MGT 7999 Management Consultancy


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The course provides necessary knowledge and skill in client intervention and also management intervention process –an essential tools to undertaking any improving organizational strategy which is a part of the graduate programme

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MGT 7999 Management Consultancy

  1. 1. SEMINAR ONMANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY DBA 7770 Doctor of Business Administration Graduate School of Management 14th January 2012 Dr Dolhadi Zainudin
  2. 2. POLICIES
  3. 3.  Management Consultancy is compulsory for DBA students. Passing the course is a requirement for research work registration and graduation.
  4. 4. REGISTRATION Register and submit the form together with the Management Consultancy pre-requisites form At least 2 months prior to the first week of the semester that the student intended to conduct the consultancy work.
  5. 5.  Following the registration, the student will have to search for a company and prepare the proposal for the consultancy work. A student who is remunerated under a consultancy services is required to contribute 20 percent of the total consultancy fees to GSM as stipulated in the IIUM consultancy policies.
  6. 6. SUPERVISION GSM shall recommend the appointment of a supervisor for a student upon registration for consultancy research. student may nominate suitable faculty member to be the supervisor.
  7. 7. ELIGIBILITY  Student has CGPA of 3.0 or higher  Student has completed at least 75.0% of coursework or minimum of 27 credit hours  Student has no outstanding incomplete grades  Student is not on academic /disciplinary probation
  8. 8. FINAL EVALUATION Pass without revision Pass with minor revisions to be completed in one (1) week Pass with major revisions to be completed in one (1) month Failure –repeat the course
  9. 9. PERFOMANCE OF CONSULTANCY SERVICES  Adhere to the time frame stated in the course outline, should a longer duration is necessary to complete the project,, the approval of the Committee Members or Director of GSM is required.  Show constant high self-discipline and conduct that truly represents the disposition of a IIUM student.  Abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organization.  Act at all times so as to protect the interests of the IIUM.
  10. 10. CONFIDENTIALITY All DBA students are required to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement
  11. 11. DIPUTE AND TERMINATION  All disputes, controversies or differences shall be settled through mutual discussion.  In the event any such disputes, difference or question that cannot be resolved, it shall be referred to a panel of arbitrators agreed upon all parties concerned.  In the event where the student fails and/or neglects, or persistently fails and/or neglects to undertake his/her scope of work in professional and timely manner, the director of GSM may terminate the consultancy work.  Unless proven otherwise, the student may be subjected to a disciplinary action under the IIUM (DISCIPLINE of STUDENT 2004)
  13. 13. INTRODUCTION Using the action research methodology, management consultancy provides an avenue for students to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained from other DBA courses. A key objective of the course is to develop client and management intervention for chosen organizations.
  14. 14. Week 1 Seminar Topics on :- The nature of consulting Industry The consultant’s toolkits The consultant’s role in organizations Achieving results, client interventions The profession of management consultant Venue: GSM
  15. 15. Week 1 Consulting Applications Activity : Student present on the outcome of the proposal development and phase of client engagement in the consultancy project Venue: GSM (First evaluation by the committee)
  16. 16. WEEK 5 & 6Consulting Applications Activity: Project outcome progress based on accepted client engagement proposal Venue : Client’s office (Supervisor)
  17. 17. WEEK 9 & 10Consulting Applications Activity: Students present the progress in the consultancy project. Submission of Client Reports and Project Review Venue: Client’s Office (Second evaluation by the Committees and Clients)
  18. 18. WEEK 13Final EvaluationActivity: Students submit a ring binded copy for evaluation. Submit 4 copies to GSM. Venue: GSM (Final evaluation)
  19. 19. WEEK 14Final EvaluationActivity: Students present the outcome of the project and client acceptance. Amendment of reports should be based on deliberation of Committees and Client. Venue: GSM (Final evaluation)
  20. 20. WEEK 15Submission of Final ReportActivity: Students submit a hard bound copy Note: Upon notification and acceptance by the course coordinator for hard bound copy submission based on amendments of report after being commented during the final evaluation.
  21. 21. COURSE ASSESSMENT Method Proposal Preparation and Presentation Pass/Fail Client Reports and Project Reviews Pass/Fail Final Evaluation  Report Submission As stipulated in the  Report Presentation policies, item 5.2
  22. 22. THANK YOU