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Talk given in the #tsn15 @ Mexico City

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CTO @ startup

  1. 1. Working at a startupas the CTOTech Startups Nights #TSN15Mexico City, 2013-Jun-20
  2. 2. DisclaimerI’m not a CTOI dont work at a startupWTF?Why Im here?Because I used to be a CTO at a startupBecause I have a story to share, a life story
  3. 3. The beginningI quit my job as development manager at BMV(Mexican Stock Market)I joined a startup in the music businessWith the most impressive technical team I ever hadWith a lot of resourcesWith a very ambicious planEarning less money than my previous job
  4. 4. My first resultsThe most challenging project ever in my profesional lifeTeamwork, agile environment, extreme programmingMulticulturalThe better hires != the best teamFocus is keyMore features, more time, we never delivered a product, lack ofMVP definitionAfter a year I was disappointed. So, I returned back to work in myown company for a few months, until...
  5. 5. ¿Y si se trata de trata?
  6. 6. First reaction“sarcasm”: “Seems legit”I didn’t respond...
  7. 7. 3 months later...
  8. 8. Epic adventure beganA friend of mine asked me for some hints to hiredevelopersVery difficult to find developers with a specific skills andknowledgeAfter some weeks and more details, my friend askedme to join the startup as the CTO
  9. 9. My first day9:00 am. Conference call with the development team atBerlin, Germany11:00 am. Quick talk with the CEO11:05 am. CEO to me: “have you been in Germany?,No?, ok, Tonight, make your luggage. Tomorrowmorning you will travel to Berlin. We will launch thestore in 2 weeks”
  10. 10. Startup SpiritGo as fast as you canBuild a team, the right team. Very risky.Deliver, deliver, deliver...fail fast?Ecommerce platform built from scratch
  11. 11. LaunchSpent two weeks in Berlin, learning about the project,very intensive days (Payment Gateway for MexicanMarket)One week after I came back to Mexico, we launchOne week after Mexico launching, We launch inArgentinaPlatform not ready for latam market, huge efforts toadapt
  12. 12. Global deploymenthttp://www.springstar.com
  13. 13. Global deploymenthttp://www.springstar.com
  14. 14. Global deploymenthttp://www.springstar.com
  15. 15. Next stepsBuilt the development team in MexicoTook ownership of the platformHardware infrastructureSoftware developmentNew business requirementsFlexibility, Agility
  16. 16. Some numbers3 to 100 employees0 to 5 million users180 million emails sent a month200k-300k visits daily1.5M > page views daily80K concurrent users20K-50K new users daily1000-3000 purchases daily
  17. 17. Good stuffclickOnero bought several startupsNational presenceWon the prize for “Best internet company in Mexico2011”Culture
  18. 18. “Ecommerce Companyof the year in Mexico”
  19. 19. Dev Team CultureNo control freaksFreedomEmbrace innovationWrite code and take care of the codeAutomate almost everythingDevOps
  20. 20. Bad stuff, very badLogisticsCall centerCustomer serviceLack of commitment by MerchantsCrisis, end of the world¡
  21. 21. End of the worldNo money, no more fundingLayoffs...Affected Customer serviceDecrease operational costsTechnology. <- Oportunity
  22. 22. ¡clickOnero by Mexicans!New eraNew business modelNew teamNew strategyNew CEONew ecommerce platform, new technologyOportunity¡
  23. 23. My personal profitLearn, learn, learn a lotStronger,More confidentBest experience in my life
  24. 24. Hey CEOs, don’t forget