall Mart built the business on it, and it is pretty much reflected also inWal-Mart interview.Question 5: The role-play.Doesn’t matter if you like it or not, the role-play exercise will come in majorityof customer service interviews. You will play the assistant and the interviewerwill play a specific type of customer with specific needs or desires.The best you can do is to practice these scenarios with a friend, before aninterview. She should represent different types of customers. The key is toalways stay communicative, smiley, problem solving oriented and patient.Present such behavior in the job interview and your chances of nailing it arepretty good.Question 6: What are your weaknesses?Every person has some weaknesses and the customer assistant also. However,you should never mention things like aggressiveness, bad communicationskills or fear from talking to people. Oppositely, good weaknesses to mentionare the tendency to be over friendly to customers or lack of computer skills(typically these skills do not matter much in the position of customer assistant).You can learn more about questions about weaknesses here.Question 7: Where do you see yourself in three years from now?Let’s face it: There are not too many career growth possibilities for customerservice workers. That’s why you need to answer that you would like to have agood job in the field that makes you happy. To say that you simply like to helpthe customers and that it makes you happy in work every day is also a goodanswer.Question 8: Why should we hire you?On this place, it is a time to mention several unique skills and abilities you havefor this job. You simply need to come up with something unique, something
  15. 15. that differentiate you from applicants for a job. Amongst many other ideas arethe following:People really enjoy being with me and I am sure they will return to the storeI am very enthusiastic in work and very passionate, what helps all the otherpeople in the office to feel the same and be more efficient in work.There are many possible answers to such customer service interviewquestions. However, the key is to mention the ability or character feature youreally have. Employers are not stupid and they will easily uncover your lie.Question 9: Are there any customers you have problems with?Some of us do not like to talk to teenagers when some others struggle to dealwith seniors. However, as a good applicant for this job you should mention thatyou can get along with everyone and enjoy this diversity in your job. Toemphasize that you approach every demographic group differently, taking intoaccount their preferences and point of view will win you the hearts of theemployers.Question 10: Why do you want to be employed as a customer service assistantin our company?This is a tricky question. Good answer can win you a job and the bad one canruin your chances of being chosen. Being like that, you should focus onpositive aspects of the company where you apply for the job. Let’s have a lookat some sample answers:  I really like the way the customer assistants approach people in this company. I can imagine to do it as well if not better.  I like the products of your company and am also a regular customer. These preferences will for sure help me in my job, as I can speak to the customers and convince them to buy with my own positive experiences.
  16. 16. These were the ten most tough questions in customer service. Do you want toknow more?Have a look at typical interview questions, job interview tips or other sectionson the website to boost your chances of getting a job.