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Third Wave Foundation 2010 Grantmaking Docket


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2010 Grants from Third Wave Foundation. Detailed docket.

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Third Wave Foundation 2010 Grantmaking Docket

  1. 1. 2010 Reproductive Health & Justice Initiative Docket Third Wave Foundation centers youth most impacted by inequity as the architects for community and systemic change. We are a feminist, activist foundation that works nationally to support young women, transgender and gender non-conforming youth, ages 15 to 30. We do this through strategic grantmaking, leadership development, capacity building, and philanthropic advocacy.Third Wave created the Reproductive Health and Justice Initiative (RHJI) in 2004 to build a stronger reproductiverights movement by lifting up young leaders and organizations in communities that have been historically under-resourced or under-represented. Reproductive justice is a framework that locates reproductive health and rights withinthe context of many socioeconomic factors, including but not limited to class, race, gender, sexuality, and citizenshipstatus. Third Wave uses a justice and equity lens in our grantmaking, directing resources toward organizations thatprioritize young women, transgender and gender non-conforming young people, people in low income communities,and communities of color. These communities disproportionately lack access to reproductive & sexual health, rightsand education. Organizing and developing leaders in these communities helps build a broader base which canachieve sustainable policy wins.Third Wave invests in the grassroots organizations led by young people in these communities to ensure that theyhave the skills, power, and opportunity to engage in and lead efforts for reproductive and social justice. We seek toimprove reproductive health outcomes and grow the reproductive justice movement through strategic grantmaking,technical assistance, movement building, and directly funding abortions for low-income young people.2010 Reproductive Health & Justice Initiative: Geography
  2. 2. Third Wave makes single (discretionary) and multiyear commitments ofDemographicsThird Wave’s grant partners represent and serve operating support and capacity-building resources to emerging anda broad constituency of young people who are impactful reproductive justice organizations around the country. We arefighting for reproductive health and justice. also a proud partner of the Catalyst Fund, a national initiative that directs resources toward women of color-led reproductive justice work.In our 2010 RHJI docket, we are proud to report This partnership enables us to support organizations in targetedthat all of our grant partners’ work is geographic regions (the Southwest and Southeast) and at the nationalrepresentative of/in service to young peopleof color. About two-thirds (61%) serve LGBQ level.young people, and almost half (48%) servetransgender/gender non-conforming young We convene our grant partners annually and support the Reproductivepeople. Justice (RJ) Network. Convenings are a community-building space for our grant partners to share knowledge and skills. The RJ NetworkWe continue to emphasize funding organizations builds upon these relationships and moves groups toward sharedthat represent young mothers/parents and youngpeople involved in sex work or the sex trade and analysis and action. Third Wave also operates an Emergency Abortionstreet economies; accordingly, over one-third of Fund, which provides direct funding for young people who are seekingour 2010 grant partners work with young abortion services in the face of systemic, financial, and legislativeparents (39%) and young people involved in barriers. Through providing this direct service, we are not onlysex work/the sex trade (43%). improving health outcomes for young people, but are supporting their self-determination and empowerment. In 2010, Third Wave providedThird Wave’s 2010 RHJI grant partners bring adiversity of voices and issues to the national $68,242 towards abortion procedures for people who are 30 years oldconversation and movement for reproductive and younger. In 2011, we will focus on funding women who reside in ahealth and justice. state or region without access to other national abortion funds, and whose personal circumstances make them ineligible for Medicaid coverage of their procedures.Third Wave Foundations 2010 RHJI Docket showcases some of the most innovative and impactful approaches toyouth-led reproductive health and justice work. The groups we support use a wide range of strategies, including: • organizing & policy advocacy Core Issues and Strategies • leadership development At the bottom of each organizational description, you will find a list • political & peer education of their core strategies, frameworks, and issue areas, illustrating • community participatory research the range of approaches that our grant partners are using