Get Noticed! Small Business Digital Strategy 101


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A clear, plain-English explanation and overview of digital strategy for small business owners. A resource for folks just getting started, before hiring an SEO professional, social marketing manager, or digital marketing agency.

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Get Noticed! Small Business Digital Strategy 101

  1. 1. Get Noticed! Do-it-Now Small Biz Digital Strategy …in Plain English Lisa T. Richardson, PhD Flow Interactive Get Noticed! Get Noticed! Get Noticed! Get Noticed! Get Noticed! Get Noticed! Get Noticed!
  2. 2. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. What is Digital Strategy? A targeted, comprehensive plan for placing your product or service in the path of customers or clients specifically looking for what you have to offer. In the words of The Google, “You know who needs a dentist? People searching for a dentist.”
  3. 3. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Digital Strategy is NOT (just) Branding Social Marketing Web Design Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Customer Service eCommerce It’s ALL of them working together and more!
  4. 4. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Inbound Marketing You focus on targeting your message and being findable, shareable, and useful to your ideal customer. That customer comes to YOU (potentially ready to buy) > learns about your products and services > decides they like you > feels like they know you and trust you > then they give you money.
  5. 5. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. …vs Outbound Marketing (advertising)
  6. 6. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. WHY Digital Strategy? When you start up, you generally have more time than money. Invest both wisely.
  7. 7. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Low Traffic + High Conversion or High Traffic + Low Conversion? Would You Prefer…
  8. 8. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Why Are You Doing This?? What do you want to accomplish? What are your business goals? • Leads or requests for more info • Sales • Build mailing list Who is your customer? • NAME him/her and write a short bio to keep in mind as you implement your strategy
  9. 9. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Research Where is your customer spending their time? • Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Niche blogs? • What do they do when they’re ready to buy? • Where are they gathering info on products or services like yours?
  10. 10. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive.
  11. 11. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Design It for When They Come Your website should be place where your ideal customers come in, look around, and want to stay Attractive is nice, attractive and EASY TO USE is better… Attractive, easy to use, and USEFUL is conversion gold
  12. 12. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Do This… Build your website using a content management system like WordPress • You can update regularly without touching any code • SEO-friendly structure • Great looking, easy-to-navigate website for your customers, quick fast in a hurry Spread your keywords throughout your pages and posts in a natural, authentic manner
  13. 13. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. And Do This… Invest time (or money) into maintaining your website weekly – monthly • A neglected site is a hacked site • Sites that post regularly rank higher in Google searches • Regular activity on your site tells customers that you are a ‘real’ business • Mention your location and use it in your image descriptions and “alt” tags
  14. 14. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive.
  15. 15. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Establish Yourself Produce shareable content that is helpful and relevant to your ideal customer (and make sure they can find it!!) • Teach them how to solve a persistent problem • Show them how to do something new • Explain how something they need (that you provide) works Introduce them to THEIR awesome and they will recognize YOURS
  16. 16. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Establish Yourself Blog posts • You want to be Findable, Readable, and Tweetable! Tweets & Retweets Facebook posts Google+ posts …wherever your customers spend the most time Build your foundation of findability – use the keywords that your customers search for to find you, not the ones YOU use to describe yourself.
  17. 17. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Do This… Create an editorial calendar (Excel is handy for this) • Set up your weekly blog topics for the next quarter • Facebook posts & Tweets for the next 3-4 weeks Use Hootsuite or another social media management platform • Your sanity will thank you
  18. 18. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive.
  19. 19. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Action! What happens when customers get to your website? • Does your call to action…make them act? Are you telling them what you want them to do, then making it easy to accomplish? Go back to your business goals and the outcomes you want from your strategy • Make it easy for site visitors to do that thing
  20. 20. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Do This… Get to know Google Analytics • What do visitors do when they get to your website? • Is your content relevant to them? (bounce rate) • Are they hanging out and learning more? (time on site) • Are they doing what you want them to do? (goals)
  21. 21. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive.
  22. 22. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Conversion When people are ready to give you money – MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO DO SO Minimize hurdles to purchase! • Provide ALL relevant info, pricing and buy button on product/service page if it can be bought online • Provide phone # & email address for contact if it cannot or if you need to speak with client first
  23. 23. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Do This… Accept credit card fees as a normal business cost • Get a Paypal account • Get a Square or other mobile payment account • Use a merchant account from your bank if you must (can get costly, though) Go through your online purchase process yourself and experience it as a customer Thank them for their business!
  24. 24. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive.
  25. 25. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. They Share the Love! Encourage customers to share their experiences with potential customers and friends • Testimonials • Contests • Customer spotlights Loyal, repeat customers are your best marketing team. Take care of them!
  26. 26. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Rinse & Repeat Your digital strategy is an ongoing process over the lifetime of your business. You’re never “done.” Remain dedicated & responsive to current, past, and future customers and provide content that continuously brings them back into the sales cycle
  27. 27. Copyright © 2014 Flow Interactive. Let’s Connect, There’s More to Share! /YouCanFlow @DrLisaWP Read More @ For WordPress class info or a private consult email me: