Let dolabuy introduce the origin of tennis sport


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This report is dolabuy introduce the origin of tennis sport and dolabuy tell is the benefit of tennis sport.

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Let dolabuy introduce the origin of tennis sport

  1. 1. Dolabuy.comWhat do you know about tennis sportLet dolabuy introduce the origin of tennis sportLearn the benefits of tennis sport http://www.dolabuy.com
  2. 2. Dolabuy.comThe origin of tennis Tennis is a beautiful and intense excise, the original and development of tennis can be summarized in four short sentences: gestate in France, born in British, began popular and form climax in USA, now prevail over the world and be called the the world second ball sport. Recent tennis sport include indoor tennis and outdoor tennis. The earliest start from 12-13 century, French churchmen were playing onegame which used hand to beat ball in church. Then it became a courtinner entertainment activities. There are some people think, theorigin of tennis should trace back to "the Hundred Years War", therewere a ball sport which passed in France. It is said that this gameplayed by two people, each of them have a racket, the surround ofthe ball park is wall, the ball hit the wall and be returned, then overnet. There are a lot of similarity of tennis, so it be called the origin oftennis. http://www.dolabuy.com
  3. 3. Dolabuy.comDolabuy tell you the benefits of tennis1. Build body, strengthen physique Tennis is one of aerobic indoorand outdoor sports. Because of we are busy on workings, study andlive, we spend most of time in indoor and we need to do someoutdoor sports indoor, tennis will be the best choice.2. Tennis can improve our overall quality. Tennis affect peoplesthinking and behavior. Through the combination of tenniss skill,psychological, guidelines and etiquette with tennis culture requireethics and code of conduct to improve our overall quality.3. Tennis is one the most fashion sports. Tennis is suitable for theurban population. With the improvement of our living standard andthe awareness of health, more and more people participate in thefashion tennis sport. http://www.dolabuy.com
  4. 4. Dolabuy.comDolabuy is a professional wholesale online store which can providetennis racket, tennis ball and outdoor clothes at very competitiveprice, you must feel order from dolabuy.com is a very unforgettableonline experience. If you want to play tennis and improve yourhealth situation, just log in dolabuy.com and choose one set basictennis equipment. http://www.dolabuy.com