to advance reproductive justice. • direct serviceIn keeping with our desire to grow and sustain the reproductive justice movement, we focused on leadershipdevelopment and base-building as key strategies in our grantmaking. Leadership development is an approach thatempowers young people to understand and value their experiences while providing tools to move from personalrealization to action. This approach helps build a powerful base for organizing and mobilization by meeting youngpeople’s needs while they realize and exercise their political power. Through 2010 we made grants to partners in ninestates and the District of Columbia, as well as to three national endeavors. In RHJI, we seek to strengthen linksbetween local, state, and national organizations to ensure that the reproductive justice movement is rooted incommunity priorities and is viable at all political levels.Brown Boi Project Chicago Abortion FundOakland, CA | $15,000 | Discretionary Chicago, IL | $5,000 | DiscretionaryThrough leadership development, political education, and The Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF) assists low-income women incommunity organizing, the Brown Boi Project cultivates spaces in obtaining safe abortion services by providing clinic referrals,which young queer womyn and men of color can explore and negotiated discounts and financial assistance. CAF also engagesdevelop healthy frameworks of masculinity within the context of young people who have used their services in public education,family, gender, race, sexual orientation, and class. With Third organizing and advocacy through the My Voice, My ChoiceWave’s support, the Brown Boi Project will develop a health leadership group. This capacity-building grant from Third Wave willcurriculum that speaks specifically to young masculine of center assist CAF in developing internal leadership.womyn and gender nonconforming youth of color, and creates core: community health and healing, direct service,space for these young people within the reproductive health and organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, leadershipjustice movement. developmentcore: gender justice, racial justice, community health and healing,political/peer education, leadership development, movementbuilding, economic justice, trans health
  3. 3. Choice USA GenderJUSTWashington, D.C. | $20,000 | Catalyst, discretionary Chicago, IL | $15,000 | DiscretionaryChoice USA organizes young people on college campuses around Gender JUST is a grassroots organization that seeks to buildthe country to engage in reproductive justice campaigns that power and develop leadership among queer youth of color byaddress national, state, and local policies. Choice USAs organizing for racial, economic, and gender justice. Gender JUSTleadership training program is nationally recognized for developing has worked successfully within Chicago Public Schools toyoung leaders and facilitating their entry into the reproductive implement policy changes to ensure that all young people receive ajustice movement. Recently, Choice USA members have mobilized safe and affirming education. With Third Wave’s support, Genderto ensure coverage for young people under the recent healthcare JUST will apply their successful organizing strategy towardsreform and worked with COLOR to defeat the 2010 fetal winning comprehensive sexuality education and increased accesspersonhood amendment introduced in Colorado, Amendment 62. to health resources for queer youth of color in Chicago.core: organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, health core: comprehensive sex ed, LGBTQ rights, gender justice,care access, leadership development, comprehensive sex ed economic justice, racial justice, anti-violence organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, leadership developmentColorado Anti-Violence ProgramDenver, CO | $15,000 | Discretionary Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network, Inc.The Colorado Anti-Violence Program is a community-based (JASMYN)organization that works to eliminate violence within and against Jacksonville, FL | $20,000 | MultiyearLGBTQ communities, including internalized, interpersonal and JASMYN offers the only teen-friendly safe space in northeastinstitutional violence. Third Wave Foundations grant is in support Florida for LGBTQ and gender queer youth to grow and developto the Branching Seedz of Resistance: Youth Violence Prevention their leadership and activism skills. In addition to hosting a drop-inProject, the first sexual violence prevention project in Colorado to health clinic, JASMYN runs the Gender Connections Project,center the experiences, leadership, and organizing capacity of which promotes wholeness and social change with transgenderLGBTQ high school-aged youth. (including gender variant) youth through empowerment,core: community health and healing, LGBTQ rights, anti-violence, reproductive justice awareness, education, advocacy, and supportdirect service, organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, services. JASMYN’s