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Veterans Employment Services Abilities Center Work Where You Live2010


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PowerPoint Presentation, Abilities Center, Work Where You Live, Employment Services for Veterans

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Veterans Employment Services Abilities Center Work Where You Live2010

  1. 1. Regional Solutions forSouthern New Jersey’s Veterans Partner Title Comprehensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services Name benjamin-fr anklin- bridge.jpg Title Company
  2. 2. He left southernNew Jersey toserve our country.He’s home again -but there’s no jobwaiting.He wants to workwhere he lives,back in southernNew Jersey. Southern New Jersey’s veterans need
  3. 3. Homeless VeteransHow Many Need Vocational Rehabilitation?Estimates show at least6000- 8000 homelessveterans in New Jersey.Veterans returning fromAfghanistan and Iraqare falling intohomelessness soonerthan veterans of earlierconflicts.160 appeared at “StandDown” in Cherry Hill,NJ in May 2009. Southern New Jersey’s Veteran Population Needs Resources at Home – Especially the Homeless
  4. 4. Mental Health Problems Veterans returning after No previous tours One or more previous toursmore than one tour of duty 30present more mental health 25.4problems. 25 20 Veterans returning from 14 14.1Operations Enduring 15Freedom and Iraqi Freedom 9 10(OEF/OIF) frequently 6.6 6.6 4.2present with multiple 5 2.3psychological and physical 0symptoms. Depression Alcohol Dependence PTSD Depression, Alcohol or PTSD This population needs toaccess the VA Five-TrackService Delivery System Preliminary Findings from the Pre-Deployment Survey of the New Jersey National Guard 2007-2008 Department of Military andwithout delay. Veterans Affairs VA, New Jersey Health Care System, Bloustein Center for Survey Research, Rutgers University
  5. 5. PROBLEM:Veterans face barriers toemployment services and job placement Southern New Jersey veterans face barriers in accessing services that require appearance in Philadelphia, from transportation to time required to participate. Veterans with disabilities are even more burdened, whether physically impaired or diagnosed with mental health disorders which may impair capacity to travel to Philadelphia. Opportunities to find work in southern New Jersey are intrinsically less available when veterans receive services out of the area where they live. Numerous eligible veterans may overwhelm the Regional VA services when they return from active duty and face unforeseen delays. Homeless veterans number in the thousands; it is a tragedy best remedied with services close to home.
  6. 6. SOLUTION:Tell Southern New Jersey’s VeteransYou CAN Abilities Center of SNJ has conceptualized a dynamic program for veterans – . Through , the Regional VA Office will have a competent partner with nearly 50 years of experience delivering vocational rehabilitation services and a network of resources throughout southern New Jersey. Abilities Center SNJ has a proven capacity to deliver this program and collaborate with the VA. Abilities Center SNJ can be part of delivering the VA’s Five-Track Service Delivery System.
  7. 7. Vocational EvaluationPhiladelphia VA - Makes Referral Services Job Placement or Coordinate Follow-up Training with VA demonstrates Abilities Center’s capacity to bridge the gap indelivering skilled services for veterans who live in southern New Jersey, contractingas a collaborative partner with Veterans Affairs Philadelphia Regional Office (medical and benefits).
  8. 8. :Measurable Benefits to Veterans inSouthern New Jersey Mobile services for Veterans who face transportation barriers in accessing services; SNJ@Home skilled staff to meet identified Regional VA demand in southern New Jersey and increase participation of eligible Veterans; Capability to reach homeless veterans as referred; Culturally competent services address populations’ needs; Demonstrated capacity to effectively provide job placement ; Ready to reach more veterans as those deployed come home to southern New Jersey; Realistic opportunity for southern New Jersey veterans to pursue program goal to
