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Mother teresa


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Mother teresa

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Mother teresa

  1. 1. Mother Teresa
  2. 2. Early DaysShe was born on 27th August 1910.Her real name was Agnes Gionxhu Bejuxhiu and she was the youngest child of Nikola, a politician, and Drane Bejuxhiu in Skopje in Yugoslavia.
  3. 3. The Decision of nuns Age 12 - decided on a religious life. Age 18 – joined the Sisters of Loretto a roman catholic order . Age 21 – takes first religious vows and chooses the name therse du lisieux after the saint of missionaries .
  4. 4. Indian Slums
  5. 5. Working with the poorOn September10th 1964 she got the calling to work with the poor. She began missionary work with the poor of Calcutta. She replaced the loretto habit with a simple white cotton chira with a blue border.In 1948 she took Indian citizenship and opened her first school in Motjhil to serve the homeless and starving. It was difficult at first as there was no money and she had to beg for food and other supplies. She did some medical training in Paris.
  6. 6. Missionaries of Charity October 7th 1950 – Vatican permission to set up Missionaries of Charity, to care for the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind and lepers. She started with 13 nuns now there are over 4,000
  7. 7. Homes for the poor 1952 – opens Nirmal Hriday [pure heart] for the dying. 1955 – opens Nirmala Shishua Bhavan [ immaculate heart] for lost children or childrens home. 1957 – opens Shanti Nagar [city of peace] a home for lepers.Her order became well known for this work!
  8. 8. InternationalCharity
  9. 9. Where she helped 1982 – siege of Beirut 1985 - Ethopia 1986 - Chernobyl 1988 - Armenia
  10. 10. Failing health1983 – 1st heart attack whilst visiting Pope JohnPaul II.1989 – 2nd heart attack, fitted with a pace maker.1992 – goes into hospital in USA for pneumoniaand heart problems.1993 – In May she broke 3 ribs, In August shesuffers from malaria and in September she hadsurgery for a blocked blood vessel.1996 – In April she fell and broke her collar boneand in August she suffered malarial fever andmore heart problems.
  11. 11. The final days March 13th 1997 – she September 5th 1997 – stepped down as head She died of a massive nun and is replaced by heart attack in Sister Nirnala. Calcutta at the age of 87. She died the day I was born Her funeral was on the 13th of September 1997. She was given a state funeral
  12. 12. Pictures of her funeral
  13. 13. Mother Teresa meets…
  14. 14. Awards that she got 1962 - Padma shri award 1971 - Pope John XXIII peace prize 1975 - Albert Schweiter international prize 1976 - Pacem in Terris award 1978 - Balzon prize 1979 - Noble Peace Prize 1983 - Order of Merit 1985 - Medal of Freedom 1994 - Golden Honour of the Nation [Albania] 1996 - Honorary citizenship of USA1998 - Pope John Paul II begins the process to make her a saint.This process is still going on !
  15. 15. A presentationby Adam Hinson