After Return of the Jedi


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A fifteen-minute run-through of the highlights of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, after Return of the Jedi. Spoilers in the notes.

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  • They blew up the Death Star … killed Vader and the Emperor … but then what?? The entire Empire wasn’t going to just collapse and let them reestablish a democratic republic. There was still a total of one Jedi in the galaxy.
  • Retake Coruscant, establish their legitimacy transitioning from the Rebellion to the New RepublicFighter pilot storiesOne of them turns out to have Jedi potential, setting the stage for future stories
  • The New Republic is making great progress, Han and Leia have twins, all is well, but out of nowhere appears Grand Admiral Thrawn.Brilliant tactician who manages to bring the Republic to its knees, finding a long-lost fleet of warships and a dark Jedi master to ally with.In the end, they find new allies and win, but this was truly an epic worthy of the “Star Wars” title.
  • The Emperor is reborn through clones, kicks the Republic out of Coruscant, builds a shitton of superweapons.Luke finds a long-lost Jedi culture, Han and Leia have another son Anakin.
  • Reestablishing the Jedi OrderAn ancient Sith ghost gets involvedAn Imperial warlord reappears to wreak havoc, but in the end isn’t very effective. Some more superweapons.
  • Skipping ahead a lot … (lots of un-connected stories, that’s how the universe worked in those days).This is where they finally make piece with the Imperial Remnant, Luke maries Mara Jade, who we met back in the Thrawn trilogy---a closing of the New Republic era, for the main characters at least.
  • - Finally, lots of kids books detailing the adventures of Anakin in one series and Jacen and Jaina in another.
  • New era: Jedi are well established, peace with the Imperial Remnant, galaxy’s looking good.The writing team got together and decided: let’s shake things up! So…
  • Extragalactic invaders!Convert a planet using bioweapons, destroy a moon and kill Chewie using gravity weapons.Holes in The Force.Politicians slow to move
  • Jedi responseImperial Remnant joins the fightEstablishesVong as merciless, destroying peaceful planets and torturing/murdering ambassadorsSchism between the Jedi and the clueless politicians
  • Jedi strike team to destroy Jedi-hunter-dogs being bred by the Vong.Anakin killed, Jacen captured, Jaina grief-stricken.Invasion of Coruscant.
  • JACEN!!Captured, taken to former-Coruscant, under the care of a former Jedi Vergere who had left the galaxy to join the Vong 60 years ago.Lesson: there is no “dark side”: the dark side is the full power of the Force, unleashed.Becomes able to sense the Vong with the Force. Dips into the dark side several times to survive and escape, in morally ambiguous ways (e.g. using dark side to help people).Jacen escapes and sabotages Coruscant’s world-brain; Vergere sacrifices herself.The Vong’s relationship and potential history with the Force is further explored.We learn that a religion is forming among the Vong underclass worshipping the Jedi as saviors.
  • Turning point. Formation of the Galactic Alliance.They find ZonomaSekot, a living planet which may hold the secret of the Vong’s history and future. Convince it to join the war.Jedi heresy grows.
  • Confrontation between ZonomaSekot and the VongformedCoruscant.It is revealed the YuuzhanVong were cut off from the Force by their own living home-planet due to their bloodthirsty nature.Vong collaborators see their society has gone astray.Luke, Jacen and Jaina lead the final mission to kill the Vong’s Supreme Overlord and end the war. Jacen becomes transcendent, channeling the force to become “the perfect Jedi.”Aftermath: - Vong settle on ZonomaSekot, reformed. - Luke adopts the philosophy of the unifying force: there is no light or dark side - Jacen journeys the galaxy to study alternative theories, philosophies, and techniques about the Force.
  • Transition seriesMIA Jedi join an alien insectoid hive-mind race in the Unknown Regions, almost start a war with another important race there.Jacen (finally?) sleeps with TenelKa, conceiving a child.Leia stops slacking and actually becomes a Jedi.The blurred dark/light line is crossed several times, especially by Jacen (torture and deception for the greater good). His new powers are crazy (e.g. “flowwalking,” the ability to walk through time to moments in the past).Luke takes control of the New Jedi Order, as the Grand Master—no longer simply first among equals. He begins to resist the blurring.
