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Kef Speaker Design


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Kef Speaker Design

  1. 1. Dominic Tindle
  2. 2. KEF was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke. The company specialisesin high end speaker systems for the modern market of young, stylishusers. KEF designs their speaker systems to provide an aestheticallypleasing product, showing innovation and detail, whilst at the same timeproviding a high quality acoustic experience for the user, ensuring theoverall quality of the music being sounded remains at its most realisticand original quality, as if listening to the artist them selves.On first impressions of the KEF brand, I would assume that the companyrelies more on the quality of the sound coming from their speaker systems,rather than the design aspect. I feel that this is a valid opinion, as thespeakers they produce do not appear to carry much innovative orattractive design with them. KEF also seems to boast about the acousticcapabilities of their systems, which I think is perfectly acceptable as aselling point, displaying the sound quality of KEFs speaker systems as themain feature to attract the target customer.Some of KEF’s speaker systems are very innovative in my opinion, forexample the ‘Muon’ and ‘Blade’ series. These two series of speakersystems show bold new designs in an attempt to modernise the brand ofKEF, enabling it to truly appeal to the target market. The design of theMuon system in my opinion, whilst showing innovation is also veryrestricting in terms of sales as the price of the system is at an incrediblyhigh level, making it very difficult to judge whether the system will be worthinvesting in or not. The size of the Muon system could also make a saleless likely, due to many properties not having the height facilities to housesuch a system, making the Muon system much more of a commercialproduct, rather than a domestic product. The Blade system appears as if itis slightly more domestically compatible, however the height differencebetween the two ranges are still fairly similar.
  3. 3. Diaphragm (Cone)The diaphragm will usually bemade of, paper, plastic or metal.Composites can be made toprovide a higher performancecone. The centre of the cone iscovered by a dust capChassis/Frame/BasketThe chassis will always berigid to avoid deformitiesoccurring during use. Ametallic chassis will conductheat away from the voicecoilsSurroundThe surround runs alongthe outer edge of the coneand helps centre the cone.The surround is usuallymade of rubber. Thesurround works togetherwith the spider inside thespeaker to produce thesuspension systemSpider (Internal)The spider connects the voicecoil to the frame. The spiderforms the suspension systemalong with the surround,however the spider provides themajority of the restoring forceVoice Coil (Internal)The wire used in the voice coil is usuallycopper. Aluminium can also be used,which is able to respond to higherfrequencies, how ever it cannot besoldered. Voice coils can give varyingcoverage in the magnetic gap space.The voice coil moves back and forthwithin the magnetic structure. The gapestablishes a concentrated magneticfield between the two poles of thepermanent magnetDriver Magnets (Internal)Driver magnets are alwayspermanent. They are madefrom: ceramic, ferrite, alnico,neodymium or samariumcobalt. Ferrite magnets aremost commonly used inmodern speakers. The size ofthe magnet used is changedto achieve the required goal.Different shapes of magnetwill affect the interactionbetween the voice coil and themagnetic field
  4. 4. CostSizeFunctionLocal ResourcesSafetyEco-FriendlyWeather ResistanceExisting ProductsAestheticsKEF’s RangeSelling PointColoursShapesSizesMaterialOrganicUserHigh-EndQualityAcousticsMaterialFunctionType of SpeakerEnvironmentOutdoorIndoorOfficeHomeConcert HallType of SpeakerErgonomicsSafetyUser-FriendlyEase of UseStabilitySecurityWall MountingVoltage / AmpsEdgesFunctionAcoustic QualityAestheticsSafetyEnvironmentErgonomicsTarget CustomerMaterialsAestheticsHigh QualityStrengthFinishStructureSafetyDurabilitySizeSafetyStabilityCostErgonomicsPackagingEnvironmentResources
  5. 5. I am going to design and manufacture a unique high end speaker system to add to the range of speakers sold by the KEF brand.During the design of a speaker system I should consider my target market and the environment in which I will design the speakersystem to fit into. I am going to design a speaker system which will be both innovative and functional for the user whilst being priced at asuitable range for my target market. I am going to design a speaker system which will be placed inside the home of a wide range of users. Myspeaker system will be designed so that it is cheaper to manufacture and purchase than many of KEF’s other products. This will enable me to designa speaker system to appeal to much more individuals within the target market.The age range of my target audience will be young adults, which will mean I will be required to design a product which is innovative and modern in both it’saesthetics and it’s function. This group of the market will be more viable for me to design for due to my age, providing me with stronger and more personal viewsas to how my design should look.The basic design of my speaker will be in the form of an iPhone and iPod docking station. I have chosen this to be my speaker design as I personally admireApple products such as the iPhone and I feel that docking stations could generally be improved if KEF technology were to be used within the system to producea higher quality acoustic effect than any other docking station on the market. This design idea could potentially improve KEF’s reputation as well as drawing in ayounger target market. The docking station which I will design will be more economically viable for the customer than KEF’s other products whilst remaining inthe high end price range of iPhone docking stations
  6. 6. The target market which I am going to design a speaker system for, is the age range of 21 through to 30. This is an age group which I will refer to as ‘youngadults’ through out my project. Young adults generally tend to be interested in keeping fit to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a body to show it. The same range ofpeople will also usually be interested in gaming and technology, such as phones and computers. Expensive and stylish vehicles are also an attraction for youngadults, as they show wealth and style of the user. These aspects will influence the design of my speaker system, providing me with the inspiration to design aspeaker which will be worth the customer’s attention and money. This inspiration will be needed to provide the target market with a product which they will wantto buy into, making the design and manufacturing process of my speaker system economically viable.Young adults may be interested in investing in a speaker system from the KEF brand because KEF produces high quality acoustic effects from their speakersystems. This high quality will provide an attractive point of sale for the user due to many young adults being interested in the party life. Some people may like tohost parties at their house with their friends and to make their party stand out from the rest they may be interested in buying the best quality speakers possibleto raise their popularity among their peers.Young adults may not wish to invest in the KEF brand due to the fact that the majority of KEF’s products are much more expensive than other speakerbrands. This pricing almost prices KEF out of the market, showing KEF has a very minute range of target market in which they design their speakersystems for. KEF also has very little reputation among young adults, meaning that this range of market will likely not have even heard of the KEFbrand of speaker systems. This also means that people planning on impressing their friends with an expensive new speaker system will likelychoose not to purchase a KEF brand speaker system due to the knowledge that their friends will likely not have heard of KEF and so will notbe aware of the qualities KEF offers in the design of their speaker systems in terms of the acoustics coming from the expensive andhighly engineered speakers within the system. I am going to design a speaker system which will be much lower in KEF’s price range,in doing so, this will allow younger people to purchase a KEF product and will also raise the reputation and awareness of the KEFbrand among younger people, possibly providing KEF with a wider target market to design and produce for.
