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Lifestyle After Breast Cancer


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Life after Breast Cancer can be amazing. How can you stay healthy, sexy and happy after breast cancer?

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Lifestyle After Breast Cancer

  1. 1. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  2. 2. AWAREmedHealth andWellnessResource Center Lifestyle after Breast Cancer Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  3. 3. Us:At AWAREmed in MyrtleBeach, SC we believe inevery aspect of healthincluding mental and spiritualhealth. Information aboutmeditation, Tai Chi, prayingand the overall lifestylechanges of how it will beafter having breast cancerwill be provided in this PowerPoint. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  4. 4. Lifestyle after Breast Cancer So now you went through all the different treatments and emotional, physical and mental draining. Now how do you deal coping with the aftermath? There are so many questions and concerns on how to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent this from coming back. AWAREmed is here to help you with your questions and distresses by starting with this blog. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  5. 5. do I do now that I had breast cancer?  Make sure to keep at a healthy weight!  Women who have gained weight have a higher risk of dying than women who have maintained a healthy weight.  Physical activity is also important because it will help you strengthen your muscles, sleep better, relieve stress and most importantly feel healthier and better about yourself.  It lowers your estrogen levels and helps the healthy cells that attack tumors.  You can do this by: lifting weights as in free weights or different machines. You can also make it more fun by taking exercise classes including: zumba, yoga, pilates and spinning. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  6. 6. What do I do now that I have breast cancer? Avoid alcohol! Keep drinking alcohol to the minimum. Preferably less than one drink per day. Studies have shown that women who drink moderate to heavy amounts are at higher risk of developing breast cancer. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  7. 7. What if I get Breast Cancer Back? Have regular screenings to make sure it didn’t come back unnoticed. It is less likely for breast cancer to occur if it was small and found early on. Also if you have lived 5 to 10 years after it without getting the symptoms/reoccurrence again. Find support groups, local groups or hotlines of women that are going through the same situation you are and you will be able to find new advice and tips from them Remember that you are not alone! Have a close relative or friend help you do the dirty work of making doctor appointments, figuring out your medical bills and help you learn and figure out the best option to take. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  8. 8. that I had Breast Cancer,How is this going to affect my sex life?o Many women go through a depression about theirbody after having breast cancer. Many claim thatthey don’t “feel” like they are a woman anymore.This has caused women to feel emotionless ordepressed, unattractive, and have a loss of desireto have sex.o Communication is the most important part ofreconnecting with your partner. Make sure yourpartner eases into this and understands yourinsecurities. Both of you should discuss ways toimprove it. Going to see couple counseling is also agood way to get back in the swing of things. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  9. 9. I Still Have a Baby After Having Breast Cancer? o Some people get a little uneasy with this topic because during pregnancy a woman’s body is raging with hormones. o However; many studies have compared women that have had children after breast cancer compared to women who have not and they have found that the women who have, have a better survival rate. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  10. 10. I Still Have a Baby AfterHaving Breast Cancer?o Many women are concerned that they willpass on their genes or will get breast canceragain and not be able to raise their child. Thereare certain times to be able to have childrenbased on if you are still going throughtreatments. Talk to your doctor and see what isrecommended.o But as long as you are ready and understandthe risks and are thoroughly checked by yourdoctor, there should no restrictions not too. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  11. 11. What are different holistic ways to help improve my quality of life? Meditation is a practice that centers on the mind by focusing on one specific thing and clearing your mind from everything else. This can happen through focusing on the body, saying different phrases or words, and most importantly, focus on the breathing technique. Mediation will help you: focus effectively, sleep better, reduce stress, and overall make you a happier person. A study was shown over 90 cancer patients that did a meditation class and almost all of them had shown results of lower stress levels and an improvement of their moods. It is also proven in studies that if meditation is practiced over a long period of time, it may be able to produce long term effects on positive mood changes. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  12. 12. are different holistic ways to help improve my quality of life?  Tai Chi is a combination of mediation and breathing techniques that is sometimes known as "moving meditation.“  Many people believe that by performing tai chi, it prevents the flow of qi from being blocked.  Qi is an essential energy that flows through the entire body.  Patients that perform this practice can increase their: balance, flexibility, function of their heart and lungs, strength and an overall sense of wellness.  Studies have shown that women with breast cancer that have practiced this a few times a week showed better lung function, strength, self esteem and overall quality of life. All of this is done by form, certain movements, and concentration Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  13. 13. Spirituality and Breast Cancero Spirituality is having faith in something that has a greaterpower than yourself.o This can be performed by praying, meditating andbelieving in a certain religion. Praying can reducesomeones stress, worries and anxieties but it can alsogive them hope and a reason to live.o Prayer has been an increasingly performed by peoplewith chronic illness and having cancer. Several studies haveshown that people with cancer were able to cope betterwith their illness and have a more positive outlook on it.o The studies that have been done specifically with breastcancer showed that after praying, women were lessdepressed and had a more positive outlook on themselves. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  14. 14. Spirituality and Breast Cancero What is the best way express my spirituality?oThis can be done by doing things outdoors andspending time with nature, helping others with tasks,having quiet time to yourself, meditating, going to achurch and worshiping, and going to local supportgroups of the same interest. Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  15. 15. at theAWAREmed Healthand WellnessResource Center, welike to “turn your lighton to disease”,creating awarenessinside and out! Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
  16. 16. the choice your body deserves andcontact AWAREmed Dr. Dalal Akouryto find out all that we 4710 Oleander Dr. have to offer! Myrtle Beach SC, 29577 (843)213-1480 Dr. Dalal Akoury Copyright ©
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