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Tools of the Trade 2016

  1. “Tools of the Trade” Dominik Dorn
  2. Dominik Dorn Freelance Software Engineer & “Dev-Lead” Java 8 & Scala enthusiast PlayFramework lover Akka delivery guy @domdorn
  3. Agenda Reminder: These are (my) opinions! 
 Take what you like, ignore the rest! Development Tools Code Quality Tools Project Management Tools Analytics, Logging & Monitoring Libraries, Frameworks, etc.
  4. Development Tools
  5. IntelliJ Idea (Ultimate)
  6. jRebel
  7. Docker Docker Docker-Compose Docker-Swarm Deployment/Management through CI Server
  8. TeamCity
  9. Build Tools Gradle SBT Maven please ditch: Ant, Makefiles, manual shell-scripts

  10. Git + Giter8 “Giter8 is a command line tool to generate files and directories from templates published on github or any other Git repository.” See the Giter8 documentation for the full story.
  11. Artefact Management Sonatype Nexus 3 OSS (Maven, Docker, NPM/bower, nuget, …) jFrog Artifactory (Maven, Ivy, Docker, NPM/bower, …) jFrog BinTray (hosted Artifactory + distribution pipeline)
  12. NGINX Frontend-Webserver SSL Termination HTTP 2 Caching, Gzip, etc. Docker: nginx-proxy
  13. ngrok “Secure tunnels to localhost” ”I want to expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.”
  14. Code Quality
  15. Source code quality Checkstyle Scalastyle Gradle-Quality-Plugin Findbugs
  16. Source code quality Sonarqube Structure 101 Overops (takipi) / xRebel Checker-Framework Code review: Stash, Jetbrains Upsource, Github, …
  17. Project Management Youtrack / Jira / (Redmine) / (Github Issues) Confluence / (Redmine) / (Github Wiki) Slack / HipChat / “Franz”
  18. Analytics, Logging, Monitoring Snowplow “event data pipeline” ELK-Stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) Grafana “metrics dashboards” Kamon (esp. for PlayFramework and Akka) Dynatrace “application monitoring”
  19. Libraries + Frameworks
  20. PlayFramework + Akka Foundations of the Lightbend Stack Highly scalable, reactive, message driven
  21. Spring Boot Builds on the SpringFramework Quick-Prototyping Lots of integration options (e.g. to Netflix OSS)
  22. Jackson “fasterxml” Handles JSON, YAML, XML, …. Integrations for all kinds of Datatypes 
 (Java8, Jodatime, …) Easy to use, easy to extend
  23. MapStruct Code-Generator Creates mappers for your Datatypes Annotation driven
  24. MapStruct
  25. immutables Code generator Creates immutable (=thread safe) classes (and additionally mutable ones) out of your interfaces Builder-DSL, many features…
  26. immutables
  27. Functional Data-Types for Java8 Pattern Matching Random Property-based Testing Circuit-Breaker implementation Jackson-Ready Functional Collection Types
  28. parseq / play-parseq
  29. parseq / play-parseq
  30. parseq / play-parseq
  31. –Alfred Mercier “What we learn with pleasure, 
 we never forget.” Thank you!