  • Political unrest, secession from the Galactic Alliance is brewing. The GA gets authoritarian and cracks down; Corellia rebels. A new Galactic Civil War.The Jedi are on the side of the GAJacen, Ben, and another Jedi encounter a hidden Sith, Lumiya, who convinces Jacen that not all Sith are evil and that the power they offer would allow him to avert the war and prevent the cataclysms he’s seen in his visions. Jacen kills the other Jedi to start himself down the path of the dark side. He takes over as head of the secret police; fires on his parents when they side with the rebels.BobaFett tracks down the Kaminoans who cloned him, seeking a way to avoid clone degeneration.
  • Jacen tries to train Ben as his Sith apprentice, corrupting him.Lumiya manipulates the war behind the scenes into growing. Jacen and his co-conspirator execute a coup, becoming a duumvirate ruling the GA.Jacen searches for the final sacrifice he will need to make before truly becoming a Sith lord, and finds it: he kills Mara Jade Skywalker. He takes the name Darth Caedus.Luke kills Lumiya, thinking her responsible.Lines are drawn: the Jedi side against Caedus and the GA; Ben is able to escape Jacen’s influence; Luke and Caedus duel, with Luke proving his superiority, but not killing Caedus.Jacen burns Kashyyyk, the Wookiee home world.
  • Caedus kidnaps his daughter Allana, using her as a hostage to get the loyalty of Hapes from TenelKa.The Jedi rescue her and destroy Centerpoint station.Jaina trains under BobaFett on how to kill her brother.Ben discovers it was Caedus who killed Mara.Caedus attempts an alliance with the Imperial Remnant, including Admiral Daala; it goes badly and Caedus ends up alone, even his co-Head of State betraying him.The Jedi Coalition stages a showdown, and Jaina confronts Caedus, killing him.He dies content, seeing one last vision of having united the galaxy and avoided the dark future that he foresaw.Wrap-up: Admiral Daala ends up Chief of State of the newly-unified Galactic Alliance!
  • Jedi start suffering psychotic breaks, believing everyone around them to have been replaced with imposters, and exhibiting crazy force powers like Jacen did.AdmiralDaala exiles Luke for failing to prevent Jacen’s fail; the all-Sith-are-fallen-Jedi argument. Ben goes with him. They attempt to discover what happened to Jacen, and how it may impact this new Jedi illness.The Lost Tribe of the Sith begin discovering the larger galaxy, and feel Luke’s presence when he touches a powerful artifact. A mysterious being known as Abeloth reveals herself to them.Luke and Ben discover a Centerpoint-like station within the Maw, filled with Force users who dwell in a strange limbo-space “beyond shadows” that gives them insight into the future and afterlife. After learning some of Jacen’s path, they are attacked by the Lost Tribe of the Sith, easily besting them.
  • Luke and Ben track the surviving Sith girl, Vestara.The Jedi split from the GA and Daala, who brings in Mandalorians to contain them.The Sith ally with Luke and Ben to destroy Abeloth, who has betrayed them; it is revealed Abeloth is causing the Jedi psychosis. Ben and Vestara slowly develop a relationship.Abeloth kills and takes the bodies of Luke’s former loves, Callista and Annakah; she is destroyed twice, but recuperates and reforms with a new body each time.
  • The Jedi stage a coup, taking control of the Galactic Alliance, but Daala is freed by BobaFett and plans revenge. She fights for control of the Imperial Remnant.Vestara and Ben’s relationship grows stronger, but eventually Vestara realizes she is too much of a Sith to ever truly become a Jedi.The Sith infiltrate the government and Coruscant; Luke, however, is aware of this, and uses it to destroy them all in one swift stroke.A Jedi task force discovers Abeloth’s origins as one of the “Celestials” who built Centerpoint, the Maw, the Correlian system, etc., who embodied the Balance of the Force. She drank too deeply from the Pool of Knowledge and Font of Power, and became a bringer of chaos determined to cause a galaxy-wide apocalypse. The Maw was constructed to imprison her, but Centerpoint’s destruction had freed her.A triple assault on all of Abeloth’s avatars proceeds, including in the metaphysical “beyond shadows” realm where Luke teams up with a mysterious Sith that Jacen had also encountered.She is destroyed, but not eternally; a holy-grail like quest is begun to search for an artifact to destroy her fully, and Luke realizes the lack of Balance in the Force has never been truly corrected. The galaxy still seems to be tipping toward darkness.
  • After Return of the Jedi

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