  7. 7. LogicalA speaker would be usedfor a social gathering, suchas a party or concert to playmusic out loud for the large numberof people who are attending the event.Speakers are made logically tocomplement the need for some people toshare their music with other people aroundthem.The volume of a speaker needs to be correctaccording to the use of it. E.g. ear phonesshould be much quieter than speakersystemsEar and headphones need to be comfortableto wear for the user so they do not causeissues for them when listening to music for along timeThe idea of wireless speakers would bewelcomed by many users as wires cancause issues or annoyances for peoplewishing for their homes to remain neat andpresentableCreating a speaker system which isuniversal would prove to be effective,meaning that fewer speakers will have towork from separate sourcesThe connectivity of a speaker system wouldbe logical if the system were to feature portsor connections which are available for usewith many products, such as apple productsor mp3 player inputsIllogicalMany speaker systems allow theoutput of excessive volume which isnot required by the user and maypose a health risk. Loud musiccoming from headphones will causeproblems for the user’s ears andtheir hearingThe issue of hygene with in-earphones is unattractive for manyusers. Some people do not like toshare their in-ear phones becauseof the thought of sharing ear waxMany ear phones have issues withtangling due to the thin and lightwires being able to wind aroundeach other when they are beingstored in the pocket of the userSome people use a speaker as aplatform to store cups and platesand possibly other items such asornaments or artefactsMany people will often sit down ona speaker if there is no otherdesignated place to sit down in thearea. Guitarists may like to sit downon electric guitar amplifiersNeedAll speaker systems should emit aclear sound when they are beingused. If the speaker does not playthe required sound clearly, the userwill often return the product to find ahigher quality speaker system whichwould be more attractive for theirneedsVolume control may be arequirement on a speaker systemsuch as head phones. This may helpthe user to have complete and easycontrol over the volume of theirmusic when listening to it, rather thanhaving to use solely their device tocontrol the volumeSpeakers need to be designed andbuilt specifically for their use. Forexample, bass speakers must bemanufactured to output high basseffects to create the effect requiredby the user.KeepIf a speaker which may beused in a speaker designhas a high quality soundoutput, everything shouldbe done to ensure thatthis high quality output willbe maintained to supplythe user with the quality ofsound which they wish tohear from their speakersystemEar phones andheadphones will berequired to keep theirportability so the user cancarry their speakers withthem to be able to listento them where ever theygo whether it be out in atown or in a quieter placesuch as their own home
  8. 8. ScrapWired speakers may be anannoyance for a certain type of userbecause of the potential lack ofneatness they create in the user’sliving room. This gives a designer agood reason to maybe develop theirspeaker to lose the wires andbecome a fully wireless systemSome speaker systems may be toobulky or large for a user to beinterested in the product. This wouldlead a designer to create theirspeaker system around the idea of asmall and compact system which theuser can place anywhere in theirchosen areaForm vs. FunctionThe branding of a speaker canoften create an interest within thetarget market. Many users maychoose a speaker system overanother purely because of thebrand of the other systemThe function of the speaker maystrongly relate to the brand of thespeaker, for example, an Applebranded product will be attractiveto the user because of the brandname and because of the highquality of their products whichthey design and sell for the targetmarketX - FactorFor a speaker system to stand out fromthe competitive market, it should featuremany innovative features which whencoupled with an attractive design, willprovide the user with the needs they arelooking to fulfil when consideringpurchasing a speaker systemThere are many design ideas whichwould make a speaker system stand outfrom all the rest, for example, a newlydesigned speaker system could featurefully universal technology which wouldmean a user can play music through thespeaker system through any devicewhether it be an mp3 player or a biggersystem such as surround sound
  9. 9. AestheticsThe aesthetics of KEF’s products are not the key focus of the company, therefore I will attempt to follow this ideology however I will be incorporatingsome innovative features into my design as well as taking the form of the speaker system into a little more consideration than KEF would otherwise havedone. The environment in which I will be placing my speaker system will have an effect on the aesthetics of the speaker, in terms of shape and size. A smallerspeaker would be needed in a home compared to a speaker used for social events such as a concert or festival.CostThe cost of my speaker to manufacture and to purchase will be affected by the materials used mainly, as well as the overall quality of the speaker system it’s self. Iwould like to keep the cost of my speaker down as I believe KEF price them selves out of the majority of the market, which goes to influence me to design a speakerwhich will be much more economically viable for many people whilst maintaining as much of the KEF brand quality as possible.CustomerThe customer who will buy my speaker system will depend greatly upon the cost of the system as well as the aesthetics of the speaker. A speaker should be designedwith the target market in mind, contributing worthwhile modifications and improvements to the aesthetics of the speaker to maintain an attractive look for the consumer tobuy into. The type of customer I am going to design for will require a specific style of design to ensure the speaker can generate enough interest and sales to make iteconomically viable to produce for the KEF brand.EnvironmentThe environment in which my speaker will be placed in is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing my speaker. The speaker system must bedesigned in a way which will suit the area it is placed in and the way it is placed in the area such as being on the floor, on a surface or on a wall or ceiling. Theenvironment considered should match the chosen environment of the user, such as a young person living with their parents wanting a speaker system for their bedroomor an older person wanting a speaker system in their living room.SafetySafety is an aspect which should always be considered by a designer and is perhaps the most important aspect of the design, manufacture and use of a product. Thekey safety concern with a speaker system is the electrical current running through the device and the cables linking the device to the mains power and also otherdevices. Another safety aspect to consider would be the stability of the product when it is placed on a surface. The speaker should be able to stand on it’s own withoutthe need for aid from another item. This calls for a speaker to be developed as an independent product, meaning it will be able to support it’s self once put to use in it’senvironment with the target user.SizeThe size of any speaker system greatly depends on it’s intended environment as well as the use in which it is designed for. A larger speaker may be used for morecommercial uses such as concerts and parties where as a smaller speaker may be used in a more private and secluded environment such as an average living room ora bed room. The function of my speaker