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Thesis statements


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Thesis statements

  1. 1. THESISSTATEMENTS Dolly Ramos Gallego
  2. 2. A THESIS MUST(a) take a position(b) be supportable with research readilyavailable(c) be expressed in one sentence
  3. 3. LIMIT YOUR THESIS BY ONE ORMORE OF THE FOLLOWINGMETHODS (a) time (b) space (c) causes (d) effects (e) comparison (f) examples (g) problem/analysis/solution
  4. 4. A GOOD THESIS IS NOT GENERAL. General Thesis Specific Thesis Statement Statement Crime must be stopped  The courts need to hand out stiffer sentences. Dickens writes good novels  Dickens uses the setting of his novels to emphasize the themes.
  5. 5. UNDERSTANDING THESIS STATEMENTS Subject Rain forests Topic The importance of rain forests Thesis statement Rain forests provide the human race with many resources. OR Rain forests are complex living systems that contribute to the balance of life on this planet. Research question What is the importance of rain forests?
  6. 6. SAMPLE Write a belief statement about your topic. (I believe that the SAT tests should be eliminated.) Next add a fact to the belief statement. (I believe that the SAT tests should be eliminated because they cannot predict success in college.) Last, take yourself out by eliminating “I believe” and you are left with a thesis statement. (SAT tests should be eliminated because they cannot predict success in college.)
  7. 7. EXAMPLESA GOOD THESIS IS NOT TOO BROAD. BETTER Thesis StatementPOOR Thesis Statement  Hemingway’s war storiesHemingway’s war helped create a new prose stories are very good. style. The world is in a  Trade barriers contribute to terrible mess the international tension People are too foolish  Human Selfishness is seen at its worst during rush our
  8. 8. A THESIS STATEMENT IS NOT A TITLE.WILL ALWAYS BE A COMPLEX SENTENCETitles Not Titles The Decline of Baseball  In recent years, baseball has experienced a decline in popularity. Home and Schools.  Parents need to participate more in the education of their children
  9. 9. A THESIS STATEMENT IS NOT ANANNOUNCEMENT.IT EXPRESS AN ATTITUDE. TAKES A STANDAnnouncement Not an Announcement I want to share some  The space program is thoughts with you a waste of money about the space program  solving America’s The thesis of this environmental paper is difficulty of problems is more Solving America’s difficult than many environmental environmentalists program believe.
  10. 10. EXAMPLES A THESIS STATEMENT IS NOT A STATEMENT OF ABSOLUTE FACT. (MAKES A JUDGMENT OR INTERPRETATION) Jane Austen is the  (This statement cannot author of Pride and be argued, not a good Prejudice. thesis) The capital of California  (This cannot be argued, is Sacramento. not a good thesis) President Lincoln was  (This cannot be argued, shot at Ford’s Theater not a good thesis)
  11. 11. K ON R O JEC T W O T ’S R E RPL U YO
  12. 12. METHODOLOGYcontext Reader is contextualized from wider to more specific perspectives. Therefore, relevant information about description of the site: location, type of school, grades, No. of teachers, No. of students, economical status, resources are presented.
  13. 13. METHODOLOGYSetting Setting clearly describes the conditions and related information to the study such as: No. of English teachers, grades that take English courses, No. of hours per week students are exposed to the language, Curriculum or standards followed, and teachers’ academic background.