Strategies to take control of your life


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"Strategies to Take Control of Your Life".

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Strategies to take control of your life

  1. 1. Strategiesto Take Control of Your Life Raul Dinzey
  2. 2. OverviewLiving with purpose desire and goalsVisualizing a better tomorrowPersisting through your challengesTaking action
  3. 3. Life—You Get What you Ask For I bargained with life for a penny And life would pay no more However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store. For life is a just employer He gives you what you ask But once you have set the wages You must bear the task. I worked for a menial’s hire, Only to learn dismayed That any wage I had asked of life, Life would have willingly paid.
  4. 4. PrinciplesWhatever the mind can conceive and believethe mind can achieveYou can do it if you believe you canThe most successful people are those whoserve the greatest number of peopleDevelop a pleasing personality- pleasing toyourself and others
  5. 5. Positive Mental AttitudeIs the medium to balance your life andrelationships to people and circumstances – toattract what you desireWe are born with: the right to control thethoughts we dwell on and therefore our mentalattitudeIs one of life’s riches- through this attitudeanything worthwhile is achievedKeep your mind on the things you want and offthe things you don’t want
  6. 6. The Subconscious MindMake your emotions work for youPrayer
  7. 7. FlowDesire backed by a definite goal with persistentactionAuto suggestion visualization and aloud dailyreading of definite planMaster mind alliance working in harmony and aspirit of cooperation
  8. 8. Definite PurposeIs the starting point of all achievementWithout direction you are aimless,directionless and powerlessKnow where you are going beforestarting- self motivated, self drivensuccessfulDecide:– What do you want– Find out how to get it– Then take daily action to achieving your goal
  9. 9. Pleasant PersonalityIs the aggregate of all the agreeable gratifying andlikable qualities of any one individualBelieve in yourself – First and foremost!What you believe yourself to be – you areThe attitudes you transmit to others will tell moreabout you than words or how you lookEnthusiasm comes from within- you can develop itby your thoughts feelings and emotions
  10. 10. FaithIs a state of mind we can develop byconditioning our mind to receive infiniteintelligence to a definite purposeThe offspring of success or failure come fromour thoughtsWhen faith added to thought the subconsciousmind instantly picks up the vibration, translatesit into its spiritual equivalent and transmit it toinfinite intelligenceFaith is the method through which we canharness the cosmic force of infinite intelligence
  11. 11. Going the Extra MileGive more than what you receive, sooner or later youwill be repaid with interestEvery seed of useful service you sow- will multiply andcome back to you in overwhelming abundancePut your mind to work assess your ability and energyWho could use your help? How can you help?Ingenuity and strong desire to be of genuine serviceHelping others solve their problems will help you solveyour own
  12. 12. Personal Initiative: Self DriveBears the same relationship as a self-starter toan automobileIs the power that assures completion of whatyou startInner power that starts all actionIs the dynamo that spurs the faculty of yourimagination into action and inspires you tofinish what you start
  13. 13. EnthusiasmIs a state of mindis the most contagious of all emotionsIs a combination of mental and physical energyThrives best where sound physical healthaboundsSound health begins with the development andmaintenance of health consciousnessTo be enthusiastic – act enthusiastically!
  14. 14. Self- DisciplineIs to take possession of our own mindThe power or thought is the one thingwe can controlBy directing your dominant thoughts weordain our destinyTake charge of your life - you are whatyou thinkDirect your thoughts – control youremotions - and ordain your destiny!
  15. 15. Accurate ThinkingInvolves two fundamentals – Think clearly by separating the facts into two classes: The important and the unimportantAccurate thinkers permit no one to do their thinkingfor themGather information and listen to the opinions ofothers, but reserve for yourself the privilege ofmaking decisionsTruth will be truth regardless of a closed mind,ignorance or the refusal to believe
  16. 16. Focused AttentionIs the act of coordinating all thefaculties of the mind and directing theircombined power to a given endLearn to fix your attention on a givensubject, at will for whatever length oftime you chooseYou will have learned the secret topower and plenty- concentrationKeep your mind on the things you wantand off the things you don’t want!
  17. 17. Mastermind Alliance PrincipleConsists of two or more minds working inperfect harmony for the attainment of acommon definite objectiveSeek to work together in a state of coordinatedharmonyNo person can become a permanent successwithout taking others along with him
  18. 18. TeamworkIs the willing cooperation and coordination ofeffort to achieve a common goal.Is sharing part of what you have- the good partwith othersDiffers from the Mastermind because it is basedon coordination of effort without embracing theprinciple of definiteness of purpose or theprinciple of harmonyHarmonious cooperation is a priceless assetwhich you can acquire in proportion to yourgiving
  19. 19. Difficulties and ChallengesEvery adversity you meet carries with it a seedof equivalent or greater benefitClose the door of your mind to all previousfailures and circumstancesOperate in a positive mental attitudeEvery problem has a solution – you have to findit Problems are only temporary set backs andstepping stones to success
  20. 20. Creative VisionIs a quality of mind belonging only to peoplewho follow the habit of going the extra mileIs closely related to the state of mind known asfaith and is significant- those who havedemonstrated the greatest amount of creativevision are people with a capacity for faithThe imagination is the workshop of the soulwherein are shaped all plans for individualachievement
