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Lean staffing


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Hiring and Managing Innovative, Passionate Employees in a Continuously Evolving Market - Note, I typically pick from these slides (not all) for a presentation

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Lean staffing

  1. 1. Lean  Staffing   Hiring  and  Managing  Innova>ve,  Passionate   Employees  in  a  Con>nuously  Evolving  Market   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  2. 2. Your  Most  Cri>cal  Resource   “The  most  important  factor  in        so0ware  work  is  not  the  tools  and        techniques  used  by  the        programmers,  but  rather  the  quality        of  the  programmers  themselves.1”   “The  best  programmers  are   up  to  28  Emes  beFer  than   the  worst  Programmers.1”   1.  Facts  1  &  2  from  Facts  and  Fallacies  of  So0ware  Engineers  –  Robert  L.  Glass   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  3. 3. Lean Staffing Hiring Your Most Valuable Resources Hire  for  Tomorrow  not  Today   •  The  top  10  in-­‐demand  jobs  in  2010     did  not  exist  in  2004   “Did You Know? Shift Happens (August 2011)“ Skills  vs  Curiosity  &  Passion   •  "CQ  +  PQ  >  IQ”     Curiosity  &  Passion  Quo4ents     are  more  important  than     Intelligence  Quo4ent    Thomas  Friedman,  The  World  is  Flat   ARtude  MaSers   •  “It  is  not  their  ap4tude      but  their  aCtude      that  will  determine  their  al4tude.”   Jesse  Jackson,  Washington  Post  21  May  1978   Would  you  hire  a  structural,  chemical  or  electrical  engineer  for  a  so=ware  job?    We  did.   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  4. 4. Hiring  a  Lean  Mindset  -­‐  i  Six  Sigma  Mike  Thelen  –  2/8/2012   hIp://­‐a-­‐lean-­‐mindset     “Lean  is  a  simple  concept,  yet  it  can  be   difficult  for  management  to  fully   grasp.  It  requires  a  significant  change   in  paIerns  of  thought.   To  accomplish  this  goal,  an   organizaSon  o=en  has  to  change  the   way  it  hires  individuals."1   1.  hIp://­‐a-­‐lean-­‐mindset     Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  5. 5. Hiring Open Minds Hire  people  that  can   let  go  of  the  past,     embrace  change.   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  6. 6. Hire  Rock  Stars   •  Not  just  one,  but  everyone   •  It  becomes  self-­‐perpetua>ng.     People  come  to  IMVU  because     they  want  to  work  with  rock  stars   •  "Our  deepest  fear  is  not  that  we  are  inadequate.  Our  deepest  fear  is   that  we  are  powerful  beyond  measure.  It  is  our  light,  not  our  darkness,   that  most  frightens  us.  Your  playing  small  does  not  serve  the  world.  There   is  nothing  enlightened  about  shrinking  so  that  other  people  won't  feel   insecure  around  you.  We  are  all  meant  to  shine  as  children  do.  It's  not   just  in  some  of  us;  it  is  in  everyone.  And  as  we  let  our  own  lights  shine,   we  unconsciously  give  other  people  permission  to  do  the  same.  As  we  are   liberated  from  our  own  fear,  our  presence  automaEcally  liberates   others."               -­‐  Quoted  in  the  movies  Coach  Carter  and  Akeelah  and  the  Bee,  and  o=en  aIributed  to  Nelson  Mandela  who  used  it  in  his  1994   Inaugural  Speech.  It's  actually  from  Marianne  Williamson's  book  A  Return  to  Love  -­‐  ReflecSons  on  the  Principles  in  A  Course  in   Miracles  (Chapter  7,  SecSon  3,  Page  165).   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  7. 7. Hire  &  Foster   The  “Right”  Mindset   Growth  Mindset:   •  Embraces  challenges   •  Persists  in  the  face  of   setbacks   •  Sees  effort  as  the  path  to   mastery   •  Learns  from  CriScism   •  Finds  lessons  and   inspiraSon  in  the  success   of  others   It  can  be  insSlled   Carol  Dweck,  Mindset:  The  New  Psychology  of  Success   Stanford,  Department  of  Psychology   hIps://     Wise  Yoda  (detail)Yoda  Fountain  at  the  entrance  of  the  Lucasfilm  offices     at  the  LeWerman  Digital  Arts  Center  Some  rights  reserved  by  miss_millions   Michael  Jordan  "Failure"  Nike  Commercial  hIp://   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  8. 