youth leaders were instrumental in theleadership development, research passage of anti-harassment policy in Florida public schools. core: community health and healing, direct service, political/peer education, leadership development, gender justice, LGBTQ rights,Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and trans healthReproductive Rights (COLOR)Denver, CO | $20,000 | Catalyst, multiyearCOLOR is dedicated to protecting and promoting Latina Justice Nowreproductive health and justice by engaging young Latinas and Oakland, CA | $15,000 | Discretionarytheir families in education, civic participation, leadership Justice Now is a human rights organization that partners withopportunities, and social change activism. COLOR utilizes people in womens prisons, former prisoners and people with familyaccessible issues like teen pregnancy prevention, family health, in prison to build a safe, compassionate world without prisons.and Latina civic participation as entry points to engage young Justice Now bridges movements for reproductive justice, humanLatinas and their families in advocacy for social and reproductive rights, and prison abolition through their campaign to end so-calledjustice. In the 2010 election, COLOR’s base-building and “gender-responsive” prison expansion and their Right to Familyorganizing strategy was critical in defeating a number of human rights documentation program. Third Wave’s grant willconservative ballot measures, including fetal personhood and support Justice Now in their campaign to halt illegal and coercive“fiscal reform” initiatives. sterilization in California prisons.core: organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, policy core: criminal/legal system, gender justice, human rights,advocacy, racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, leadership organizing/policy advocacy, direct service, political/peer education,development, comprehensive sex ed leadership development, research, anti-violenceDifferent Avenues Kalpulli IzkalliWashington, D.C. | $25,000 | Multiyear Albuquerque, NM | $20,000 | MultiyearDifferent Avenues strives to protect the health, rights and safety of Kalpulli Izkalli is an intergenerational resource and action centergirls and women of color who engage in alternative economies and dedicated to transforming the health and environment ofactivities and are affected by systemic and interpersonal violence communities of color in New Mexico. Kalpulli Izkalli centers theand health disparities. By developing leaders and providing harm needs of under-resourced women and families and uses thereduction services, Different Avenues seeks to strengthen and provision of traditional health and healing services as an entry pointsupport girls and women of color who engage in survival strategies to leadership within the organization, community, and reproductiveand build their power within the reproductive justice movement. In justice movement. Kalpulli Izkalli is a leader in community2011, Different Avenues will be one of the lead US-based education around midwifery, birthing practices, and the dangers oforganizers in preparation for the International AIDS Conference in environmental toxins.2012, working to ensure the representation of sex workers’ core: community health and healing, environmental justice,concerns and strategies in that space. leadership development, direct service, political/peer education,core: HIV/AIDS, harm reduction, sex work and sex trade, organizing/policy advocacy, racial justice, birthing rightscriminal/legal system, organizing/policy advocacy, leadershipdevelopment, research, political/peer education, direct service,policy advocacy, anti-violence
  4. 4. Khmer Girls in Action New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for ReproductiveLong Beach, CA | $20,000 | Multiyear JusticeKhmer Girls in Action (KGA) empowers young women of Pittsburgh, PA | $25,000 | MultiyearCambodian and Southeast Asian descent in Long Beach, New Voices Pittsburgh (NVP) is a human rights activistCalifornia to be leaders within the reproductive justice movement. organization led by and for women of color. NVP elevates theAs they move along KGA’s leadership development pipeline, powerful voices of women of color ages 12-35 through socialmembers are equipped with the necessary educational tools and justice activism, civic engagement and leadership development.organizing skills to create positive change in their communities. NVP promotes cross-movement collaboration through hostingAlongside their young women’s program, KGA is preparing to reproductive justice ally trainings and dialogues on challenginglaunch an 8-week pilot Young Men’s Empowerment Program in homophobia in Black communities. NVP recently launched the2011. The program seeks to develop male leaders and prepare SistahSpeak Youth Project, a six-week curriculum for youngthem with political knowledge to challenge patriarchy and become women who want to organize for reproductive justice. As a directstrong allies within the