Scientific Spirituality


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Scientific Spirituality by Dr.Pranav Pandya

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Scientific Spirituality

  1. 1. Scientific Spirituality, the Religion of Tomorrow – Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Head – All World Gayatri Pariwar, Shantikunj Chancellor – Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, Uttarakhanda
  2. 2. Challenges AheadA Paradigm Shift in• Global warming, Climate change• Mass starvation and disease epidemics,• New threats of nuclear, religious, oil and water wars,• Genetic engineering disasters,• Increased Economic disparity
  3. 3. Why Scientific Spirituality ??Global Crisis Requires …A Paradigm Shift in• Understanding• Valuing• Knowing, Our World
  4. 4. Understanding UniverseForces working in Nature Material and Conscious Physical and Subtle
  5. 5. Panch Tatva (Air) (Water) (Earth) (Fire) (Space)
  6. 6. Pancha Tatva + Prana ChetnaA unification of these two is desirablefor this Universe to come intoexistence.
  7. 7. Similarly .......... Science , the icon of material force Spirituality, representative of consciousnessShould go hand in hand .........
  8. 8. Factors governing life style…In the days of yore Since the 17th century• Religion • Science• Spirituality • Technology• Nature • Exploitation
  9. 9. A Comparison … Science SpiritualityA faculty based on A subject of faith andconcrete proof devotion.perceived directly orindirectly and can be Science of consciousnessexperienced by in factphysical senses.
  10. 10. SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITYScience not guided by spiritualitybecame self-destructive and a liabilityrather than asset. Religion isolating itself from Science became superstition.
  11. 11. The prevailing misconception ....Today rites and rituals are considered asreligion and are put to practice for unduematerial gains. However the rites andrituals have very little to do with truespiritual disciplines. They form the outerstructure of religion.The word SPIRITUALISM meaning science ofspirits is also wrongly misinterpreted asspirituality.
  12. 12. What is Spirituality? Spirituality is the science of refinement of consciousness. It starts with contemplation of divinity within.Self-restraint and self-disciplines are invariablyassociated with itLike the material world the subtle and causal world ofconsciousness can also be managed and harnessed.
  13. 13. Science V/s Spirituality Science Spirituality• Life is manifestation • Life is manifestation of bio-chemical and of Supreme bio-physical matter . Consciousness • Has definite purpose and order.
  14. 14. The need is to integrate science & spirituality Samudra Manthan
  15. 15. Physics & Metaphysics • Physics is Apara Vidya – Science • Metaphysics is Para Vidya – Spirituality Ref : Verse 4-5 , Chapter 7 Gita
  16. 16. Dimensions of Existence Physical Adhibhautik Subtle Adhi Devik Causal Adhyatmik last two are in the domain of metaphysics.
  17. 17. Physics & MetaphysicsAcceptance of life on mere physicalaspect makes us materialistic.Material world is denial of spiritual ascentand ascetic refusal - Sri AurobindoWe are limited to physical pleasurethen. No more role of higher andexalted emotions and feelings.
  18. 18. Swami VivekanandaThe various life forms are nothing but thedegrees of manifestation of Omnipresentconsciousness.
  19. 19. Science and Spirituality in Indian Context• There was no dearth of people like propagators of modern materialistic view. Charwak : “Bhasmi Bhutasya dehasya punaraagamanm kutah”
  20. 20. Science and Spirituality in Indian Context• The religion was based on progressive thoughts.• Ten tyaktwa bhunjitha..Ishavasyopnishad• Words of scriptures were debated and treatises were written for better explanation of existing knowledge.
  21. 21. Our Sages - Rishis were scientists of consciousnessThey made their own body the laboratory toconduct experimentation and they devised thedisciplines adopting which ordinary human beingcan reach higher level of consciousness,awareness.
  22. 22. Science and Spirituality in Indian Context• No boundaries of nations, religions, languages etc.• Spirituality and religion were one and the same and integrated with day to day material life.
  23. 23. The Medieval period• Emergence of new practices and hence religions/sects.• Conflicting things about true nature of spirituality were propagated and imposed in the name of religion for vested selfish interested.