8. Passion  MaSers   Hiring  the  “Right”  Mindset   • Passion  v  Skills?   Adversity  Quo>ent®  1   Global  |  Good  |  Grit   People  who  successfully  apply  AQ     perform  opSmally  in  the  face  of   adversity.     The  AQ  Profile  and  the  3G  Panorama   predict  how  well  an  applicant  will   perform  on  the  job1   James  Reed  and  Paul  G.  Stoltz   “Put  Your  Mindset  to  Work”   Global:   The  openness  and  big-­‐ picture  perspec>ve  to   compete  on  a  global   scale  in  any  job.   Good:     A  posi>ve  force  with   unwavering  moral   compass.   Grit:   The  tenacity  and   resilience  to  thrive  on   adversity.   hIp://­‐mindset.php   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  9. 9. To  Climb  Trees,  Hire  Monkeys   To  Swim  Up  Streams,  Hire  Fish   If  you  want  to  innovate,     hire  folks  with  innova>ve  mindsets…   "Everyone  is  a  genius  but  if  you  judge  a  fish  by  its  ability  to  climb  a  tree  it  will  spend  its  whole  life  believing  it  is  stupid."  –  Albert  Einstein   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  10. 10. The  Apple  Approach   Hire,  keep  people  that  know  what’s  right.   “A  lot  of  Smes,  people  don't  know  what   they  want  unSl  you  show  it  to  them.     That's  why  a  lot  of  people  at  Apple  get   paid  a  lot  of  money,  because  they're   supposed  to  be  on  top  of  these  things.1”   1.  hIp://     Henry  Ford:  “If  I  had  asked  people  what  they  wanted,  they  would  have  said  faster  horses.”   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  11. 11. Don’t  stop                                    at  Hiring   Invest  in  spinning  up   At  IMVU,  we  dedicate  a  mentor  to   every  new  engineer  that  will  sit  next   to  them  and  spend  6  weeks  spinning   them  up  according  to  a  boot  camp   guide  -­‐  including  a  day-­‐one  push  of  a   change  to  producSon.   Spinning  Marathon  voor  WAR  CHILD  -­‐  Some  rights  reserved  By  isafmedia  (cropped)   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  12. 12. Reward Risk-Takers A Healthy Mindset: Failure is OK Michael  Jordan:   “I've  missed  more  than  9000  shots  in  my  career.        I've  lost  almost  300  games.        26  >mes,  I've  been  trusted  to  take  the  game  winning  shot  and  missed.        I've  failed  over  and  over  and  over  again  in  my  life.        And  that  is  why  I  succeed.”   Michael  Jordan  "Failure"  Nike  Commercial  hFp://   Michael  Jordan  statue  -­‐    Some  rights  reserved  by  Esparta     Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  13. 13. Mindset:  It’s  OK  to  be  Wrong   “TrusSng  too  much  in  feeling  you  are  on  the  right  side  of  anything  can  be  dangerous.”   Saint  AugusSne   (1200  years  before  Descartes)     “Fallor  ergo  sum”   I  err  therefore  I  am   hFp://   hFp://   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  14. 14. How  to  Mo>vate   Dan  Pink:  The  surprising  truth  about  what  moSvates  us   It’s  not  about  the  $   hIp://   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  15. 15. Achievable  Challenges   •  Engineers  can  be   inspired  to  reach  for   achievable  challenges   they  believe  in.   •  Solving  tough  problems   can  be  rewarding,  but   even  rescue  dogs  needs   to  find  an  occasional   survivor. Sl_when_dogs_were_searching_the_rubble_a=er_911   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  16. 16. A  sustainable  work  pace   gets  you  to  the  top.   Chris  D.  2001  Climb  for  CARE:  hIp://     Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  17. 