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Stage of lg development dolly

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Stage of lg development dolly

  1. 1. Current theories of second language acquisition are based on years of research in a wide variety of fields, including linguistics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and neurolinguistics (Freeman & Freeman, 2001).
  2. 2. 1. The Silent/Receptive or Preproduction 2. The Early Production 3. The Speech Emergence 4. The Intermediate Language Proficiency 5. The Advanced Language Proficiency
  3. 3. • Can last from 10 hours to six months • Up to 500 "receptive" words (words they can understand, but may not be comfortable using) • Can understand new words that are made comprehensible to them. • Stage of "silent period" (during which students may not speak) Strategies to use Listen move Mime point Match draw Select circle act
  4. 4. • Can last an additional six months • Ss have usually developed close to 1,000 receptive/active words • Ss can usually speak in one- or two-word phrases • Can demonstrate comprehension of new material • By giving short answers to simple yes/no, either/or, or who/what/where questions.  Strategies to use name label group answer list categorize say or tell
  5. 5.  Can last up to another year  Ss approximately 3,000 words  Can use short phrases & simple sentences to communicate  Ss begin to use dialogue  Can ask simple questions & answer simple questions  Use longer sentences, but often with grammatical errors that can interfere with their communication. Strategies to use recall compare restate define describe explain role play
  6. 6.  Intermediate proficiency may take up to another year  Ss have typically developed close to 6,000 words  Beginning to make complex statements, state opinions, ask for clarification, share their thoughts, and speak at greater length Strategies to use analyze create defend complete evaluate justify support describe in detail
  7. 7.  Gaining advanced proficiency  Can typically take from 5 to 7 years  Ss have developed some specialized content-area vocabulary  Can participate fully in grade-level classroom activities if given occasional extra support.
  8. 8. Teaching Learners through Principles of Language Acquisition. TLPI Spring 2007 by Virginia Shannon

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