Building More Transparent & Effective Government: The Case Study of Washington, DC


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The Nation's Capital has been recognized as a leader in embracing technological innovation to promote more transparent and effective government. Vivek Kundra, the Chief Technology Officer of Washington, DC -- named one of the nation's top 25 CTOs by InfoWorld -- will provide insight into his approach to technology management, using tools like cloud computing, Google Maps, and YouTube and management strategies such as the recent "Apps for Democracy" initiative.

Washington, DC has partnered with Google to use several innovative technologies that help the city save money and make information more accessible both to employees and the public.

What you will learn:

* Innovative ways Washington, DC is increasing transparency & improving city services
* Cost-effective Google technologies that can help your agency better share information with employees or citizens


* Vivek Kundra, CTO, Washington, DC
* David Mihalchik, Business Development Manager, Google Federal

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Building More Transparent & Effective Government: The Case Study of Washington, DC

  1. 1. Welcome to our webcast today – we will begin momentarily. Building More Transparent & Effective Government: The Case Study of Washington, DC 1
  2. 2. Building a more transparent & effective government
  3. 3. Speakers • David Mihalchik, Business Development Manager, Google • Rob Mancini, Program Manager, Citywide Messaging, District of Columbia
  4. 4. Google: the company • More than 20,000 employees • Billions of dollars invested in R&D annually • The world's 4th largest manufacturer of servers • Dozens of datacenters Our mission: To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
  5. 5. Google products • Hundreds of millions of searches each day o The world's largest search index o Every 4 hours we index and add or refresh as much data as is in the entire US Library of Congress. • 13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute • #1 mapping site in the world • Tens of millions of users rely on Google for email service, spam filtering, and anti-virus • Over 400 million downloads of Google Earth
  6. 6. An interesting phenomenon User Satisfaction Consumer Tech Business/Govt Tech Time Google Confidential and Proprietary
  7. 7. Where Google can help User Satisfaction Consumer Tech Business/Govt Tech powered by Time Google Confidential and Proprietary
  8. 8. Google Enterprise • Helps organizations harness innovative Google technologies to deliver valuable productivity tools quickly to their employees and customers. Apps Geospatial Search Google Confidential
  9. 9. Selected federal government customers Intranet Google Earth Web (.gov) Every Executive Cabinet Agency Senate Interior Senate Treasury NPS Treasury DHS F&W DHS FEMA Army FEMA Justice EPA Justice Agriculture Department DHS Agriculture Department Department Department of HHS Energy of Education of Energy of Commerce FEMA Energy HHS USCG HHS FDA Energy FDA NIST NGA NIST DOT Department Department Department Commerce DOT Department of Justice of Transportation of Treasury FAA of Homeland Security NOAA FAA USPS NASA USPS OIG State State Department of Department of Department Department Veterans Affairs the Interior of Labor of Defense Google Confidential and Proprietary
  10. 10. Selected state government customers Google Confidential and Proprietary
  11. 11. What is driving new IT projects Budget Deficits Demand cost-effective solutions. Energy Costs Require energy-efficient solutions. Make information more accessible to citizens. Transparency Modernization Keep pace with technology innovation.
  12. 12. Google Enterprise Solutions
  13. 13. Solutions for more transparent government • Make public information easier to find and use • Engage citizens to generate ideas & input into policies • Fulfill public requests for information
  14. 14. Help citizens search government websites Case Study: Solution: Google Site Search •Access information from 9,000 • Quickly add search to websites, federal, state & local websites with a single, custom search using Google's search index • ACSI Search Satisfaction score rose • No hardware or software to install • Optimize your search results with from 61 to 75 •quot;Google Site Search is easy to results biasing & enhanced maintain, update & keep current.quot; indexing -- Bob Keating, project lead Time to Value: • Initial set-up for website search in only one hour • Less than a week of effort for even the most complex search implementations
  15. 15. Get citizen feedback on agency policies Case Study: Solution: Google Moderator •Use Google Moderator to power quot;Open (Google App Engine) for Questionsquot; feature •First attempt collected 7,000+ questions • Let the public submit and vote on with participation from 10,000+ people questions on your website •quot;Participation...outpaced our • Learn which topics are of the most expectations. We're tremendously excited about the promise of tools like this that interest • Agency can then answer the most offer Americans a level of access that has historically been hard to come by.quot; popular questions -- Dan McSwain, • No hardware or software to install Time to Value: • Can add Google Moderator to your website in just a few days