  24. 24. Some Pioneers of Ancient India • Yagyavalkya – Science of Yagya • Vishwamitra – Science of Gayatri Sadhana • Kanada – Theory of Atom • Patanjali – Ashtanga Yog • Bharadwaj and Charak -AYURVEDA • Sushruta – Surgeon • Aryabhatt – Astrology and Mathematics
  25. 25. Some Pioneers of Ancient India• Garg Rishi - principles ofConstellation•Bhaskaracharya – Mathematics•Bodhayan - Geometry•Koutilya _Economics & Politicalsciences
  26. 26. Synthesis of Science and Spirituality Stages of development of Science• Childhood stage : considered consciousness as mere matter• The Juvenile period : Psyche and power of mind were recognized.
  27. 27. Synthesis of Science and SpiritualityStages of development of ScienceThe Middle Age: With some hiccups science isaccepting spiritual powers like * The behavior of Earth as a single living organism, * Telepathy, * Precognition, * The presence of a Universal Mind, etc.
  28. 28. Synthesis of Science and Spirituality Stages of development of Science• The Maturity: Science will finally integrate with Spirituality and It will become Science of Consciousness.• The religion of future.• Psychology and Philosophy – the subjects of 21st Century.
  29. 29. Pioneers of SynthesisScientists and Philosophers : AlbertEinstein, Werner Heisenberg, Karl Jung,Elvin Toffler, Fritjof Capra, Dana JoharSpiritual Personalities of Modern Era :Sri Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman, SwamiVivekananda, Pandit Shriram SharmaAcharya
  30. 30. Founder of Scientific Spirituality Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji• Sadhana Se Siddhi – Super Science of Gayatri• Ek Sharir se 5 vyaktiyon ka karya• Millions of disciples who have experienced the spiritual power of Gurudev & Mataji
  31. 31. Founder of Scientific Spirituality Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji• Revival of Rishi tradition in the light of Modern Scientific outlook.• Rejuvenation of Science of Ayurveda and Yagyopathy
  32. 32. Founder of Scientific Spirituality Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji• Convincing literature, based on self-experience and sound logic - for elite and masses alike.• Publication of Akhand Jyoti magazine, based on scientific aspects of spirituality.• Establishment of Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan, a unique laboratory for research on science of spirituality and study of effects of sadhana on body phsyciology and psychology.
  33. 33. Brahmavarchas Research Institute An Institute dedicated for Inter-communion of Science and Spirituality
  34. 34. TMT - Computerized Tread Mill Test An Advanced Test to Measure Cardiac Efficiency
  35. 35. Computerized SpirometerIn this test various aspects of Lung Functions are measured before and after Pranayam
  36. 36. 21 Channel PolyriteThis Electroencephalograph Equipment is used to measure various parameter of the Brain.Various wave burst pattern specially alpha waves are noted during intense meditation.
  37. 37. Alpha EEG Bio-feedback Bursts of alpha waves are measured after filtration through Crude EEG by a two channel Physiograph. The Percentage improvement shows efficacy of Meditation and power of Mantra Shakti.
  38. 38. Psychometric TestsIllusions DisappearFollowing MeditationSteadiness &Enhanced - memoryAre the Outcome ofSadhana
  39. 39. Flicker Fusion TestThis test is effective in measuring various stresses. Correct interpretation of Flickering and Fusion gives the status of sadhak
  40. 40. All are invited to visit this serene and vibrant centerof moral and spiritual awakening 7 Kms. from Rly Station onHardwar-Dehradun (Rishikesh Road)
  41. 41. Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidhyalaya
  42. 42. Science of ConsciousnessConsciousness is vibrating within us,within every component of our body andmind.The science of spirituality begins wherethe advancement of material basedscientific investigations ends.
  43. 43. New Age of SynthesisThe materialistic, reductionist view of theUniverse has been ruled invalid.Materialism is replaced by a new ageSpirituality.Reductionism is cast aside by a New Holism.
  44. 44. Scientific SpiritualityBeyond energy is consciousness.Physics has taken a leap into field ofquantum mechanics.Next leap is into quantumconsciousness which is realm ofMetaphysics.