  9. 9. Abilities Center SNJ:History and Mission Abilities Center of Southern New Jersey (SNJ) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation which opened its doors nearly 50 years ago to provide employment services for people with disabilities. The Center forged a strong relationship with our nation’s veterans early on, providing evaluation and job placement services to Viet Nam veterans. The Center now provides workforce development services to people with disabilities and other disadvantages which may be barriers to employment. Abilities Center SNJ is responsive to regional needs and has augmented its services during its nearly 50 year history. Services now include vocational evaluation (short and long- term), center-based transitional services, community-based and competitive employment in hundreds of businesses across the region and youth programs in conjunction with school districts.
  10. 10. Abilities Center SNJ:Our Organizational Capacity Abilities Center SNJ has increased its consumer population by 800 percent over the past 15 years and diversified its services to meet community need; From one site, the Center has expanded to deliver services in the eight counties of southern New Jersey; It has developed relationships for job placement throughout the region. Abilities Center SNJ provides CARF-accredited services. NISH affiliate (2009) Ticket-to-work provider
  11. 11. :Program Highlights ’s skilled, experienced staff is qualified to meetvocational rehabilitation services for veterans who live in southern NewJersey; may launch a secure web site for veterans as aregional resource among the eight counties of southern New Jersey;Advisory board for will include local members ofveterans’ fraternal organizations.Vocational rehabilitation services will be customized to Veterans Affairs’requirements;Vocational evaluation services may be short-term or long-term, on site atCenter or mobile locations in SJ convenient to the veteran;Access to Abilities Center’s network of community partners to meetveterans’ preferences for training and job placement in southern NewJersey, making it possible to say
  12. 12. Meeting Needs of Veterans:PTSD, TBI and Mental Health Abilities Center SNJ, through is prepared to coordinate services to ensure veterans diagnosed with PTSD, TBI and mental health diagnosis receive appropriate services. Stigma and self-stigma are barriers to employment that SNJVeterans@Home seeks to overcome. can be part of an integrated system of care in which primary care providers, polytrauma specialists, Abilities Center’s vocational rehabilitation specialists, and mental health clinicians work together.
  13. 13. Coordination of Services withPhiladelphia’s Regional VA Center of SNJ may complement or replicate, as required, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service Division (VR&E) within the VBA Regional Office (RO), including initial evaluation of the Veteran to determine his or her entitlement for these services and assistance and develops, in cooperation with the Veteran, an Individualized Written Plan of Services. (Determination of entitlement remains with VA.) Alternatively, Abilities Center is prepared to step in at various points congruous with VA Regional Office requirements. Rehabilitation plans may include all of the following, depending upon Regional VA requirements: Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plans (IWRP) that outlines training and job placement services needed to achieve employment goals; employment placement under an Individualized Employment Assistance Plan (IEAP); Individualized Extended Evaluation Plan (IEEP) to determine feasibility for employment.
  14. 14. :Connecting to other ServicesWith direction of the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs (Health andBenefits Administration) offices, Abilities Center , in addition tocurrent range of services, is prepared to facilitate veterans’participation in other programs, as indicated but not limited to:Compensated Work Therapy (CWT)REALifelinesTransitional Assistance ProgramComplementary services through county Veterans’ offices
  15. 15. :Referral to Evaluation INITIATE CONTACT • Coordinate with VA ancillary providers• Assign Abilities • SNJVeterans@Home • Meet at Center or Center/SNJ contacts veteran other location Veterans@Home • Ensure transport in • Evaluation (L or S) Specialist place or mobile contact to veteran’s location PROVIDES REFERRAL FROM SERVICES PHILADELPHIA VA
  16. 16. :Evaluation to Job Placement TRAINING • Regional• Short-term Employment• Long-term• On site or mobile. • Transitional. • Coordinated With Mobile Team Center-based Philadelphia VA Travels • Community • Follow-up As Throughout the Partners Indicated Region • Behavioral Health JOB PLACEMENT Partners As Needed & FOLLOW-UP EVALUATION
  17. 17. Welcoming veterans home – to South Jersey! 