  16. 16. Easily fulfill public disclosure requests Solution: Google Message Case Study: Monroe, WA •Archive all mail in a central location Discovery, powered by Postini •Search email quickly & return relevant • Archive agency email for easier results to meet disclosure request retrieval later •quot;With Google Message Discovery, a request • No hardware or software to install for public disclosure that previously would • Easily scaled to handle greater have taken days to meet now takes a matter storage requirements of minutes.quot; •-Denise Bremner, IT Manager Time to Value: • • • Initial set-up typically takes about 1 week • Additional time for ingesting historical archive
  17. 17. Solutions for more effective government Help your employees to: • Find & share information • Work together • Save time
  18. 18. Help employees find information they need Case Study: National Park Service Solution: Google Search Appliance •Uses Google Search Appliance for • Search up to 10M documents with a website search and intranet search for employees single server • Searching more than 6 million • Uses Google Search technology, documents on installed in your data center • Both citizens & employees are finding • Fast, relevant search results • Easy to use and administer the info they need •quot;Now, when we push a new page on our intranet, we can immediately crawl Time to Value: and index that page.quot; • Initial set-up for Google Search -- Carl Chitwood, Enterprise Web Manager Appliance takes just days • Crawling & indexing your data can take up to several days, depending on # of documents
  19. 19. Build a common operational picture Case Study: US Forest Service Solution: Google Earth •Automated Flight Following program gives Enterprise employees real-time data on aircraft location • Build a globe with your •Deploys resources more effectively to fight agency's data fires and other missions • Let users access information with •quot;A 1/2 percent improvement in operational fast, scalable and familiar Google effectiveness saves us $875,000 per year. Earth technology We think the improvement is several times • Installed in government's own that figure.quot; •- Robert Roth, program manager secure network environment • • Time to Value: • Installation of software and user training typically takes two or three days • Amount of time to build the globe depends on volume of data • Ongoing maintenance needed for adding new data layers
  20. 20. Reduce cost and effort of eliminating spam Case Study: NCMEC Solution: Google Email •Started using Postini in 2006, due to Security, powered by Postini rising volumes of spam • Comprehensive message security •Implemented in a matter of hours to stop spam, viruses, denial of •Spam reduced almost to zero, have service and other attacks not had a virus outbreak • Scales to handle greater volumes •Network administrators save 6-10 of spam without additional costs hours a week to focus on more • No hardware or software to install mission-critical projects • Requires 58% less IT time & resources than industry average [Source: Osterman] Time to Value: • Initial set-up of spam filtering typically takes less than one day • Additional time to deploy message archiving and encryption solutions
  21. 21. Case Study: Washington, DC
  22. 22. DC Government and Google Apps quot;Why should I spend millions on enterprise apps when I can do it at one-tenth cost and ten times the speed? It's a win-win for me.quot; Vivek Kundra – Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia Google Confidential and Proprietary
  23. 23. Make Procurement More Transparent Case Study: District of Columbia Solution: Google Apps •Publishing information on DC (Google Sites) procurements with Google Sites •Procurements are launched faster & more • Innovative collaboration tools vendors are responding • No hardware or software to install •quot;The new procurement web sites make • Let subject matter experts easily our acquisition process more competitive and bring more transparency to our build intranet or public-facing government.quot; websites, taking burden off IT -- Vivek Kundra, CTO Time to Value: • Can start building Google Sites in minutes • Other components of Google Apps can take longer
  24. 24. 25
  25. 25. Why Google? Take advantage of best-in-class consumer technology Innovation & keep pace with technology innovation. Most solutions can be up and running in a few Speed weeks; allows agencies to deliver quot;quick winsquot; to employees & customers. Make information available to the public with tools Transparency that they are already comfortable using. Cost-effective solutions. Cloud computing Value reduces energy costs and saves IT resources for mission-critical projects.
  26. 26. Learn more: Contact us: See us: Feb. 25, Saas/Gov. Washington, DC Questions?