reproductive justice movement. result of their FOCUS on Women Campaign, the Pennsylvaniacore: racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, criminal/legal Senate passed "The Healthy Birth for Incarcerated Women Act,” asystem, leadership development, research, political/peer bill that prohibits the shackling of incarcerated women duringeducation, organizing/policy advocacy childbirth. core: criminal/legal system, leadership development, organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, human rightsMedia Literacy ProjectAlbuquerque, NM | $15,000 | DiscretionaryThe Media Literacy Project (MLP) cultivates critical thinking and Power U Center for Social Changeanalysis of the media in order to advance social justice. With Miami, FL | $15,000 | Discretionarysupport from Third Wave, MLP will continue to operate the Girl Power U seeks to organize low-income communities directlyTech Collective, a program that provides leadership development impacted by institutional oppression to create an equitable and justto young women of color by uniting reproductive justice and media society. Third Wave’s grant will support the POWERful Women andjustice issues. Girl Tech members are each connected to New Families project, which addresses maternal and child healthMexican social justice organizations that want to integrate disparities in communities of color. Childbirth classes are an entryreproductive justice into their work. The videos created in Girl Tech point for young leaders to engage with Power Us birthing justiceutilize a reproductive justice lens to address immigration, domestic campaign, which advocates for policies that are baby-friendly,violence, and healthcare issues of women of color. support breastfeeding infants and mothers, and expand access tocore: political/peer education, leadership development, movement the midwifery model of care within the Jackson Health System.building, media justice, racial justice core: organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, community health and healing, leadership development, racial justice, young mothers and birthing rights, economic justice, healthNational Latina Institute for Reproductive Health care accessNew York, NY | $20,000 | Catalyst, discretionaryThe National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH)works to ensure the fundamental human right to reproductive SPARK Reproductive Justice NOWhealth and justice for Latinas, their families and their communities Atlanta, GA | $25,000 | Catalyst, multiyearthrough public education, community mobilization and policy SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW works to build and sustain aadvocacy. Through coalition-building, public education, and policy powerful reproductive justice movement in Georgia and the Southadvocacy, NLIRH has been a major force in bringing the struggles that centers the experiences of young women of color, LGBTQand triumphs of immigrant women to the forefront of the youth of color, and other marginalized communities. Last year,reproductive health and women’s movements. Third Wave’s SPARK was instrumental in the defeat of a race and sex selectionsupport increases NLIRH’s capacity to cultivate a highly skilled anti-abortion bill, and the accompanying racist billboard campaign.cadre of young Latina reproductive justice activists who are In early 2011, SPARK released “Giving Birth Behind Bars: A Guidemobilizing for social change. to Achieving Reproductive Justice for Incarcerated Women,” as ancore: organizing/policy advocacy, leadership development, introduction to their state-wide anti-shackling campaign.political/public education, racial justice, immigrant rights, human core: organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, mediarights, research, young mothers and parents rights justice, leadership development, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, gender justice, anti-violenceNational Sex Worker of Color NetworkWashington, D.C. | $13,000 | Discretionary St. James InfirmaryThe National Sex Worker of Color Networks Leadership San Francisco, CA | $30,000 | MultiyearDevelopment Institute (LDI) is a collaborative effort on the part of St. James Infirmary is the only peer-led occupational health andDifferent Avenues, Young Womens Empowerment Project and safety clinic run by and for sex workers in the US. St. JamesWomen with a Vision. The LDI will foster leadership among people Infirmary also operates the STRIDE program, which providesof color involved in sex work or the sex trade to build a national appointment-based hormone therapy services as well as drop-innetwork of activists who can support policy analysis, community- clinic hours and a support group series for transgender sexbased research, and develop joint strategies with other social workers. In 2011, St. James Infirmary will launch a new researchjustice movements. project to assess the consequences of condoms-as-evidencecore: leadership development, organizing/policy advocacy, policies and the health impact of sex workers encounters with themovement building, sex work and sex trade, racial justice, harm police.reduction, anti-violence core: community health and healing, criminal/legal system, direct service, research, political/peer education, sex work and sex trade, trans health, harm reduction, HIV/AIDS