system will be the key aspect relating to the size as I will design a speaker which will be well suited for both the environment it isplace din as well as the function and use of it.FunctionThe function of any speaker is to produce a sound which is determined by the user’s input to a source, such as an iPod or a surround sound system. The functionof one speaker may be more important to the designer than the function of a speaker from another designer. Some speakers may be designed with aesthetics inmind whilst others may be designed with acoustic quality and function in mind. My speaker design will be focused mainly on either aesthetics or function,however it is unlikely that I will be able to design a speaker with both aspects at a high quality, given the time I have to design a speaker systemMaterialsThe materials used in the design and manufacture of a speaker will directly affect both the cost and the aesthetics of the speaker. A speaker whichIncorporates high quality materials will cost more to manufacture and purchase whilst the aesthetics of the speaker will become more attractiveand will give the user something to consider when buying a speaker system, as the materials used may be more important to some than it is toothers.
  10. 10. QuestionnaireFirst Hand Existing Design AnalysisEnvironmental SnapshotPerson Product InteractionMarket ResearchCustomer ProfilingProduct ProfilingMoodboardQuestionnaire: I am going to construct a questionnaire which will be conducted on a number of people from my target user group. This questionnaire willconsist of questions which will provide me with detailed answers which will show me what my target audience looks for in a product which they are consideringpurchasing or investing in.First Hand Existing Design Analysis: I will select a product which is available for people to buy on the market at the current time and I will analyse this productto find out what the target user is and how the user uses the product, as well as where the user places the product when they purchase it.Environmental Snap Shot: I will take a picture with a camera of the environment in which my product will be placed in. This picture will then be annotated andanalysed to show exactly where in the environment my speaker system will be designed for and why I have chosen that area as the environment for my design.Person Product Interaction: The use which a product is designed for can be seen when the person interacts with the product in a specific way in order to carryout the function they require. I will take a number of pictures and analyse the interaction between the user and the product to show how a certain type of speakersystem would be used and what uses will influence the design of a product.Market Research: I will be researching the range of products on the market at the current time. In researching these products, I will find out what newtechnology is being released into production and the retailers which are selling the product. The quality of the retailer plays an important role in the sale ofa productMoodboard: I will take pictures of products and materials from the internet and I will use these to display the features of a speaker system designwhich would attract my target audience. These design features will be key in attracting users to my product to purchase it and use it.Customer Profiling: It will be important for me to create a profile of my target user. This profile will show me what my target user is interestedin and what features will be effective to use in the design of my speaker system. This method of research will also provide a base on whichto grow my research on, meaning that the customer of my product is the most important aspect to consider when designing my product. Ifthe user isn’t interested in the product, the product wont sell.Product Profiling: I am going to construct a profiling graph which will feature different products which are related to my targetmarket, within the audio industry. These products may consist of a range of: bass speakers; headphones; surround soundsystems; amplifiers and other systems which may be used in other events such as small house parties.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
  11. 11. The questions I used to formulate aquestionnaire should supply mewith the data I could use to forma basis for the research which Iwill be carrying out on productson the market and my targetmarket. These results have shown methat the majority of people who answeredmy questionnaire seemed to not recognise theKEF brand name when I questioned them about theirknowledge of speaker brands. When asked which other speaker brands are more appealing to them, the majority of people generally thoughtthat the Bose brand produces the best quality speaker systems of any of the brands which they could think of. Moving back on to theknowledge of the KEF brand which the people I asked had, I questioned the on what their thoughts are on the pricing of the KEF brand.My research shows that the majority of people thought that KEF’s products were overpriced or expensive compared to the rest of themarket which are competing with the KEF brand. This shows me that most people would prefer to see a product sell at a lower cost tothe consumer. When asked about which device the person likes to use to listen to their music, I found that in the home, mostpeople like to listen to a DVD or CD player through their speaker system. The fact that many people admire the products Applehas to offer the market, gives me a platform from which I would like to design my product upon.Which of these speaker manufacturingbrands appeals to you most?PanasonicSonyBoseOtherHave you heard of the brand KEF?YesNoMaybeWhat do you think of KEFs product pricing?ExpensiveReasonableCheapWhat kind of device would you use to listen tomusic?DVD/CD PlayerGames ConsoleMP3 PlayerAre you interested in the range of productsApple has to offer?YesNoSome
  12. 12. This speaker system, produced by the electronics and technology company, Logitech, is designed as a surround sound system, supplying the user with full 5.1surround sound. This system looks sleek and modern, showing a design ideology to design a product to modernise a home and to change the contrast andatmosphere to a room, adding a darkened aspect to areas of the room, to improve upon aesthetics and decorations within the room in which the system hasbeen placed. Having experienced the quality of these speakers, I can say that the speakers generated an appropriate acoustic effect and for the pricing ofthe product, a fairly good quality of sound. The speakers are priced at £69.99 and this generates a strong influence with in the market being targetedby Logitech. This pricing would appear attractive to a wide range of consumers within the market as more people will be able to afford the systemcompared to another product in the market which could be competing with this product. The design of the speaker system appears as if Logitechhas targeted an aesthetic appeal as opposed to an acoustic appeal, where as KEF would target the improvement and innovation of theacoustics of the products they design for the market. The functionality of this product means that the user can control the speaker systemthrough the use of a basic on and off button, as well as a basic volume dial on the front of one of the speakers. This is clearly displayedon the picture above which is used by Logitech as a display picture to sell the speaker system they have produced. I feel that thisproduct is effective mainly because of the low price which is paid to achieve the reliable quality which this speaker system has tooffer. This factor alone could sway a user as to which product they ultimately decide to purchase.
