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Coca cola


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Coca cola

  1. 1. Coca-Cola The global drink
  2. 2. The task my class took on was to find out if students around the world have the same reaction to Coke that we have here in New Hampshire. They wondered if students justdrank Coke because everyone else did or if they really liked the taste. We asked students from the learning circles questions about their drinking habits as it pertained to softdrinks. We received responses we were expecting and also answers that amazed us. The thing we were most surprised about was that of the students we surveyed, the ones that were most dissimilar to us were from Kansas inthe U.S. The students there drank a lot of drinks we here in New England had never heard of.
  3. 3. Why do students drink Coke?• The bottom line for the students surveyed was they liked the taste. Peer pressure did not seem to have a significant influence on the decision of what soda to drink. Students also felt strongly about they decision to drink Coke Versus Pepsi. There really does appear to be a cola war.
  4. 4. Coca-Cola Statistics • Coca cola owns more than ½ of the world’s beverages. • Coke is affordable in all the countries we surveyed. It was not out of the price range for an afternoon snack. • Coke comes in a variety of sizes worldwide so you can use it for a crowd or as a personal snack drink
  5. 5. Advertising• Coke was first advertised as a remedy for headaches and exhaustion• Coke has been advertising on television for 50 years.• Songs used in coca cola commercials have become popular.• They use catchy mottos such as: “Adds a refreshing relish to every form of exercise”
  6. 6. Charitable Giving• The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners shipped more than 30 million donated 8-oz. servings to Hurricane Katrina Evacuees, donated $10 million to tsunami relief efforts in Asia and after the September 11 terrorist attacks committed to a $12 million financial contribution to disaster relief efforts.
  7. 7. The Other Side of Coke• There are 27 • Some of the other different varieties of brands under the coke made by Coca- Coca-Cola Company Cola are: – Sprite• First bottle of Coke – Barq’s Root beer was sold 120 years – Dasani ago on May 8, – Dr. Pepper 1886 in Atlanta, – Fresca Georgia. – Hi-C – Minute Maid
  8. 8. Marketing Worldwide• In 1998 Coke international created its first ad for the celebration of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. It was run in 20 countries worldwide.• Coke is a Kosher drink, so it is sold internationally. This coke can is written in Hebrew
  9. 9. Coca-Cola Recognition• Coca-Cola is recognized by 94% of the world’s population• Approximately 10,450 Coca-Cola brand drinks are consumed around the world each second of every day
  10. 10. International Coca-Cola• In Hong-Kong, heated Coke is served as a cold remedy• Coke advertises 200 in countries around the world.• In Japan people use money chips on their cell phones to pay for drinks.
  11. 11. Coca-Cola in Our Schools • Students in our surveys indicated their ads were similar to those in the United States. This was particularly true in Europe. • Coke vending machines appear in many schools around the world.
  12. 12. In the Olden Days• Coca-Cola sold only • A single share in 25 bottles in the first Coke that was year bought in 1919• Nowadays, they sell would be worth over one billion $92,500 in 1997 bottles per day • 1919 is when the Coca-Cola went public
  13. 13. Funky Facts• You can put a penny in Coke and it will dissolve• The sales of Coke in the first year was $50, and the expenses were $70
  14. 14. Coke in Space• In July 1985, Coke was the first soft drink to be enjoyed in outer space on the space shuttle Challenger• A special space can was developed
  15. 15. Did You Know?• If you stacked all of the bottles of Coke that had ever been made end to end, it would reach to the moon and back 1,045 times!• Coca-Cola contained cocaine until 1913 – They had to remove it from the ingredients because people were becoming addicted to the drink
  16. 16. A Special Thanks !! We would like to publicly thank thefollowing two classes who provided us with information. Sandra Winnett Mohammad Munir