17. Believing  Makes  the  Impossible  Possible   How  could  a  team  that’s   never  competed  before   almost  defeat  last  year’s   naSonal  champions?   Blank-­‐slate  new  players   not  burdened  by   convenSonal  thoughts   on  what  could  and   couldn’t  work  allowed   unexpected  offense  and   defense  tacScs  to   completely  throw  the   experienced  players  off   their  game.   Photo  by  Chris  Dolezalek  from  1989  UlSmate   World  Championships.  Leuven  Belgium.   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  18. 18. It’s  About  the  People   Some  of  these  “new”  ideas  have  been  around  for  a  while     “The  major  problems  of  our  work  are        not  so  much  technological  as  sociological  in  nature”.   PeopleWare,  Tom  DeMarco  &  Timothy  Lister  originally  published  in  1987   “By  and  large,  cost-­‐effecSve  informaSon  technology  (IT)   management  is  more  about  people,  personal   relaSonships,  and  corporate  culture  than  it  is  about  the   technology  itself.  Simply  put,  IT  doesn’t  work  if  you  are   surrounded  by  bad  people  and  stupid  processes  in  a   deranged  corporate  culture.  “   IT’s  All  About  People,  Stephen  J.  Andriole  (October  21,  2011)   hIp://­‐ProducSve-­‐Projects-­‐Teams-­‐Second/dp/0932633439/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1319495839&sr=1-­‐1#_      hIp://­‐J.-­‐Andriole/e/B001JP48LW/ref=nI_athr_dp_pel_1   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  19. 19. Educa>onal  Background   How  will  what  an  employee  knows  today  benefit  you  tomorrow?   •  If  you’re  one  in  a  million  in  China,  there  are  1,300  people  like  you   •  India  has  more  honors  students  than  the  US  has  students   •  College  students  are  preparing  for  jobs  that  don’t  exist  yet   Did  You  Know:  hIp://   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  20. 20. Happiness  Inspires  Produc>vity   Shawn  Achor:  The  happy  secret  to  beSer  work   We  believe  that  we  should  work  to  be  happy,  but  could  that  be   backwards?     Psychologist  Shawn  Achor  argues  that  actually  happiness   inspires  produc>vity.   Abraham  Lincoln:  “Most  people  are  about  as  happy  as  they  make  up  their  minds  to  be.”     Eleanor  Roosevelt:  “No  one  can  make  you  feel  inferior  without  your  consent.”   Think  about  what  characterisSc  is  shared  among  the  most   producSve  employees  you  have  ever  worked  with…     Could  it  be  that  it  is  that  they  are  happy?   hIp://   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  21. 21. Why  Leaders  Succeed,  Bosses  Fail   Differences  Between   a  Boss  &  a  Leader   Drives  employees   …  Coaches  them   Depends  on  authority   …  On  goodwill   Inspires  fear   …  Generates  enthusiasm   Says,  “I”   …  Says,  “We”   Places  blame  for   …  Fixes  the  breakdown   breakdown   Knows  how  it  is  done   …  Shows  how  it  is  done   Uses  people   …  Develops  people   Forbes: Entrepreneurs My Boss is a Jerk! Three Reasons Why Leaders Succeed and Bosses Fail Alan  Hall  -­‐  4/05/2013 Business Examiner What is Leadership? Stephanie Schramm - 11/2012 Takes  credit   …  Gives  credit   What-is-Leadership-It-is-more-than-just-being-the-boss Commands   …  Asks   Says,  “Go”   …  Says  “let’s  go”   Courtesy   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  22. 22. Lao  Tzu  on  Leadership   太上,下知有之;其次,親而譽之;其次,畏之;其次,侮之。信不足, 焉有不信焉。悠兮,其貴言。功成事遂,百姓皆謂我自然   Tao  Te  Ching  by  Lao  Tzu  as  translated  by  Stephen  Mitchell  Chapter  17   When  the  master  governs,     the  people  are  hardly  aware  that  he  exists.   Next  best,  is  a  leader  who  is  loved.   Next,  one  who  is  feared.   The  worst  is  one  who  is  despised.   If  you  don't  trust  the  people,  you  make  them  untrustworthy.   The  master  doesn't  talk;  he  acts.   When  his  work  is  done,  the  people  say:       "Amazing!  We  did  it,  all  by  ourselves."   The background image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired. This applies to Australia, the European Union and those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 70 years. Laozi  Riding  and  Ox,  hanging  scroll,  light  color  on  paper,  101.5  x  55.3  cm.  Located  at  the  NaSonal  Palace  Museum.  Laozi  is  carrying  a  copy  of  the  Dao  De  Jing.     中文:  畫老子騎牛  -­‐  立軸  -­‐  紙本淺設色  纵101.5厘米  横55.3厘米  中国國立故宮博物院.老子手拿《道德經》 Chris Dolezalek  -­‐  -22013 Chris   Dolezalek 013  
