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  1. 1. APSMM06 – 1ST ASSIGNMENTPresentation By :Dolly H Awati(Mulund Centre – S13MMMMM01200)
  2. 2. A STUDY CONDUCTED BY EXPOIN – SOCIALMEDIA AND CONSULTING FIRM:Analyzed 20 Restaurant companies producing industries 100 most-engagingFace book posts in the second quarter based on the number oflikes, comments & shares. Taco Bell stood the clear leader for the period, though Dunkin’Donuts, McDonald’s, T he Cheesecake Factory and Starbucks Coffee also had multiple posts rise toward the top of the list.
  3. 3. TACO BELLS’S CONNECTIVITY WITH USERS:Inspite of having minimal Marketing Budget Taco Bell stood successful indrawing long lasting impression on Face book and got connected with itsusers.Their Facebook pages should found a unique ways to connect with their fans.Each of these pages has a strong sense of brand identity, as well as a goodunderstanding of the target audience.Their Facebook pages today show how they have adapted to the digital age ofmarketing.Discovering how to reach and connect with a target audience through socialmedia was there key to success.
  4. 4. Restaurant Social Media Index produced by Nation’s Restaurant News and Digital Co.Expion found that fewer than 20 of the 100 most engaging Facebook posts fromthe second quarter featured straight-up promotions such as buy-one-get-oneoffers, discounts, sweepstakes or contests.Expion says restaurant chains are now breaking through to Facebookusers with their postsSocial-media software and analytics firm Expion ranked restaurant brandsFacebook posts from the second quarter by the amount of fancomments, likes and shares, yielding a big win for Taco Bell, which had 18of the 100 most-engaging posts. Below are highlights from the summers topperformers
  5. 5. A PICTURE WORTH OF THOUSAND’S LIKEThe most engaging post overall, from Taco Bell on May 23, was a post in support of thechain’s philanthropic effort aimed at preventing teens from dropping out of highschool, Graduate to Go. The post received more than 87,000 likes and 522comments. Rank: 1 Taco Bell — May 23 87,358 likes, 522 comments "Did you know that 1 in 3 teens drop out of high school every year? For every like on this post, Taco Bell will donate $5 to Graduate to Go to help more teens graduate high school. Up to $1 million!"
  6. 6. Rank: 3 Rank: 4Rank: 2 Buffalo Wild Starbucks Coffee Rank: 6Pizza Hut — June 25 Krispy Kreme — June 22 Wings — June 27 — May 2662,661 likes, 6,725 comments 59,198 59,862 likes, 813 39,358 likes, 1,585"Amazing has arrived! Garlic Bread likes, 2,203 comments commentsPizza — hot melted cheese and pizza comments "Nothing like "Dreaming of doughnuts? Sotoppings on thick buttery garlic bread. "Who could use a spending the are we."Why didnt we think of this before?!? drink right about weekend with the now?" family!" Rank: 12 Rank: 8 The Cheesecake Factory Rank: 29 Dunkin Donuts — Rank: 10 — June 29 Dominos Pizza — June 26 June 26 Applebees — 29,543 likes, 5,232 19,764 likes, 685 35,703 likes, 3,026 June 22 comments comments comments 36,022 likes, 570 "Type Happy below if a "BEST. THING. EVER. “Wish a Boston comments slice of this on a Friday LIKE if you could use a Kreme donut would "Like this if you makes you smile! poolside pizza right now." land on your desk?" could use one of [Chocolate Mousse these today." Cheesecake]"
  7. 7. LIKES Taco Bell- 87,358 Pizza Hut- 62,661 Buffalo Wild Wings- 59198 Starbucks Coffee- 59862 Krispy Kreme-39358 Dunkin Donuts-35073 Applebees-36022 Cheesecake Fctory- 29543 Dominos Pizza-19764
  8. 8. FACEBOOK – TIMELINE FORMATThe Timeline format introduced by Facebook for all individual and brandpages have changed the ways brands talk on the social network to getengagement.Brands now started using more pictures to leverage Timeline’s visual-heavyfocus, which has affected the kind of language restaurant chains use.95% of the top 100 posts have an interesting photo, and it isn’t necessarilystudio photography
  9. 9. VISUAL ENGAGEMENTSavvy chains like Taco Bell were using mix of professional food shots andlocal-store shots [from consumers].” As such combinations are more sociableand interesting. If Taco Bell simply posted a photo of the American flag, it would not have resonated quite as well as this imaginative visual display
  10. 10. TACO BELL – UNIQUE & INTERESTING Taco Bell’s each strategy is well suited with the brand, its image, and its message Someone coming to Taco Bell, is very well aware that they are relating to a brand which always have something unique and interesting to convey and visualize.
  11. 11. Expion found that fewer than 20 of the 100 most engaging Facebook posts fromthe second quarter featured straight-up promotions such as buy-one-get-oneoffers, discounts, sweepstakes or contests.Few promotional posts, nearly all asked the user to first like the brand’sFacebook page, thus ensuring ongoing communication between therestaurant and the customer.The majority of engaging posts in this second-quarter study resulted frombrands talking about points of differentiation in their menus or theirpositioning, just without an incentive to buy, such as a discount.