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my blogging presentation for a workshop for disability arts

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  1. 1. + Welcome Blogging Workshop
  2. 2. + How I became a blogger
  3. 3. + How I became a blogger  Atage 30 I decided to take charge of my life. To choose a life of dreams, rather than of painful sleep. I wanted to find the dollyness of Dolly.  Creativity:Between 2001 and 2008, I had written 5 books, began to appear on media, made my first films, performed over 50 times, and help set up a few mental health arts charities and projects, including Bonkersfest.
  4. 4. + Let there be light! Me screwing a light bulb into the sky. The world needs more light!
  5. 5. + 2008 – DAO asked me to be a blogger Didn’t really understand blogging But liked the creative outlet I did it, so there would be a record of me.  "I should like someone to remember that there once lived a person named David Berger."  David in his last letter, Vilna 1941  My DAO blog
  6. 6. + Blogging for DAO Slowly I noticed something happening: People started contacting me about my blog Opportunities began popping up because of it And that I was gaining a readership, people began to know who I was in the arts world.
  7. 7. + Examples of Opportunities
  8. 8. + Blogging for others  al-health-illness-murder-documentary  und    11201952#
  9. 9. + Five years down the line… What I get from blogging is: A creative outlet A way to connect with my fellow humans Promotion of work Opportunities It is an ever-changing, fluid businesscard.
  10. 10. + How is it a businesscard?It shows people:Your portfolioYour style and the way you workYour communication skillsYour passionYour experience A little different to this one!Your commitment to your workWhat is unique about you
  11. 11. + What I actually blog – poetry
  12. 12. + What I actually blog – art
  13. 13. + What I actually blog - comedy
  14. 14. + What I actually blog – film
  15. 15. + What I actually blog- events and media
  16. 16. + What I actually blog – my dog’s art
  17. 17. + What people like about my blog I write from the heart I Confuse Expectations I entertain I use humour I use honesty I use humanity I show my soul in my creativity
  18. 18. +
  19. 19. + Questions to ask yourself Why are you blogging? Who is your audience? What is interesting to them? What do they need?  What have they not seen or heard before? What are your competitors doing? And how can you be different? What is unique about your blog?
  20. 20. + Practicalities  Good titles catch people’s eyes  Make it scannable, not too text heavy, people scan to find what they want. Separate with headers, subheaders and pics.  Try to get rid of jargon, keep your language simple and accessible.  Keep it short. A little bit about SEO
  21. 21. + Blogging is a journey, ask yourself: how do I make the ride unforgettable for myself and others?
  22. 22. + A picture of my dog
  23. 23. + Discussion and Q&A Over to you