  21. 21. Auto SuggestionGo To a quiet place- Repeat aloud writtenstatementRepeat this program morning and night untilyou meet your goalPlace a written copy in plain sight untilmemorized
  22. 22. Sound HealthSound physical health is dependant upon apositive mental attitudeEstablish a sound well balanced health habitsin work, play, rest, nourishment and studyWhat your mind focuses upon – your mindbrings into existence
  23. 23. Budgeting time and MoneySuccessful people budget their time, incomeand expenditures, living within their meansFailures squander time and income withcontemptuous disregard for their valueTell me how you use your spare time andmoney and I will tell you where and what youwill be doing ten years from now
  24. 24. Force of HabitYou are where you are and what you arebecause of your established habits andthoughts and actionsYou have the power to break bad habits and tocreate good ones in their place – at willWe have the power of choice through which wemay establish our own thoughts and behaviorpatterns
  25. 25. Undo Destructive ThinkingWhat the mind of man can conceive and believeit can achieve- Overcome worry and FearAbove all:– Attain happiness– Find peace of mind and– Take care of your basic material needsProtect yourself against negative influencesYou have absolute control over the thoughts you dwell onOld ageLoss of loveDeath
  26. 26. 6 Basic Fears Fear ofPoverty- most paralyzing fearCriticismIll healthOld ageLoss of loveDeath
  27. 27. Combating FearYou Make your own breaks find other ways to useyour talentsMost important is definite of purposeBe persistent and courageous
  28. 28. LeadershipUnwavering courageSelf controlKeen sense of justiceDefinite of decision and plansHabit of doing more than you are paid
  29. 29. Leadership (cont’d)Pleasing personalitySympathy and understandingMastery of detailTaking responsibilityCooperation
  30. 30. Causes of FailureInability to organize detailsUnwillingness to render humble serviceExpectations of being paid for what youknowFear of Competition from followersLack of imagination
  31. 31. Causes of Failure (cont’d)SelfishnessIntemperanceDisloyaltyEmphasis of authority of position andtitle
  32. 32. Major Causes of FailureUnfavorable Lack of well Lack of Insufficien Lack selfheritage/ or defined ambition t discipline/selfbackground purpose or above education control goal or mediocrity or use of definite aim knowledgeIll health Unfavorable Procrastinatio 6 Basic Wrong childhood n/ indecision fears selection of environment mateOver-caution Wrong Lack of Superstitio Wrongdoesn’t take selection of persistence n and selection of arisks business prejudice vocation associatesNegative Lack of Habit of Lack of Intolerance-personality concentratio indiscriminate enthusias closed mind n of effort spending mIntemperance Inability to Power/position Intentional Egotism andover cooperate not earned dishonesty vanityindulgence with othersGuessing Lack of Any otherinstead of capital cash reason notthinking named
  33. 33. Persistence & DeterminationStarting point for all achievement is desireEssential factor, sheer will power and desireWeak desire bring weak resultsNeed persistence work:– With master mind group– On auto suggestion– Power
  34. 34. Persistence & Determination (cont’d)Definiteness of purpose and plansDesireSelf-relianceAccurate knowledgeCooperationWill powerHabit
  35. 35. Persistence InventoryDefined exactly what you wantProcrastination along with excusesIndecision - not facing issues head onFear of criticismLack– Interest in acquiring specialized knowledge– Organized written plans that can be analyzed
  36. 36. Persistence Inventory (cont’d)Paralyzed by fear of criticism resulting in failureto– Create plans– Put them into action– Because of what others think do or sayHabit of:– Making excuses instead of creating definite plans– Neglecting to move on ideas– Wishing instead of wiling– Searching for shortcuts to success
  37. 37. Sample Self AnalysisINTERNAL - STRENGTHS EXTERNAL THREATS-Skills, Knowledge, Abilities -Threats In Your Career Field-Work Experience -Likelihood Of Downsizing-Positive Characteristics -Amount Of Competition For-Network Of Connections Jobs -Dead-end Type Of WorkINTERNAL- WEAKNESSES EXTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES-Lack Of Certain Skills, Etc. -Likelihood Of Job Growth-Lack Of Certain Experience -Chances To Increase Skills-Negative Characteristics -Chances For Advancement-Lack Of Goals And / OrEducation
  39. 39. Take ActionDetailed plan
  40. 40. Action PlanDefinite Purpose- write down what you wantWhat will you give in return for what you wantSet a date when you intend to accomplishCreate a definite plan for carrying out yourgoal and place action into action at onceWrite out a clear concise statement of the– amount money you intend to acquire,– name the time limit for its acquisition– What you will give in return– Describe a clear plan how you intend to do it
  41. 41. Action Plan (cont’d)Write out a clear concise statement of the Amount money you intend to acquire, Name the time limit for its acquisition What you will give in return Describe a clear plan how you intend to do it
  42. 42. WorksheetGoals, Reasons What will it Whom or When dodreams why its take to where can you wantand important make this help you? to achievedesires ? a reality this goal?
  43. 43. JobsJob House Agency Pay Rate Status/Remarks
  44. 44. Plan Activity Right Now 11/10/2009 House Job Money Other
  45. 45. Plan Debt PlanPriority Cash Flow Balance MonthlyPay off Sheet If no change
  46. 46. Vision and Mission StatementWhat do you see for yourself???
  47. 47. Plan B Cost Cash Flow Requirements StatusAnalysis
  48. 48. Plan Debt PlanPriority Cash Flow Balance MonthlyPay off Sheet If no change
  49. 49. Gap Analysis and Action PlanEmployer I have Gaps Action TimeframeNeeds (difference) Needed Start/Finish
  50. 50. References Think and Grow Rich byNapoleon Hill 7 habits of highly effective peopleStephen Covey
  51. 51. Contact Information Raul Dinzey (703) 419-0469 (202) 205-0469