Dolabuy introduce skills for caring pt diamond rin


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This report is dolabuy introduce skills for caring pt diamond rings and recommend us don't wear rings during bedtime. Dolabuy also show us some elegant rings for our daily use.

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Dolabuy introduce skills for caring pt diamond rin

  1. 1. Dolabuy.comDolabuy introduce skills for caring ptdiamond ringsDolabuy recommend take rings off at bedtimeDolabuy show you elegant pt rings elegant
  2. 2. Dolabuy.comSkills for caring platinum diamond ringPlatinum diamond ring is bright and shining, stands for beautiful andfaithful love. Wear in figure and happiness in heart. Such preciousjewelry of course need your care and value. Below, dolabuyintroduce you skills for caring platinum diamond ring.1, Dont often touchRings wear on figure, we often touch it naturally. Maybe you feel itis not serious, but on the contrary, duty on your figure may influencethe brightness of diamond.
  3. 3. Dolabuy.com2, Avoid to touch with cosmeticThe color of platinum may change, if you touch with cosmetic. Oncetouched, you should flush with water.3, When the platinum without shinWith the time pass, the surface of the platinum diamond ring will benot shinny any more. You can squeeze toothpaste on a towel and rubduty off, then wash it with water.
  4. 4. Dolabuy.com4, Regular cleaning is very importantYou must clean your platinum diamond ring regularly.5, Put aloneIn order to avoid the platinum diamond ring scratched, it is better toput it alone.
  5. 5. Dolabuy.comDolabuy recommend take rings off at bedtimeThere are many people war rings in addition to the decorative effect,but also because rings often has some kinds of commemorativesignificance. Thus, people wear rings years and even decades andnever take it off became a very common phenomenon. However,health experts warned that to care about our figures health, it isbetter wear for a while and take off for a moment.The habit of wearing a ring for year, even decades and never take offis not good. It is because of with our age grow, our knuckles willdegrade and become larger. Over a long time, your figure will swellfor the blood does not flow and it may induce figure diseases.There are also some people, in order to avoid the ring slip off anduse red thread to wrap around the ring to make it wear tight, this wayis more desirable. Wear rings like this way, figure suddenly swollenovernight is not rare, your figure will injury by ring. So dolabuysuggest you dont to wear rings, when you feel the ring is difficult toput on and take off.
  6. 6. Dolabuy.comNowadays, rings became a very common decoration and manypeople wear different style rings everyday. It is not strange, preciousrings lost. That a very unhappy thing, is it right? So dolabuy showyou many elegant rings which are in very competitive price. It must helpful for you! The price is only $9.49 The price is only $19.99
  7. 7. Very elegant diamond rings It is only need $15.69 The price is $35.99 Forever Love Couple Crystal Rings $32.99