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Theoretical framework introduction presentation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Theoretical framework introduction presentation

  1. 1. Concetual Framework
  2. 2. What is Conceptual Framework? • It is the outline or skeleton on which to build your idea. • …is used when researching a topic or certain subject to get a rough idea of possible paths or to present a more favorable approach to an idea or thought. • … The conceptual framework becomes the central theme, the focus, the main thrust of the study
  3. 3. SAMPLE For the teaching of science
  4. 4. The CFW & Purpose
  5. 5. Length
  6. 6. Theoretical framework using mind map
  7. 7. How to Write a Theoretical Framework
  8. 8. How to Write a Theoretical Framework
  9. 9. Conceptual Framework CFW
  10. 10. Definition & Purpose CFW ALL BASED ON THE OBJECTIVES
  11. 11. True or False • CFW must only include theory that supports your assumptions. • Avoid those theories that contradict your stand points. • Must the FTW has a logical and conceptual design • The focus and goals of TFW is the research problem
  12. 12. • CFW is everything an author states about an specific topic. • The TFW is a list of concepts and authors. • The CFW include related studies. In groups and based on the presentation write down a true, false statement.
  13. 13. • Identify and graphically depict the key variables in the research questions. • Identify and graphically depict the key relationships between the variables. • Identify and graphically depict the key context factors. • Support your discussion with solid peer- reviewed references
  14. 14. References • framework? utm_source=slideshow01&utm_medium=ssemail&utm_campaign=share_ slideshow_loggedout • framework.html • mework/conceptual_framework.html