Be Smart About Your Domain Name


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Looking to create a website but don't know where to start? This presentation offers insights & facts on how to go about launching a website & why a better website name will get you better results. Visit the Name Generator for thought-starters & to see if your name is available.

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Be Smart About Your Domain Name

  1. Be Smart About Your Domain Name
  2. Ready to Launch your Website? Here’s what you need to know....!
  3. FIRST: The Domain Name is BornIn 1983 the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented so people did not have to remember a long string of awkward numbers.!
  4. SECOND: Domain Extension Options MultipliedSince 1998, Domain Extensions or Top Level Domains (TLDs) help to structure the internet. ! There’s a lot of TLD choices - close to 300 and growing.!
  5. Third: Anatomy of a Website! ! ! ! Sub Domain! Domain Name! Domain Extension! aka Top Level Domain (TLD)!On March 15, 1985, became the first registered .com domain name.! source: Wikipedia!
  6. Overwhelmed? Follow these Rules of ThumbStart by identifying the domain name that will set your business up for success. Worry about the domain extension (TLD) later. ! Trust us on this.!
  7. Brandable vs. Discoverable (That is the question.) Well, actually, the real questions are:! Will your budget allow you the Will you rely on keyword-rich wordsluxury of creating awareness about & phrases to get you website found your domain name?! in organic search results?! Source: Preeti Pradhan!
  8. First Impressions Count Choosing your domain name is one of the most importantdecisions you will make for your on-line business presence.!
  9. Keep it... SHORT & SWEETA domain name can contain up to 67 characters ! (letters, numbers & hyphens). ! Although we don’t recommend it.! source:!
  10. Keep it... EASY TO REMEMBERChoosing a domain name that is easy to remember can help increase traffic to your site. !
  11. Keep it... EASY TO SPELL & PRONOUNCE Get creative, but remember, your domain name should be easy to say andunderstand in conversation. Your domain name should also be easy to spell and difficult to misspell.!
  12. Keep it... RELEVANTIncluding keywords that describe your service or product will increase your organic ranking on search tools such as ! Google or Yahoo.!
  13. Keep it... LEGAL !"#$%&($)*+$,-./*0$0/.#$,*12(#3$$!"#$,*12(#$4/$#56#,$*0$7888$4"#0$ 9/,-00/$:("#$*0+#&;$+/*0#,$<-0(&-6$-=$9/,-00/3<-.$If you register a domain name that is the same or similar to anothercompany’s trademark, the company that owns that trademark may be able to force you to transfer or stop using the domain name.! source:!
  14. Most of the .COMs are gone. On average, 20,000 domain names are registered daily andthere are currently over 60 million registered domain names.! source:!
  15. It’s Time to Move Beyond .com
  16. Now are You Ready to Launch your Website? Closer but still not quite there yet?!
  17. A Name Generator Can Help!!
  18. Now You ARE Ready to Launch your Website!Visit!
  19. Thank You!