  13. 13. The environment in which I will place my product can relate directly to the design of the product as well as the characteristics of the userwhich is my target user during the design of my product. The user which I may design my product for could range from minimum wageearners to higher wage earners in control of larger amounts of money. The images below show a number of ideal environments for thespeaker product which I will be designing. Each of these pictures were taken within a household, showing areas of the house where a speakersystem could potentially be placed. This range of environments means that I should design my speaker system to be fairly small to fit on surfacessuch as a fireplace, or the system could be slightly larger to fill the space of a bedside table or on top of a chest of drawers. I chose theseenvironments to design my product for as I would like to design a speaker system which could be placed in the home of a selected group of users withinthe market. When I come to develop my initial ideas and then develop them further, I will take into mind one of these environments to design my speakersystem to fit in with the environment which I will have chosen by that time.
  14. 14. The images shown above, display a clock which I have owned for some time. The clock acts as a radio receiver, mp3 player output speaker, an iPhone andiPod dock, and of course an alarm clock. This range of features makes this product an effective competitor for other iPhone docks on the market. The alarmclock system enables the user to set two separate alarms, one could be for during the week, and one could be for weekends. The clock has an internalcalendar which allows it to display the day of the week, followed by the date and month of the year. The functions of the product allow the user tohave a range of inputs into the system to output music and sounds from the speakers in the docking station. This feature allows the user to listen tomusic from their apple device or mp3 player, as well as listening to the radio. Should the user wish to listen to music from their apple device, theyshould place the device in the specially designed docking station made for apple devices. The user then can listen to their music instantly as thedocking station automatically begins to play the last played track on the device. The docking station also charges the docked devicewhilst playing the music and sounds chosen by the user. This feature means the user can leave their iPhone or iPod in the docking stationover night and wake up to the tunes from their device or the alarm sounds from the clock, with a fully charged device ready for the day.For the user to listen to music from their mp3 player, they will need to connect the player to the station by an auxiliary cable which willallow the device to output through the speakers of the docking station and the user can change the song which is playing on themp3 player, rather than through the docking station. The auxiliary cable does not charge the mp3 player like the iPhone dockdoes. This product matches the needs of many users with iPhones who would like a docking station for these reasons.The interaction the user has with the product they have purchased is a key aspect for the designer and the producer of the product toconsider when carrying out the process of drawing out ideas and developing those ideas into fully fledged designs. The user should beable to interact with a product in a way which will benefit their enjoyment of the product and also improve the practicality of the product itsself to enable the user to change certain aspects of the product to suit their needs or to use a function included in the design of the product togain the full potential out of the product in hand, whether this would be by connecting an external source for music or sound, or by tuning in theradio to a local radio station to listen to the music played live on air by that particular station. Some speaker systems may also come with a functionwhich will allow the user to see the time displayed on the face of the unit. These types of speaker system are often clocks which have added speakersto play music from an input or from a radio. These speakers are also practically used by the clock to sound an alarm to wake the user up at the time whichhas been previously designated by the user to suit them. Products need to be designed to suit the modern day market, and to achieve the ability to matchthe needs of the wide range of users present in the market, they need to be designed with some degree of customisation or personalisation involved.
  15. 15. Modernism is a key concept in the world of design which exists today. The idea of modernism is to create a design which is sleek and will suit theeveryday needs of a range of users. Many products Which are Designed with modernism in mind will feature dark colours, mainly black but canalso be coloured in silver or white shades. Modernism is endorsed by many companies intending on selling to the modern user of the age rangegenerally in the area of young adults. This concept is deemed attractive by many designers, producers and consumers alike, boasting a rangeof methods available to improve the aesthetics of a design whist maintaining a high quality of the internal workings of the product, such asthe acoustic quality of a speaker system. Apple products are both innovative and practical, supplying users with a powerful device atincredibly small sizes and thickness. The design ideology of Apple leads them to design products which are thin and light weight tosuit the lives of most young people today, whether it is commuting or socialising, or just staying at home in peace. The designswhich Apple incorporated into their products provide me with a great amount of inspiration to develop my product with. The ideaof modernism will play a heavy role upon the production of my speaker system.
  16. 16. This is the position on myproduct profiling which I wantmy product to fit into. I want itto look modern like a KEFdesign, but not as expensive.This will help broaden mytarget market by making myspeaker system moreaccessible to peoplewith a low budget.ExpensiveCheapRetro Modern
  17. 17. To profile my target customer, I have picked a small number of pictures from various sources to display the relationship between youngpeople and music and other technological products. These products show the interests and desires of the stereotypical young person,being male or female. These pictures display a culture which is popular among young people where as this culture would generally not be sopopular within the older generations of people and product target markets. Stylish headphones and watches for example are not especiallyattractive to older generations as the idea of the majority of the older generation is to buy a product that works and fulfils their needs, regardless ofthe aesthetics or the design of the product they are purchasing for their use. This page will summarise my target user and will provide a backbone forthe following pages of the secondary research section of this project.
