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Back to Basics: What Are Domain Names and How Do They Work


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You’ve been hearing about domain names a lot lately, haven’t you? From services like PayPal.Me to giants like Google launching their corporate blog on branded domains such as Blog.Google. So what is the deal, and why are domain names, especially new domain names like .bike, .photo or even .me so talked about these days?

In this SlideShare, we want to explain what domain names are and answer some of the most common misconceptions around them. You will learn:

- What is the DNS (Domain Name System)
- What domain names are
- What is the difference between URL, domain name and domain extension
- What are domain names used for

If there is anything left unanswered, just ping us. :)

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Back to Basics: What Are Domain Names and How Do They Work

  1. 1. What Are Domain Names BACK TO BASICS: AND HOW DO THEY WORK
  2. 2. WHY ARE DOMAIN NAMES IMPORTANT? .news .org .academy .tech .baby .photography .mom .car .bike .ca .cool .day .de .cloud .pn .us .com .one
  3. 3. IntheearlydaysoftheInternet,achallenge presenteditself-howtoidentifyeachcomputeron thewebandallowthemtocommunicatewitheachother. CANANYONE HEARME? THE CHALLENGE19602016 1983 1982 Thefathersof theInternetcameup withasolution-TCP/IP.
  4. 4. 19602016 1983 1982 THE SOLUTION EachcomputerwasassignedtheirownIPaddress informofstringsofnumbers,similarto telephonenumbersforpeople. Heeey!I'm Hi niceto meetyou!
  5. 5. Domainnameswereintroducedasahuman-friendly equivalentofIPaddresses.Eachdomainnameis connectedtoaspecificIPaddress. 19602016 1983 1982 DNS TO THE RESCUE!
  6. 6. ANATOMY DomainnamesareoftenconfusedwithURLs buttheyarenotthesame.
  7. 7. URLorUniformResourceLocatorpointstoalocationofaspecific page/image/video,orresourceingeneral,onthewebandgives informationinwhichformatitshouldbepresented. URL
  8. 8. TRANSFER PROTOCOL https://representsatransferprotocolanddirectshowdatafroma webpagewillbetransferredtoyourbrowser.Mom.meusesHTTP Secureprotocolthataddsalayerofsecurityoninformationthat isbeingtransferredfromitsservertoyouandback.
  9. 9. DOMAIN NAME mom.meisadomainname.Everythingthatcomesafterthedotina domainnameisdomainextension,
  10. 10. Everythingafterthedomainnameisusedtoidentifythelocation ofspecificcontentwithinasite.Whereyouwouldhaveshelvesin yourcloset,youwebsitehasdifferentpagesorblogcategories. /food/iscalleddirectoryorfolderandletsusknowthatthis postbelongsinthefoodcathegory. DIRECTORY
  11. 11. Thestringsofnumbersandlettersthatcomelast, /35643-10-spider-cookies-halloween/, arelocatingourHalloweensweetstutorial andleadustoaspecificblogpost. LOCATION
  12. 12. Domainnamesareanimportantpartofouronline brandssoit'sveryimportantwegetthemright. ornot. MEMORABLE WE CAN MAKE THEM AND MEANINGFUL...
  13. 13. Domainnameiswhatpeopletypeinthebrowsertogetto yourwebsite– it’simportantitreflectsyourbrandand it’seasytorememberandtype. WHAT ARE DOMAIN NAMES USED FOR? 1.Onlinehomefor yourcorporateor personalwebsite.
  14. 14. 2.Brandedshortlinksfor socialshares. 3.Brandedemailaddress: 4.Anythingyou canthinkof
  15. 15. Physicaladdressesdirectustowardsourfavoritestoresora friend'shome,domainnamesdothesameforourfavoriteonline storesorafriend'spersonalwebsite. AdomainnameisnotthesamethingasaURLandcertainlynot thesamethingasawebsite.(Moreonthatnexttime!) Currently,therearemorethan1000availabledomain extensions.Thereisnothingstoppingyoufromgettingcreative! RECAP
  16. 16. Formoreinformationabouthowinternetworks, .MEdomains,andhowtobuildyouronlinebrand followmyblog. Follow.ME BL OG