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Downs videoselectionrubric


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Downs videoselectionrubric

  1. 1. Video Selection RubricName:Morris, Dolly WalkerTitle of Video:Silent InvasionInternet address: Area Grade LevelScience – Ecosystems: Survival/Extinction 4th GradeBrief Description:This is an excellent video whose purpose is to identify silent “invasive” organisms/speciesof weeds & insects that destroy previously established native ecosystems. These invasivesare identified as the “new litter”, once a horrible problem in the U.S. Primary examples aregiven from preventive efforts in Oregon in the northwest U.S. However, the instances inOregon are traced across the ENTIRE United States for impact – and it is there! U.S. CustomsAgents are interviewed and they highlight how destructive species enter the United Statesvia air travel and U.S. ports. U.S. Forest & Parks biologists are interviewed. Cattle Ranchersin the western U.S. are interviewed. “Bio” controls are explained. “Regular” people “doingsomething” to help are showcased. Reverse global implications are also considered whenone U.S. biologist travels to China to work with biologists there to limit invasive species’impact on both continents. The video is one hour long & would best be used in segmentswith fourth graders; the teacher could easily accomplish this segmented approach becauseof the video layout & with preview.Georgia Performance Standard(s)*:* Video Support FocusFocus Standard(s):S4L1 Students will describe the roles of organisms and the flow of energy within an ecosystem.a. Identify the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers in a community.b. Demonstrate the flow of energy through a food web/food chain beginning with sunlight and including producers, consumers, and decomposers.c. Predict how changes in the environment would affect a community (ecosystem) of organisms.d. Predict effects on a population if some of the plants or animals in the community are scarce or if there are too many.S4L2 Students will identify factors that affect the survival or extinction of organisms such asadaptation, variation of behaviors (hibernation) and external features (camouflage andprotection).a. Identify external features of organisms that allow them to survive or reproduce better than other organisms that do not have these features. (e.g. camouflage, use of hibernation, protection, etc.)b. Identify factors that may have lead to the extinction of some organisms.Rate your video on the next page:
  2. 2. Use the descriptors on page 330 of your textbook to help you evaluate yourvideo with the following rubric. Type an “X” in each row to indicate your evaluationfor each rating area. Rating Area High Quality Medium Quality Low QualityAlignment withStandards XAccurate & Current XInformation (4/21/09)Age AppropriateLanguage XInterest Level &Engagement XTechnical Quality XEase of Use(student or teacher) XBias Free XPacing Appropriate XOrganization XThis rubric is adapted from the selection rubric on pages 329-330 of:Smaldino, S. E., Lowther, D. L., & Russell, J. D. (2008). Instructional technology and media for learning (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.