  18. 18. I designed this moodboard todisplay the aspects of design andproducts which people in my targetmarket would be interested in.These products are oftenassociated with young people astechnology is advancing and youngpeople are advancing with newtechnology whilst some olderpeople are being left behind. Thedesign aspects of my moodboarddisplay materials which can beused to make my design lookmodern and sleek. The productsshown also show design featureswhich make them stand out to thetarget market as a new and stylishproduct to buy and use in theirhome
  19. 19. My research showed me that my target customer is generallyinterested in modern products rather than retro, classic or olddesigns and products. I chose a modern design to use for myexisting design analysis, which I personally like and I think the designis attractive to the modern young audience of technology products.My questionnaire showed me almost exactly what I was expecting to see.The people who answered the questions generally had the same views as meand showed an interest in the products and areas which I also have an interest in.My environmental snapshots were taken in potential areas which I may place myspeaker design and design it for. These included the living room and a bedroom. Iwould design my speaker system to be placed nearby the television in the livingroom or on the bedside table in the bedroom. After looking at various options whichare available for me, I have decided to design my speaker product to be placed ona bedside table in a bedroom. Therefore I must design the anthropometrics and theergonomics around the size and shape of a bedside table or small chest ofdrawers.My market research and product profiling pages have allowed me to gather dataon various products on the market in the acoustics industry. This information hasenabled me to look at interesting, modern and popular designs, and considerimplementing them into my design when I come to draw up and develop myspeaker system.For my moodboard and customer profiling pages, I gathered images from theinternet to use which I feel portrays my target market the best compared to variousother products and images I looked at which concerned the young adult market.These images also provided me with popular design aspects which I can use formy design which should help to attract customers to buy my product once it goesout onto the shelves in shops and online. There are some products which I lookedat during my research which have got me interested in their design and these arethe products which I will consider in the design of my speaker system.The person product interaction page shows how an iPhone docking station systemwhich I own is designed to be interacted with. This interaction between the userand the product is key to designing an effective and strongly competitive productfor my target market. This research has supplied me with the ideal anthropometricand ergonomical enhancements which I should implement on my design. Thispage has also caused me to look into more detail about what features are presenton a successful iPhone docking station style speaker system and I can use thesefeatures in my design to build a system which I feel could be a strong contender onthe market and will boost KEF’s image and reputation in the market of youngadults and teenagers.
  20. 20. AestheticsThe Aesthetics of my design will be inspired by the concept ofmodernism within the world of art and design in the modern era. I amgoing to take inspiration from various speaker brands such as Sony orPanasonic. I am also looking to take design aspects from Apple products toimprove the look of my speaker design and to enable me to form a base todesign my product up from to include features which will provide Apple consumerswith an extension to their productCostAfter researching my target market and various brands which produce speaker systems, I amgoing to design a speaker system which will not be too expensive for the wider consumer marketto purchase. This pricing will enable me to produce a functional and effective design at a lowenough price to generate a wide market for my product. This should be around the price bracketof £50 to £200 at mostCustomerMy research has shown me that my target market is the correct market for me to be designing foras the majority of my target market have the same views as me on various brands and theproducts and pricing they supply to the market they produce for. My target customer shall remainyoung people so my research was viable to design my product and my design ideas can suit mytarget market moreEnvironmentThe environment I will design my product for will remain the same after taking pictures of myenvironment which my speaker system will be placed in and analysing them to define what myenvironment is going to be and where my product will apply, preferably being the bedside tableSafetyThe safety of my product will always be a priority. As my target audience is young people, theproduct I design could be damaged through irresponsibility if the stereotype is to be followed. Myproduct is going to have to be produced to stand up to the wear and tear it could face when inuseSizeThe size of my product is going to have to match the chosen environment of my speaker system.This should mean that my product will have to be designed to be placed on top of a fireplace, ona bedside table or on a cabinet or chest of drawers in a room in the houseFunctionGoing on my research, I am going to produce a product which can have an mp3 player, USBdevice or iPod input meaning my product should be universal for all devices which my targetmarket may wish to use, including Blackberry and Android phones and tabletsMaterialsThe materials of my product are going to match my inspiration, which comes from modernismand the Apple brand. The materials I will use should be similar to the materials these conceptsand companies use, to match their style. These materials will be aluminium brushed to the effectof the iPhone 4’s stainless steel, and acrylic coated to reflect the plastic parts of the iPhone 4
  21. 21. So far I have met my specification in designing a speaker system for the young adult market which includes the functionality of aniPhone and iPod docking station. I have stuck to the idea of designing my product with a modern approach. The materials I am using and havedeveloped with allow me to maintain the modern aesthetics of my design. I have also used various techniques to develop my product into amodern design, including the use of a clear material, being acrylic to match the design of various apple products and accessories for the iPhonewhich are on the market today. These features should appeal to my target audience of young adults, and my design should be sticking to myspecification if I am able to continue designing the way I have been so far.
  22. 22. The Anthropometrics of a product are one ofthe most important areas to research whendeveloping a new product for the market. Thestatic anthropometry of the average finger tipis around 1.5cm. Using this research I havedecided to specify the dimensions of theinterface to fit with the size of a finger tip. Thisaspect of design makes the system morecomfortable and easy to use, making thedesign more appealing for customers lookingfor a practical device to use in their own homeIn deciding the dimensions of my design, I have lookedspecifically at the iPhone 4 in order to shape thedocking station to match that of the iPhone 4. I havealso looked at functionality with the iPhone 5, byresearching dimensions and incorporating them into thedesign. Whether I include functionality for the iPhone 5or not is still to be decided in the next page ofdevelopment, but whether I add iPhone 5 functionalityor not, I have still researched the information I wouldneed to be able to produce this system around the newiPhone, building on my knowledge of design
  23. 23. I feel that I have been able to meet my specification to a good enough level up to this point in the development of my product. Thefeatures which I have added should be attractive to my target market, such as the Wi-Fi functionalities of the system or the internal memoryfeature which allows people to store their music on the speaker system so they do not have to plug a source in to be able to listen to theirmusic. These features add to the pull of my product and as I enter the final stage of development, I will be making sure to include the newfeatures and display the research I have done in various options for the design and manufacture of my speaker system.
