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Best Way to Determine a Domain Name Value

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I asked Adam Dicker, CEO of and, about the best way to value a domain name. Here's what he said in the interview.

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Best Way to Determine a Domain Name Value

  1. 1.  The  Domain  Name  Authority   Adam Dicker (Domain Name Value) Interview Page 1 of 3 Interview with Adam Dicker, Watch the full video at: Before we get started, you know, right? I can type really fast and I do it daily, but until recently I didn't know how powerful their other tools were. If I want a domain name, I can set a free alert to notify me when it changes status. If it goes to auction, I can use their sales history tool to find comps and determine my maximum bid price. After I buy it and develop the domain into a business, I can set up alerts for any domains registered that contain my trademark, and I can set up registrant alerts of all my competitors so I can keep an eye on what domains they're buying and know what they're up to before they make any announcements. needs to be in your toolbox, like it is in mine. Go sign up for an account on today. My second sponsor is David E. Weslow at Wiley Rein. Imagine having a legal issue, like a UDRP or cease and desist, imagine having to get an agreement put together quickly for buying or selling a domain name, and imagine going to your family lawyer who just doesn't get it, or one of the expensive law firms in your city who are going to invoice for thousands upon thousands of dollars. Then imagine going to David E. Weslow, who will understand your domain name portfolio and your intellectual property assets, understand the domain name environment, and be able to help you out. David E. Weslow. I trust him, and I suggest you give him a call. Your initial consultation is free. Call David E. Weslow at Wiley Rein. Finally, our newest sponsor is Protrada - The Domain Exchange. Protrada is an amazing new platform for professional domainers and new-comers alike. Protrada makes trading domain names easy. With just a few clicks, you can analyze, bid, buy and sell domains across all major marketplaces including NameJet, Go Daddy, SnapNames and Craigslist. You can also develop stagnating domains you own into great-looking, content-rich, socially-active websites that will rank at Google and Bing. This tool is more comprehensive than any other I've seen. If you only use it for it's 21 powerful buying filters,
  2. 2.  The  Domain  Name  Authority   Adam Dicker (Domain Name Value) Interview Page 2 of 3 you'll get your money's worth. Get your free 14-day trial now at Here's your program. Michael: Alright Adam for those that don't have the 15 plus years – 20 plus years – I'm not sure exactly how many years of internet experience that you have what is a good bench mark for them to determine the value of a domain name? What is a good tactic for them to use? Should they go to an online evaluation tool? Should they pay for online valuation or online appraisals? Should they send you an email? What is the best way for them to determine the value of a domain that they own? Adam: To be honest with you at the beginning, and I did this myself, I was lucky enough to find somebody that I could trust that I would run by things that I was thinking of purchasing or things that I was thinking of selling and say am I getting a good deal? And that is the best benchmark you can get. Find somebody you can trust, whether it be me or somebody else and use them as a benchmark. My advice on appraisal tools and all the guys that write them won't like this but it is don't ever pay for an appraisal. And why is because they are useless. Remember what I said earlier the buyer dictates the price. You little piece of paper saying it is worth trillions of dollars won't get you any more revenue for your domain. Appraisals are just a way for you to get an ego boost and a waste of money at the same time. There are also known scams of people asking you to get appraisals before they buy your domain name. Then you get the appraisal from the lowest company that they send you and that is where it ends. They never buy the domain name so please don't fall for that either. Michael: But what if you go to one of the more reputable services like is the largest marketplace in the world. They offer an appraisal for I don't even know what it is. Let's say it's $30 or $40. I'm not sure, on that order of magnitude I'm sure. If you got an appraisal for $10,000 doesn't that give you more ammunition when somebody comes to you and offers $5,000 or $1,000 for it? You could say hey SEDO the largest marketplace in the world said it was worth $10,000?
  3. 3.  The  Domain  Name  Authority   Adam Dicker (Domain Name Value) Interview Page 3 of 3 Adam: Not really because if the buyer is not going to give you any more money for it, it is completely useless. Plus in most cases the people doing these appraisals are running algorithms. They put in your domain name and out comes a price. So you are not really getting any value. They don't know how many competitors there are for that domain name for that keyword. Like if you are selling insulation. You have 10 companies that are famous for selling insulation so may have more value and it may come out on an appraisal. But at the end of the day an appraisal is like a jewelry appraisal. A jewelry appraisal is only good if it is stolen and you want to replace it. You domain name hopefully won't get stolen. And a domain appraisal has no value what so ever. Michael: What about Your discussion forum. Do you have a special area of your board that is just dedicated to getting appraisal input from other domain investors and those on your discussion forum? Adam: Yes DN Forum serves as a gut check to keep you realistic on your prices. But I always tell people buy from domainers but don't sell to domainers. And remember if somebody asks you to do it for a price or they send you an email about a domain name and ask for stats on a domain name don't sell it because they are a domainer. Only domainers ask for stats on domain names. And you want to sell to end users. You don't want to sell to domainers. Watch the full video at:

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    Jun. 29, 2012

Watch the video: I asked Adam Dicker, CEO of and, about the best way to value a domain name. Here's what he said in the interview.


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