Get Outta My Head (And Onto the Screen!!) WordCamp Atlanta 2013


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When you buy a WordPress theme, it can be pretty disconcerting to realize that it doesn't always look awesome out of the box. In my talk at WordCamp Atlanta 2013, I explained a few ways to get the fabulous website you thought you were getting, along with some basics of web design and security for business users.

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Get Outta My Head (And Onto the Screen!!) WordCamp Atlanta 2013

  1. 1. Get Outta My Head!!(and Onto the Screen) Dr. Lisa Richardson Flow! Web Strategy & Design
  2. 2. Why We’re Here• DIY shouldn’t mean “amateur” – your business still needs to make a high quality impression online• Tips and Tricks for making your site look polished and professionally done• When to hire a pro
  3. 3. Security First!• The first line of defense in protecting your data is YOU. That means strong passwords, a healthy skepticism of every airline offer on Facebook and…• Make sure you check out the details and reviews of all themes and plugins that you select to install on your site.
  4. 4. Dr. Lisa Recommends…• Better WP Security – Many features, very well designed, but not exactly new-user-friendly – Free• WordFence – Also great features, adds additional functionality like remote scans – Free and paid options
  5. 5. I also recommend…• Spam Free WordPress – Exactly what the name implies – Free• WP Control Copy – Protect your text from copy/paste theives – Free• No Right Click Images – Theft protection for your images – Free
  6. 6. Why Doesn’t My Site Look Like the Demo?!• The demo is customized to show you what you can do with the theme, and ultimately to get you to buy it• Your job: – Learn what goes where – Identify widget areas – Find image sizes, quality, file types – Color coding for your brand
  7. 7. Dealing with Too Many Choices1. Develop a plan (offline, preferably)2. Choose your color scheme3. Decide on the overall style of your site4. Get to work
  8. 8. The Right Stuff: Themes• Choose based on: – Customer needs – Industry – Style and brand – Needed functionality• Stalk your competition – View source – Make a wish list• Sketch a rough draft (literally)
  9. 9. The Right Stuff: Plugins• Decide what you need your website to do: – Sell products? – Convert mailing list signups? – Become a respected information resource?• Choosing the right theme limits the # of plugins you’ll need
  10. 10. Style That Sells• Try to keep all elements on your site uniform or closely related to truly promote a professional look• Avoid the standard PayPal “Buy Now” button at all costs• Newer themes come with customizable, color-coded buttons• Shopping cart plugins like WooCommerce automatically adapt to the style of your site
  11. 11. What about graphics?• Make sure stock photos actually enhance the message of your site• Go for quality over quantity• In a pinch, there are some great items to be had at – be careful and read the reviews• If your budget permits, a pro is more likely to give you exactly what you want with the least hassle
  12. 12. Is there a plugin for… What do you need? Bring me your challenge!
  13. 13. Contact Me… Dr. Lisa Richardson Tweet: 678-278-8421