  24. 24. Metal PlatesSteel Aluminium• Cheaper than aluminium• More easily accessible• Matches iPhone 4Sdesign• Heavier in general• Some types strongerthan aluminium• May look less stylish• Can be lightero Composites /Alloys• Can Corrode• Ductile and malleableo Depending onconstruction• Can be painted on• More expensive• May be more difficult tobuy• Matches iPhone 5design• Stronger in some cases• Lightero Not always• Modern effect easilypossible• Does not corrode• Ductile• Malleable• Surface can be easilychanged Plastic BodyAcrylic Polypropylene• Easily mouldedo Vacuum Former• Transparent as standard• Can be coloured• Fairly cheap and easy toaccess• Stronger than glass• Easier to maintain• Stands up to UV and heato High resistance• Half the weight of glass• Easily cut• Can be melted into onepiece• Used to make loud speakers• Sturdy• Tough• Flexible• Can be made transparent• Relatively cheap• Degrades in UV light andheat• Can be difficult to mould• Usually only moulded by:o Extrusiono Injection mouldingFor the final development of my speakersystem, I am deciding on which type ofspeaker cover to use for the speakers. Ihave decided to go with a plastic cover asshown bottom left. This will ensure thespeaker does not get damaged as theplastic casing is rigid and fairly shock proof.This should make the system last muchlonger
  25. 25. This is the end of the development phase of my design. I have been able to add many features which may even be unique and exclusiveto my design as I have not come across other systems with the same features as mine will have. This meets my specification to be a newand unique product to add to the KEF line of products. My product should be able to generate a market pull in the target market of young adultswith the features it carries to attract younger people who may look for and require these features more than an older person would.
  26. 26. The new speaker product from KEF comes with everything an apple userneedsIt features a stylish and sizeable iPod / iPhone dock which you can fit yourdevice onto even when it is in it’s protective caseThe large clock display means that you will be able to read the time withease, even from a distance when you may be across the room from thespeaker system and take a quick glance at the timeThe USB and MP3 interface allows you to connect any device to the speakersystem and play your music from any source which you may haveThe buttons and dials on the systems interface are ergonomically designedto be easy to use and handle, even making it seamless to change thetrack, tune the radio or to turn the alarm off in the morningThe sleek, dark coloured design of the base of the speaker system meansthis product fits in to a modern scene and the design it’s self looks modernand the shape gives it a smooth, edgeless flow of deignThe sharp, thin sheets of aluminium on the design match the style of thestainless steel on your iPhone 4 or the brushed aluminium on your iPhone5, making this product an ideal accessory to have along side your appledeviceThere is a broad selection of wireless features available with thissystem, specifically for use with your iPhone, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,HSPA+ 3G technology, and even LTE (4G) for when you take the unitaway with you on vacationThis simple, yet useful speaker system is ideal for anyonewho has possession of an apple device, the featureswhich have been developed through extensive marketresearch will blow you away with practicality anduseability
  27. 27. The digital clock on the face ofthe speaker system will displaythe time in the 24 hour timeformat and will be used asnothing more than a time display.The iPhone or iPod which shouldbe docked in the system will beused for the date, alarms and amore detailed clock interfaceThe iPhone and iPod dock on the front of the speakersystem will be able to charge the device placed in it and thedevice placed on it will also act as the main display for thesystem which will allow flexibility for the user around howthey use their device as a clock and calendar with or withoutthe speaker systemThe ergonomic stand on the back of the designgives the unit stability when in use or when standingfreely on the bedside table. The stand features cutsin the acrylic to allow for heat to escape the insideof the design, meaning the speaker system will lastlongerThe buttons are ergonomicallydesigned to be the perfect size formost finger tips. The average fingertip width is around 1.5 to 2.0cm so Imade the buttons of my design 2cmin diameter so that the design canbe used by a wide range of people
  28. 28. Part No. Material Description Height Width Depth Cost1 Black AcrylicTubeTube which will be thebase100mm 100mm 500mm £14.382 Black AcrylicSheetWill be vacuumformed into the stand500mm 250mm 3mm £4.843 Black AcrylicSheetFormed into the partsof the buttons whichwill be pressed250mm 125mm 3mm £2.424 AluminiumSheetThis sheet will be usedon the front of thespeaker system500mm 250mm 0.9mm £4.625 AluminiumSheetUsed as the ringsaround the ends ofthe design500mm 250mm 0.9mm £4.62Total Cost £30.88
  29. 29. 1. The first stage I will take will be cutting an acrylic tube to size. This tube will preferably be black and between 10mm and 20mm in diameter. I willcut the tube to approximately 30cm in length as this is the correct size which should match my environment2. I am then going to measure up a sheet of aluminium against the tube at an ideal angle which will look best when fitted to the tube. Thesemeasurements will be around 25cm length and 15cm width to cover the majority of the front face of the tube3. I will then cut holes in both the tube and aluminium sheet to match the sizes and shapes of the controls I am going to implement into the product. Iwill also drill the holes which will be the correct size for pop rivets to be used to secure the aluminium to the tube4. I will then anneal the aluminium sheet to make it more ductile so I will be able to bend it over the tube easier and more evenly, after this I am goingto sand the aluminium sheet to produce the brushed effect I am looking for before bending it into shape over the tube5. I am going to use another aluminium sheet to create the discs at the ends of the tube to surround the speakers. This sheet will be cut into twocircles to the size of the tube diameter and a hole will be cut in the middle of the circles to produce two rings6. I will cut two strips from aluminium sheet for the outside of the rings, these will be annealed so that they can be bent around the rings and will thenhave their ends welded to product another two rings to place over the rings made in the previous step. These rings will then be glued to theprevious rings as this will produce a neat effect which will hold the rings together securely7. The speakers will be mounted to the inside of the aluminium rings before the rings are then secured over the ends of the tube. This mounting willmost likely be done by gluing screw heads to the inside of the rings and then lining the speaker mount holes up with the screws before using nuts tosecure the speakers down over the screws. Both of the rings will be sanded like the aluminium sheet to produce the same brushed effect8. I will then create the mould for the stand which will be attached to the back of the tube. This will be made using MDF wood and the stand will bemoulded using black acrylic in a vacuum former. The stand will then be cut from the acrylic sheet used in the vacuum forming process and thenattached to the tube using screws or bolts and nuts to create a firm and strong joint9. The components will then be glued to the aluminium sheet and the tube from the inside using hot glue. This will create a reversible fix so that I canremove parts and components can be easily replaced or repaired if they need to be10. The iPhone dock will be laser cut from a file created using Techsoft 2D design on black acrylic and will be put together using glue to fix the partstogether and the 30 pin plug will be glued to the inside of the dock through the designated hole.11. The Final step will then be to connect all the components together before placing the aluminium sheet onto the tube and then using pop rivets tosecure it safely, and my product should then be complete
