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Weekly tarot zodiac predictions by monica renowned tarot reader 30 nov


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Published in: Spiritual
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Weekly tarot zodiac predictions by monica renowned tarot reader 30 nov

  1. 1. Weekly Tarot Zodiac Predictions By Monica Renowned Tarot Reader 30 Nov- 6 December 2015 Aries Some Failed Plans But With Systematic planning and organizations you will be able to gain some monetary benefits and some new ventures. Focus on Quality rather than quantity. its time to revisit your plans. Taurus Healthy competition is indicated, just improve your part rather than focusing on others faults and getting into depression mode. suggestion just have some time in nature walk, light some candles around and take things easy. Gemini You will fill content and enjoy the fruits of your efforts and hardwork. there would be someone who will strongly influence your life and decesions, you can head for their advice but follow your heart. Cancer Choice will put across you and you will feel stucked in decesions. take decesions wisely as they become base of your future. seek a senior advice. spend some time in healing to balance emotional turmoils in life. Leo Juggling between decesions and too much confusion will lead you nowhere. choose one path and follow to achieve success in your path. visit shani temple on saturdays and feed black dog every saturday for peace and good health Virgo Love and deep friendship is suggested in the cards, you may be entering into new relationships
  2. 2. or new love interest or may be bonding existing relations to new level. you might also get inclined towards some spiritual practices or healings this week. suggestion is to go for it. Libra Your Superego will not let you take right decesions, there are two parts in your personality head says something and heart says something. your current decesions will decide your victory or failure. karma balancing is happening so what ever you are doing give a thought and than take actions. you might create a mess in hassles. money loss is indicated. be careful. Visit Hanuman Temple on Tuesday Scorpio Do not loose hopes and do not give up. this week will be a week of satisfaction, peace, victory, events you will get all this if you keep yourself calm and composed. Worship Maa Durga. Sagitarius You will be winner in what ever you take, you know you are master of your work and no one can beat you so you are calm and at peace. just keep a check at people around you and do not let dominate you. Visit Hanuman Temple on saturdays. Capricorn Some thing will not go accordingly to your expectations but do not disheartened. you are lucky to good and supportive people around you. a new beginning is shown on cards. a new venture, new people all are indicated in the cards.
  3. 3. Aquarius Watch what you bring in life and what you give to others. little disappointments are shown in your life but be firm with the decesions. you need to be little careful on people who creates drama in life, who are depressing. draw a line whenever it is necessary and do not be a yes person. try to meditate and wear amethyst or protections crystals Pisces Don't be depressed over what you have not got. accept what universe is bringing to you and than you will find contentment and best things happening in your life. Love and Light Monica Agrawal The Tarot Queen Your Spiritual Guide 91-8826826749/ 91- 9810314351 Contact us personally for Paid Consultations Via contact form or Numbers Given