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Destination weddings


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A destination wedding is an exciting and practical solution for many couples. The combination of a trip and an event can help them save money and give their guests a good time all at once.

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Destination weddings

  1. 1. For A DestinationWeddingsA destination wedding is an exciting and practicalsolution for many couples. The combination of a tripand an event can help them save money and give theirguests a good time all at once. There are manypopular places including resorts that cater to thistype of clientele.Some brides and grooms dont feel it necessary tohave the traditional white chapel ceremony. In fact,some contemporary couples would rather spend theirmoney travelling and exploring than renting a halland the other expenses associated with a localceremony. Many guests also welcome the chance to takea trip in order to attend the affair.A couple should be mindful of the extra expenses thatguests might incur in creating this type of ceremony.The cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms and othertravel expenses may not be something that localfriends and family are willing to pay. But someloved-ones might welcome the chance to take a trip toan exciting place to watch the ceremony andparticipate in the activities.The couple may want to visit an exotic location thatthey have always wanted to go to such as an exoticcity or a quaint beach on a small island. A bride andgroom can actually save money on this type of affair,as they can combine their big day with theirhoneymoon by having the ceremony at a beautiful orexciting location. They will likely have fewer guestsif their ceremony and reception are away from their
  2. 2. local areas, as many people wont want to travel,thus bringing down the cost for catering, favours,programs and other guest expenses.Many places have resorts and other facilities, suchas chapels that are experts in creating beautifulceremonies and experiences for this type of occasion.They may have some packages available that include aceremony, block of rooms and catering to help thebride pull-off an unforgettable day. They may alsohave an event planner to assist in every aspect ofthe planning.Other areas, particularly more remote places, may nothave packages or planners, but can still offer abeautiful backdrop for a ceremony and reception. Acouple might have to bring their own clothes andpeople to create the event such as hair-dressers,photographers and maybe even a minister or efficient.This might add to the cost of creating the ceremonyin a remote location.A destination weddings can be exciting and sometimesa less expensive solution for the adventure seekingcouple. By combining their honeymoon with theirceremony and reception they can save some money. Butsome guests may not be as receptive to having totravel and the couple should realize that they mayhave fewer guests.