  30. 30. Week OneI acquired a clear acrylic tube with adiameter of 15cm as this was the onlytype available to me to use. I cut thistube to size at 30cm length and fileddown the ends to smooth off the cuts.I then measured up an aluminiumsheet to be cut against the tube whichwill be used as the face plate. Thesemeasurements were 25cm length and15cm width. I then annealed thealuminium in order to flex it over thetube to confirm it was the correctmeasurements I wanted, beforeflattening it down again to be cut later. Ithen used matte black acrylic paint tocoat the tubeWeek TwoI cut the aluminium discs to match thesize of the speakers I bought. Thespeakers have a 4 inch diameter whichfits nicely into the 15cm diameter of thetube and onto the 15cm diameterdiscs. I created a mounting systemusing Techsoft 2D design and a lasercutter to cut an acrylic sheet two ringswith four holes around them to fit thescrews which will be used to mount thespeakers. I also cut a number of small‘O’ rings to fill the extra space betweenthe speaker mount holes and thealuminium discs. I then secured thespeakers into the mountsWeek ThreeUpon coming to the build of the standfor my product, it was decided that Icould make a better looking, moreeffective and easier to manufacturestand. This comprised of four acrylicshapes cut to rest beneath the tubecomfortably, and two aluminium rodswith a diameter of 1cm and a length of25cm which I had sanded down toproduce the brushed effect. Theshaped were slotted onto the rods andaligned as I wanted them to be, beforeusing super glue to secure the shapesin place along the rods in order toproduct a strong stand which caneasily support the weight and size ofmy product
  31. 31. Week SixIn the final week of manufacturing myproduct, I lined up the aluminium sheetagainst the black acrylic tube base andconnected all of the componentstogether. I then used pop rivets tosecure the aluminium sheet to thetube. I then placed the speaker ringsinto the ends of the tube and securedthem with super glue to produce astrong and secure fix for the speakersto remain in the tube ends. I then usedsuper glue again to secure the standsection to the bottom of the tube asthis was a neat option to take up forthe stand. My product is now completeto a level which leaves room forimprovement, however I feel it is apositive first prototypeWeek FourThis week I cut the holes in thealuminium sheet to fit the shape andsize of my components. At this stage Ihad decided not to make specialisedcontrols for the product, but instead Iwould use the buttons which came withthe system I am going to install into theproduct. These holes included the tenholes around the edge of the sheet forthe pop rivets. I decided to make onebig square hole in the acrylic tube asthis made it easier to align thecomponents on the aluminium sheet. Ithen used hot glue to secure thecomponents to the aluminium sheet inthe required positions. Next week I willbuild the iPhone docking station for theproductWeek FiveI used Techsoft 2D design to cut anacrylic sheet, using finger joints toattach the parts at right angles. I alsocut holes in the front section of thedock for some of the buttons and theplacement of the KEF logo. I then usedliquid solvent to stick the acrylic piecestogether. I then stuck a small piece oforange vinyl behind the KEF logo toproduce an orange logo. I then gluedthe iPhone dock it’s self into the slotthat was cut for it. I then used hot glueto secure the completed dock segmentto the aluminium sheet. I then bent thealuminium sheet again to wrap overthe front of the tube
  32. 32. AestheticsMy finished product matches my final specification as I wasable to take inspiration from Apple’s iPhone 4S to buildaspects of the design. The brushed aluminium panels aredesigned to look similar or as close to the look of thealuminium on the iPhone 4S. I could have painted thealuminium black to match the design of the newer design ofthe iPhone 5, however this was not ideal as the dock on thedesign was not made to be compatible with the iPhone 5CostThe equipment used inside the system cost around £80 andthe materials used in the manufacture of the product costaround £25 which would price the product at around £150retail price however this cost could be lowered if a cheapersystem could be used as this price is a little higher than Ihad intendedCustomerI feel my product is compatible with my target audience ofyoung people as it is similar to some other products whichare used by young people and the features of the productmatch the needs of young peopleAestheticsThe Aesthetics of my design will be inspired by the concept of modernism within theworld of art and design in the modern era. I am going to take inspiration from variousspeaker brands such as Sony or Panasonic. I am also looking to take design aspectsfrom Apple products to improve the look of my speaker design and to enable me to forma base to design my product up from to include features which will provide Appleconsumers with an extension to their productCostAfter researching my target market and various brands which produce speakersystems, I am going to design a speaker system which will not be too expensive for thewider consumer market to purchase. This pricing will enable me to produce a functionaland effective design at a low enough price to generate a wide market for my productCustomerMy research has shown me that my target market is the correct market for me to bedesigning for as the majority of my target market have the same views as me on variousbrands and the products and pricing they supply to the market they produce for. Mytarget customer shall remain young people so my research was viable to design myproduct and my design ideas can suit my target market more
  33. 33. Environment & SizeThe size of my finished product is quite large and so may be too big forsome side tables, this means the product I have designed would be placedin slightly different environments around the houseSafetyI have smoothed the edges of the aluminium as mush as I could which hasmade my product safer to use for any customer but it is not as strong andsturdy as I intendedFunctionMy product features an MP3 input and an iPhone dock but no USB inputas the circuit boards I used were not compatible with USBMaterialsI used Acrylic to give my product a modern look and the aluminiummatches the apple brand as I said I wanted to do in my final specificationEnvironmentThe environment I will design my product for will remain the same after takingpictures of my environment which my speaker system will be placed in andanalysing them to define what my environment is going to be and where myproduct will applySafetyThe safety of my product will always be a priority. As my target audience isyoung people, the product I design could be damaged through irresponsibilityif the stereotype is to be followed. My product is going to have to be producedto stand up to the wear and tear it could face when in useSizeThe size of my product is going to have to match the chosen environment ofmy speaker system. This should mean that my product will have to bedesigned to be placed on top of a fireplace, on a bedside table or on a cabinetor chest of drawers in a room in the houseFunctionGoing on my research, I am going to produce a product which can have anmp3 player, USB device or iPod input meaning my product should beuniversalMaterialsThe materials of my product are going to match my inspiration, which comesfrom modernism and the Apple brand. The materials I will use should besimilar to the materials these concepts and companies use, to match theirstyle
