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You have surely heard of how big of an impact having a Facebook page for a company can be. Well, it isn't simply about just having one, you need to maintain it properly.

Follow these steps as a best-practice guide to get any Facebook page you manage to its max potential!

By: Dom Cascarelli of PALO Creative for the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber Social Media Seminar Event

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  • 50 mile radius of Youngstown-743,000 people that have an active Facebook Profile-243,560 are over aged 50+ years old! 1/3 of of the areas population!
  • BuildEngageAmplifyTogether, these tools give you theeffectiveness of earned media, at the scale and predictability of paid media. 1) Build The first step is building your presence with a Facebook Page. Pages allow you to create an identity for your business in the social graph - the map of the connections among people and the things they care about. If you have physical store locations, link your Page with a Place.
  • Obvious but important nonetheless. The general rule is your logo for the profile picture and something that will make your target market go WOW when they look at your cover photo.
  • their friends will see!
  • Useful, helpful content and/or information is absolutely KEY to build your Facebook to get people to like your page and stay “liked.”
  • With so much information people give up on Facebook, you can almost target your target market exactly.
  • BuildEngageAmplifyCreating these Facebook touch points allows you to start building your fan base and engaging with your customers. Facebook Like Ads are the quickest way to acquire fans. Publishing and engaging in conversations with your fans will allow you to deepen relationships and gain valuable insights.
  • When people like your Page, they’re saying that they care about your business and want to know what’s going on. Posting relevant content is the most important thing you can do to keep them interested.
  • Are you more likely to respond to me if I ask a question?orYour more likely to respond if I ask a question.
  • Not a bad idea to show personality or humor. Good reason to give people follow you.
  • Using outbound marketing on Facebook usually doesn’t produce great results. This is a post before we took over their Facebook page. 93 saw5 likesLOW ENGAGEMENT
  • Using inbound marketing, just normal, simple conversation without giving phone numbers out or being obvious we want you to buy our product. 532 people saw1 share18 likesENGAGEMENT
  • BuildEngageAmplifyEvery time someone interacts with your business, that action gets published into the News Feed, creating word of mouth. These organic stories are extremely effective at getting others to engage and take action, and can be shared with a much larger number of potential and current customers by usingFacebook Ads and Sponsored Stories. Facebook Ads include the names of friends who have already connected to your business.
  • -A story is created every time someone comments on a post-If you sponsor the story, and it will show them to the friends of your fans! (huge way to get likes)
  • Promoting or “Boosting” a post is a great way to amplify your engagement! I asked the Antone’s fans a question “What alcohol do they recommend we get?” Then I edited the post with of their recommendations and spent $5 to boost/promote the post. Drove engagement like crazy! “Facebook allows you to learn about your target audience and to understand their interests and friends. For this reason, Facebook can be used to generate new product ideas and innovations. Our platform tools allow you to build entirely new social product experiences like an online store that displays only your friends’ favorite products, or a car in which you can access your News Feed. You can also enlist your Facebook community to help crowd-source your next product idea.”
  • Sometimes you get lucky and your post will go completely viral! 52 comments20 shares228 Likes
  • These are the stats from the last slide. This is what you want to see. 1935 viral views177 Organic
  • Facebook allows you to learn about your customers both by observing their actions and by engaging with them directly. It is a great place to learn who your customers are and what they think about you. Facebook makes it easy to incorporate your customers into your product development cycle and marketing campaigns and iterate quickly. You can do all of this in real-time, globally. When used actively, these insights can help improve your business by helping you stay aligned with the people you serve.
  • This is one of our old Facebook Clients who decided to take over their page. The didn’t update it regularly, stopped advertising, and did not follow the best practices. You might as well delete your profile if you don’t update it regularly. It’s like a stock market crash!
  • Social should be baked into everything you do, not added at the end of a campaign or done on the side Facebook should be integrated with your broader marketing effortsPeople on Facebook are clear and open about who they are – be the same by providing straightforward info about your businessFB is an ideal place to bring your brand personality to life through an authentic and consistent voice3) People spend time on Facebook communicating and sharing with other people, so always engage in a two-way conversationCreate content people will be excited to pass along4) Build relationships in the real world like you would in real life, It requires a long term investment. Keep content fresh and easy to consume, use ads to stay in touch, and reward people for their loyalty5) Getting feedback in real time gives you the ability to iterate on the flyUse reporting tools to learn about your fans and the content and products they find most interesting
  • Facebook Best Practices Application for Business

    1. 1. Facebook for Business Application By Dom Cascarell, Social Media Manager of PALO Creative Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber Social Media Best Practice Seminar
    2. 2. There will be an increase in user engagement with your brand. Gain a better understanding of your followers through communicating with your audience Reach new customers through the networks of your fans Differentiate yourself from your competitor A lot of people to connect to around the area! Why use Facebook for business?
    3. 3. Build
    4. 4. Build Make your Facebook Page pleasing to the eye.
    5. 5. Invite your friends to like your page Build
    6. 6. Put a Facebook icon with a link to your page on your website. Build
    7. 7. Share useful content and information to your fans to add value to their lives. Build
    8. 8. Utilize advertisements and campaigns. Build
    9. 9. Engag e
    10. 10. Share photos and videos because they tend to be more engaging. Engag e
    11. 11. Ask questions or seek input often. Engag e
    12. 12. Keep the text in the post simple and short most of the time. Posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more likes, comments and shares. Engag e
    13. 13. Share exclusive information and that are likely to want to pass along to their friends. Engag e
    14. 14. Don’t be afraid to show some humor. Engag e
    15. 15. Engag e
    16. 16. Engag e
    17. 17. Amplif y
    18. 18. Amplif y Sponsored Stories enable you to increase the distribution of News Feed stories about your business.
    19. 19. Amplif y
    20. 20. Amplify your popular posts by “Boosting/Promo ting” them! Amplif y
    21. 21. Amplif y
    22. 22. Virility isn’t easy to come by! Amplif y
    23. 23. Measure your results and get a feel for what your audience responds the best to, and adjust accordingly. “Let me check what I did there so I could do more of that!” Amplif y
    24. 24. It takes TIME to get going. Keep at it! Amplif y
    25. 25. When we stopped doing their FB page… Un- Amplify?
    26. 26. KEEP AT IT!
    27. 27. • Facebook should be integrated with your broader, and even outbound marketing efforts. Build a Strategy that’s Social by Design • FB is an ideal place to bring your brand personality to life through an authentic and consistent voice. Create an Authentic Brand Voice • Create content people will be excited to pass along. Make it Interactive • Keep content fresh and easy to consume, use ads to stay in touch, and reward people for their loyalty. Nurture Your Relationships • Use reporting tools to learn about your fans and the content and products they find most interesting. Keep on Learning
    28. 28. Thank you!