  23. 23. Effec>ve  Leadership   “A  leader  brings  people  where  they  want  to  go.    A  great  leader  brings  people  where  they  ought   to  go  but  may  not  be  want  to  go."   -­‐  Rosalyn  Carter   ”An  effecEve  leader  helps  people  discover  their   own  desire  to  go  where  they  ought  to  go."   -­‐  Chris  Dolezalek   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  24. 24. From Engineer to Manager Promoting from within Promo>ng  from  within   •  Employees  feel  valued  and  see  a  possible  future  within.   Paradigm  Ship  in  Skills  Needed   •  •  •  Engineers  loving  solving  problems.  Managers  need  to   solve  problems.   However,  there  are  fundamental  differences  between   technical  problems  verses  business  and  people  problems.   In  order  for  the  transi>on  to  be  successful,  mentoring   from  an  experienced  manager  is  needed.     LeRng  Go   •  •  It  can  be  hard  to  let  go  of  your  favorite  thing/ac>vity.   Trick  lesson:   As  we  assign  you  management  tasks,     you’ll  need  to  let  go  of  some  things  to  have  enough  bandwidth…   Think  about  it  over  the  weekend  and  get  back  to  me  on  Monday  about   what  you  most  want  to  hold  onto…   Have  you  decided?   Ok,  that’s  what  I’m  asking  you  to  let  go.   This  can  teach  us  whether  we  are  ready  for  the  transi>on  and  whether   we  can  help  someone  else  be  successful  with  our  baby…   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  25. 25. 5  Whys     Help  Employees  Turn  Losses  into  Wins   1.  Why  did  the  server  grind  to  a  halt?   DB  query  took  forever.   2.  Why  did  the  query  take  so  long?   Un-­‐indexed  query  on  large  table.   3.  Why  didn’t  the  engineer  realize  the  query  would  be  slow?   Local  tests  ran  fine  against  a  small  test  db.   4.  Why  didn’t  the  engineer  know  to  run  a  “explain”  against  produc4on?   It  was  his  first  database  change  as  a  new  hire.   5.  Why  did  his  mentor  not  tell  him?   The  mentor  had  le=  for  the  day.   6.  Why  did  the  new  hire  not  know  to  only  check-­‐in  with  mentor?     This  was  the  first  mentee  for  that  mentor  and  he  hadn’t  told  him.       Follow-­‐Up  1)  Update  Spin-­‐Up  Doc  for  Mentor  and  Mentee  to  start  with  a  clear   statement  that  mentee  should  not  check  into  producSon  without  mentor  or   without  having  reached  that  stage.   Follow-­‐Up  2)  Add  notes  to  DB  Query  secSon  of  spin-­‐up  doc  on  use  of  “try”   Post-­‐Mortems  =  Teachable  Moments  ;  Fix  what  needs  fixing   QuesSon  mark  sign  photo  by  Colin_K  on  Flickr   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  26. 26. Innova>ve  People  MaSer   Ten  Faces  of  InnovaSon   •  Learning  Persons   •  Building  Personas   – Anthropologist   – Experience  Architect   – Experimenter   – Set  Designer   – Cross-­‐Pollinator   – Storyteller   •  Organizing  Personas   – Caregiver   – Hurdler   – Collaborator   – Director   The  Ten  Faces  of  Innova>on  by  Thomas  Kelley  &  Jonathan  LiSman­‐ten-­‐faces-­‐of-­‐innova>on/id421032598?mt=11   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  27. 27.   managing Your Most Valuable Resource What  makes  for  the  most  producSve  employee?   •  Support  your  team   Happiness  /  Passion     Perspec>ve:  Managers  work  for  the  engineers  to  enable  them  to  be  produc>ve   •  Sell  vs  Tell  =  No  show,  No  go   •  Be  Transparent  &  Invite  Challenges   •  Let  them  pick  their  team  &  project   LiIle  startups/laboratories   •  Let  them  Hack   Hack  weeks  once  a  quarter   •  Let  them  experiment   •  Let  them  choose  their  tools   •  Let  them  determine  when  done  is   Story  Point  Sizing   •  Keep  teams  small,  agile  and  fun   (BVSN  5  man  teams  vs  whole  companies)   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  28. 28.   Suppor>ng  Your  Most  Valuable  Resources Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  29. 29. Sell  vs  Tell get buy-in and win engagement   Sell  verses  Tell   If  you  tell  employees  what  to  do,  you’ll   rarely  get  more  than  what  you  ask  for.     If  you  help  them  understand  why  what   they  are  about  to  do  can  make  a   difference  and  let  them  parScipate  in   determining  and  arriving  at  the   ulSmate  objecSves,  you  may  well   discover  that  greater  engagement  can   result  in  outcomes  that  exceed  your   iniSal  expectaSons…   a.k.a.  No  Show,  No  Go     Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  30. 30. Be  Transparent   Be  Transparent  &  Invite  Challenges   Share  business  objec>ves   Share  business  and  board  mee>ng  notes  as  well   as  financials  and  how  we’re  doing  against  goals.   Reward  those  who  ques>ons  them   Recognize  and  praise  those  that  challenge.   5  Whys  in  one-­‐on-­‐ones   Ask  individuals  to  get  to  root  cause  of  why  and   how  what  they  are  working  on  relates  to   company  objec>ves.   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  31. 31.   managing Your Most Valuable Resource What  makes  for  the  most  producSve  employee?   Happiness  /  Passion   Support  your  team   Sell  vs  Tell  =  No  show,  No  go   Be  Transparent  &  Invite  Challenges   Let  them  pick  their  team  &  project   LiIle  startups/laboratories   •  Let  them  Hack   •  •  •  •  Hack  weeks  once  a  quarter   •  Let  them  experiment   •  Let  them  choose  their  tools   •  Let  them  determine  when  done  is   Story  Point  Sizing   •  Keep  teams  small,  agile  and  fun   (BVSN  5  man  teams  vs  whole  companies)   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  32. 32. Hack  Weeks   @IMVU  &  @Yahoo   Cross  FuncSonal  Teams   Hack  Weeks  vs  Hack  Days   Inspires  InnovaSon  and  CollaboraSon   Sell  to  Business  at  End  for  Further  Funding   Reinforce  Mindset  of  Thinking  About  Business  ObjecSves   Creates  BeIer  Awareness  of  Life  Cycle  and  Process  for  a  Project     Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  33. 33. Experiment  as   individuals  but   also  as  teams   5  Teams   5  Different   Processes   IMVU  conSnually  runs  process  experiments  as  a  way  to  improve  our   processes  and  to  avoid  falling  into  dysfuncSonal  rouSnes.   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  34. 34.   managing Your Most Valuable Resource What  makes  for  the  most  producSve  employee?   Happiness  /  Passion   •  •  •  •  Support  your  team   Sell  vs  Tell  =  No  show,  No  go   Be  Transparent  &  Invite  Challenges   Let  them  pick  their  team  &  project   LiIle  startups/laboratories   •  Let  them  Hack   Hack  weeks  once  a  quarter   •  Let  them  experiment   •  Let  them  choose  their  processes  and  tools   Whether  for  how  to  develop  code,  track  sprints,  or  whatever   •  Let  them  determine  when  done  is   Story  Point  Sizing   •  Keep  teams  small,  agile  and  fun   (BVSN  5  man  teams  vs  whole  companies)   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  35. 35. Story  Point  Team-­‐Sizing   As  the  team  is  sizing  tasks,  have  them  vote…   •  Everyone  pays  aIenSon   •  Outliers  call  out  otherwise  missed   opSmizaSons  and/or  hurdles   •  Results  in  greater  accuracy   •  See  also  :   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  36. 36.   managing Your Most Valuable Resource What  makes  for  the  most  producSve  employee?   