  34. 34. KEF Analysis‘Your design has some very nicelymanufactured features, I especially likethe contrast of the silver on black andthe design method of the iPhonedocking port. With the use of highquality components and speakers, thisproduct could potentially have a placeon the market’Modifications for Mass MarketBefore going into full production the product I have designed should havethe aluminium strips curving around the ends of the tube before theproduct goes into mass market as the strips will provide the aestheticalimprovements the user asked for before and after my product wasprototypedA feature which could enlarge the area of the market looking to purchasethe product would be an adapter from the 30 pin iPhone dock to the new 8pin lightning dock. This adapter would be shipped with the product andcould be easily placed on the dock and removed when the user requiresit. The price of an adapter can be as low as just £1 so it would not need toaffect the price of the productThe speakers built into the system will need to be upgraded with KEFtechnology to generate the high quality sound a user should expect from aKEF product. These speakers will most likely push up the price how everwhich could narrow down the market of the product, this may need to bedone to produce a system which KEF will be able to sell as one of it’s ownproductsThe button interface on the product may need to be labelled clearly as theuser will not know which buttons do a particular function unless they readthe instructions which will be shipped with the product. Labelling thebuttons will make the product more user friendly and so better for themass marketThe paint work on the product is an area which could be improved beforethe design goes onto the mass market. The paint could be covered in alacquer to help protect it and improve the visual qualities of the productwhere as the product is now the paint can be scratched easily and alsoshows dirt so it would need more maintenance to keep in good conditionUser Feedback and ModificationOne of the features I questioned a potential user about whilst my productwas in the development stage was the stand at the back of the design.The stand was originally going to be vacuum formed and when presentedwith an image of the stand, the user said they thought it could be madewith a more detailed design as it was very similar to designs they hadseen before on iPhone docks, so I redesigned the stand while I wasmanufacturing the productOne feature which the user liked about my design was the use ofaluminium strips bent around the ends of the tube with the speakers. Withthe time I had to manufacture my speaker system, I would have beenunable to work the aluminium around the tube and fix it in place. After Ihad finished the product, the same user said they would have liked to seeme include the aluminium strips around the tube to add to the aestheticappeal. This would need to be added to the product before it is put intoproduction for the mass marketWhen I asked my user during the development stage whether theypreferred the idea of the product featuring a detailed display on the frontor if the iPhone’s screen, they decided they would find it more practicaland beneficial for the product if I left the display as a basic clock facewhilst using the iPhone as the detailed display for date and time andother features such as the radio frequency. Whilst building my product, Ifound a clock system where the clock face was detailed as it shows thedate, and time as well as other features in the clock it’s self. This wentagainst the comments of the user how ever they said that the clock face Iused matched the original design and it helped to make the product moreuseful and also aesthetically pleasing
  35. 35. A feature which I had looked at in the development stage ofthe design of my product was the use of Wi-Fi technology inthe product. This technology would have been used tomake the speaker product ‘Air-Play’ compatible so it wouldbe fully compatible with all iOS devices connected to thesame Wi-Fi network. The reason for me not implementingthis is I do not have the knowledge to install such anadvanced system into a product and the time I had tocomplete the design and manufacture my product I mostlikely would have not had the time available to install thetechnologyAn important feature which I was not able to implementinto my design due to the nature of the circuit boards Iused was Bluetooth. I had questioned the potential use ofBluetooth in my product in the early stages of designhowever by the time I had reached development stage ofthe product I had decided it would not be easy enough toinstall a Bluetooth system into the design. This means itwould not have been viable to install one as it may havetaken too long or it may have not even been possibleThe use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in myspeaker system would have made theproduct more universal for any otherproduct to stream music and other audiofiles through the speaker system. Thiswould have matched the needs of moreusers looking for a speaker system on themarket and so would have generated moremarket pull using new and innovativetechnology. My speaker system could havehelped to push Air-Play technology onto thewider market and could have made youngpeople more aware of Air Play and it’sbenefits for the technology in their house.These features would have also helped myproduct sellThe prototype of my productwhich I developed usedspeakers which I had boughtfrom a high street electricalsupplier and so they were not asgood as a pair of official KEFspeakers would have been had Ibeen able to use KEF speakersin my product. It would havebeen difficult to have obtainedKEF speakers without having tobuy a KEF product andremoving the speakers frominside it. For this reason it wasonly really possible for me touse cheap high street models inmy product as it was only aprototype and not the finalproduct which would bemanufactured for the massmarket so it does not have toperform as well as the actualproduct would. The use of KEFspeakers would produce a highquality acoustic effect from myproduct, adding to it’s marketpull as a high quality productThe use of the newApple Lightning input forthe iPhone 5 in myproduct would havehelped to push the newtechnology. TheLightning adapterreceived some negativereception from peoplewho already ownedaccessories for theirolder iPhone as hey hadto buy new accessories.This product should helpsolve those problems asit is cheaper than manyother iPhone docks andso is more accessible forpeople who already owna now outdated dockingstation