  5. 5. Sylvia Rivera Law Project Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS CoalitionNew York, NY | $15,000 | Discretionary New York, NY | $10,000 | DiscretionaryThe Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) works to guarantee that all The Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition (YWCHAC)people are free to self-determine their gender identity and provides support services, training, workshops and events forexpression, regardless of income or race, and without facing youth and service providers in order to address rising HIV ratesharassment, discrimination, or violence. Much of SRLP’s work among young women of color 13-24. Third Wave supports the WEcenters around ensuring the right of all people to access the range SPEAK program, in which young people receive sexual healthof healthcare they need and to make their own decisions about education, advocacy and organizing training, and leadershiptheir bodies, including trans people and those who are living in development. YWCHAC is conducting a research and publicpoverty or in prison. Third Wave’s grant will support SRLP’s education campaign that explores the connections between qualityTransgender Youth Initiative, which works to improve safety and of life, schooling, and related socioeconomic indicators.access to respectful and affirming social, health, and legal services core: HIV/AIDS, organizing/policy advocacy, political/peerwhile simultaneously building the leadership of youth to participate education, community health and healing, racial justice, leadershipmore fully in movements for social justice. development, researchcore: organizing/policy advocacy, direct service, political/peereducation, leadership development, LGBTQ rights, criminal/legalsystem, racial justice, gender justice, movement building, health Young Women Unitedcare access, economic justice Albuquerque, NM | $20,000 | Multiyear Young Women United (YWU) was created by young women of color and allies to change the relations of power in Albuquerque.Women with a Vision YWU members seek to reduce violence, improve health, and buildNew Orleans, LA | $15,000 | Discretionary power in their communities through public education, organizingWomen with a Vision (WWAV) seeks to promote wellness and and advocacy. YWU is nationally recognized for their leadership indisease prevention for women and their families living at or below the fight for comprehensive sexuality education in New Mexico.the poverty line through health promotion, advocacy, and Currently, YWU operates the Strong Women, Healthy Communitiescommunity based research. WWAV is a harm reduction program, which offers leadership development and advocacyorganization that has, in response to the rapidly changing political opportunities for women in order to increase their access to healthcontext in New Orleans, adopted a focus on women who are care and shift the local and national dialogues around teenimpacted by street economies, the sex trade, who are or were motherhood and alternatives to violence.formerly engaged in sex work, or who are homeless or street- core: community health and healing, political/peer education,based. With Third Wave’s support, WWAV will increase the leadership development, organizing/policy advocacy, racial justice,engagement of young people in their NO Justice Project, which research, young mothers’ and parents’ rights, anti-violence,challenges the criminalization of sex work under the Louisiana comprehensive sex edStatute 14:89, the Solicitation of a Crime Against Nature (SCAN)statute. This statute is currently being challenged in federal courts.core: organizing/policy advocacy, political/peer education, sexwork and sex trade, harm reduction, criminal/legal system, directservice, research, leadership development, community health andhealing, anti-violenceYoung Womens Empowerment ProjectChicago, IL | $20,000 | MultiyearThe Young Women’s Empowerment Project (YWEP) is a youthleadership organization grounded in harm reduction and socialjustice organizing by and for girls and young women, includingtransgender women, (ages 12-23) impacted by the sex trade andstreet economies. In 2011 YWEP will continue to operate the BadEncounter Line, through which girls and young women can reporttheir experiences with institutional violence. Through the ChicagoTask Force for Homeless, Homefree and Street Based Youth,YWEP will help author and promote the adaptation of a StreetYouth Bill of Rights among youth-serving organizations in Chicago.core: community health and healing, criminal/legal system,research, political/peer education, sex work and sex trade,organizing/policy advocacy, anti-violence, harm reduction,leadership development
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