Happiness  /  Passion   •  •  •  •  Support  your  team   Sell  vs  Tell  =  No  show,  No  go   Be  Transparent  &  Invite  Challenges   Let  them  pick  their  team  &  project   LiIle  startups/laboratories   •  Let  them  Hack   Hack  weeks  once  a  quarter   •  Let  them  experiment   •  Let  them  choose  their  tools   •  Let  them  determine  when  done  is   Story  Point  Sizing   •  Keep  teams  small,  agile  and  fun   (BVSN  5  man  teams  vs  whole  companies)   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  37. 37. Team  Size  and  n!   •  The  number  of  relaSonships  goes  up  as  n!     (n-­‐factorial)   •  Once  a  team  reaches  8,  there  is  diminishing   return  on  adding  more  people…   •  A  team  of  less  than  4-­‐5  typically  incurs   relaSvely  high  overhead  costs…   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  38. 38. EQ  –  Emo>onal  Quo>ent   In  the  business  environment,   EmoSonal  QuoSent  is   important  because  it  helps  you   leverage  your  awareness  of   emoSons  for  effecSveness  in   the  workplace.   EmoSonal  QuoSent  is  the  ability  to  sense,  understand   and  effecSvely  apply  the  power  and  acumen  of   emoSons  to  facilitate  high  levels  of  collaboraSon  and   producSvity.   hIp://disc-­‐­‐quoSent       Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  39. 39. Learn  from  Cri>cism   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  40. 40. Five  Team  Dysfunc>ons   When  you  give  this   book  to  your  team,   don’t  forget  to  also   give  them  a  mirror…   hIp://­‐five-­‐dysfuncSons-­‐of-­‐a-­‐team     hIp://­‐lencioni     hIp://     Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  41. 41. Google’s  Rules  for  Managers   To  engineer  beIer  managers,  Google  poured  over  performance  reviews,  feedback   surveys  and  award  nominaSons,  correlaSng  words  and  phrases  as  only  a  data-­‐ driven  company  like  it  can  do.  Here  is  an  edited  list  of  the  direcSves  it  produced-­‐ in  order  of  importance-­‐  as  well  as  a  few  management  pi}alls  it  found.   Eight  Good  Behaviors   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Be  a  good  coach.   Empower  your  team  and  don't  micromanage.   Express  interest  in  team  members's  success  and  personal  well-­‐being.   Don't  be  a  sissy:  Be  producSve  and  results-­‐oriented.   Be  a  good  communicator  and  listen  to  your  team.   Help  your  employees  with  career  development.   Have  a  clear  vision  and  strategy  for  the  team.   Have  key  technical  skills  so  you  can  help  advise  the  team.   Three  Pizalls  of  Managers   1.  Have  trouble  making  a  transiSon  to  the  team.   2.  Lack  a  consistent  approach  to  performance  management  and  career  development.   3.  Spend  too  liIle  Sme  managing  and  communicaSng.   Dan  Erwin  Career  Development  Blog:  hIp://­‐wants-­‐to-­‐build-­‐a-­‐beIer-­‐boss.html   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  42. 42. Lean-­‐Staffing  -­‐  References  &  Other  Links   •  Carol  Dweck,  Mindset:  The  New  Psychology  of  Success   hIp://­‐Psychology-­‐Success-­‐Carol-­‐Dweck/dp/0345472322/ref=sr_1_1? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318359458&sr=1-­‐1   hIp://   hIp://   hIps://   •  Did  You  Know  (a.k.a  Shi=  Happens)  Blog  Post,  Slides,  Videos   hIp://   hIp://   •  Paul  Stoltz,  Peak  Learning     hIp://   –  Erik  Weihenmayer  &  Paul  Stoltz,  The  Adversity  Advantage   hIp://­‐adversity-­‐advantage/id381515439?mt=11   hIp://­‐Advantage-­‐Everyday-­‐Struggles-­‐Greatness/dp/1439199493/ref=sr_1_1? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318360603&sr=1-­‐1   –  Paul  Stoltz,  Adversity  QuoSent  at  Work   hIp://­‐quoSent-­‐work/id385756581?mt=11   hIp://­‐QuoSent-­‐Work-­‐Finding-­‐Capacity/dp/0060937211/ref=sr_1_sc_1? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318360551&sr=1-­‐1-­‐spell   •  Michael  Jordan,  "Failure"  Nike  Commercial     hIp://   •  Malcolm  Gladwell,  Outliers  &  Tipping  Point   hIp://                        hIp:// mt=11   hIp://        hIp://­‐Spping-­‐point/ id357658331?mt=11   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  43. 43. Leadership  Quotes  I   •  A  leader  is  best  when  people  barely  know  he  exists,  when  his  work   is  done,  his  aim  fulfilled,  they  will  say:  we  did  it  ourselves.     —Lao  Tzu   •  The  best  execuSve  is  the  one  who  has  sense  enough  to  pick  good   men  to  do  what  he  wants  done,  and  self-­‐restraint  enough  to  keep   from  meddling  with  them  while  they  do  it.   –  Theodore  Roosevelt   •  Where  there  is  no  vision,  the  people  perish.     —Proverbs  29:18   •  Leadership  is  the  capacity  to  translate  vision  into  reality.     —Warren  Bennis   •  Lead  me,  follow  me,  or  get  out  of  my  way.     —  General  George  PaIon   •  Before  you  are  a  leader,  success  is  all  about  growing  yourself.  When   you  become  a  leader,  success  is  all  about  growing  others.     —Jack  Welch   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  44. 44. Leadership  Quotes  II   •  A  leader  is  a  dealer  in  hope.     —Napoleon  Bonaparte   •  You  don’t  need  a  Stle  to  be  a  leader.     –original  source  unknown   •  A  leader  is  one  who  knows  the  way,  goes  the  way,  and  shows  the   way.     —John  Maxwell   •  My  own  definiSon  of  leadership  is  this:  The  capacity  and  the  will  to   rally  men  and  women  to  a  common  purpose  and  the  character   which  inspires  confidence.     —General  Montgomery   •  Leadership  is  li=ing  a  person’s  vision  to  high  sights,  the  raising  of  a   person’s  performance  to  a  higher  standard,  the  building  of  a   personality  beyond  its  normal  limitaSons.     —Peter  Drucker   •  Never  doubt  that  a  small  group  of  though}ul,  concerned  ciSzens   can  change  world.  Indeed  it  is  the  only  thing  that  ever  has.     —Margaret  Mead   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  45. 45. Leadership  Quotes  III   •  The  naSon  will  find  it  very  hard  to  look  up  to  the  leaders  who  are  keeping   their  ears  to  the  ground.     —Sir  Winston  Churchill   •  The  most  dangerous  leadership  myth  is  that  leaders  are  born-­‐that  there  is   a  geneSc  factor  to  leadership.  That’s  nonsense;  in  fact,  the  opposite  is   true.  Leaders  are  made  rather  than  born.     —Warren  Bennis   •  To  command  is  to  serve,  nothing  more  and  nothing  less.     —Andre  Malraux   •  He  who  has  never  learned  to  obey  cannot  be  a  good  commander.     —Aristotle   •  Become  the  kind  of  leader  that  people  would  follow  voluntarily;  even  if   you  had  no  Stle  or  posiSon.     —Brian  Tracy   •  EffecSve  leadership  is  not  about  making  speeches  or  being  liked;   leadership  is  defined  by  results  not  aIributes.     —Peter  Drucker   •  Anyone  can  hold  the  helm  when  the  sea  is  calm.     —Publilius  Syrus   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013  
  46. 46. Leadership  Quotes  IV   •  A  great  person  aIracts  great  people  and  knows  how  to  hold  them   together.     —Johann  Wolfgang  Von  Goethe   •  The  best  execuSve  is  the  one  who  has  sense  enough  to  pick  good   men  to  do  what  he  wants  done,  and  self-­‐restraint  enough  to  keep   from  meddling  with  them  while  they  do  it.     —Theodore  Roosevelt   •  Leadership  is  influence.     —John  C.  Maxwell   •  You  don’t  lead  by  poinSng  and  telling  people  some  place  to  go.  You   lead  by  going  to  that  place  and  making  a  case.     —Ken  Kesey   •  When  I  give  a  minister  an  order,  I  leave  it  to  him  to  find  the  means   to  carry  it  out.     —Napoleon  Bonaparte   •   “ The  world  we  have  created  is  a  product  of  our  thinking;  it  cannot   be  changed  without  changing  our  thinking.”   -­‐  Albert  Einstein   Chris  Dolezalek  -­‐  2013