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Inspiring thoughs of swami vivekanand on powers of the mind


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A presentation of select inspiring quotes of Swami Vivekananda on Powers of the Mind. These powerful thoughts would help to clarify so that you can focus your mind better on good things. This is

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Inspiring thoughs of swami vivekanand on powers of the mind

  2. 2. Take up one idea.Make that one idea your life –think of it, dream of it,live on that idea.Let the brain, muscles, nerves,every part of your body,be full of that idea, andjust leave every other idea alone.This is the way tosuccess.
  3. 3. All the great prophets, saints,and seers of the world –what did they do?In one span of life,they lived the whole life of humanity,In one life, they perfect themselves;they have no thoughtfor anything else,and thus the way isshortened for them.That is what is meant byconcentration,intensifying the power of assimilation,thus shortening of the time.
  4. 4. The morethis power of concentration,the more knowledgeis acquired,because this isthe one and onlymethod ofacquiring knowledge.
  5. 5. How has all the knowledgein the world been gainedbut by the concentration ofthe powers of the mind?The world is readyto give up its secretsThere is no limit tothe power of the human mind.The more concentrated it is,the more power is broughtto bear on one point;that is the secret.
  6. 6. No force can be created;it can only be directed.Thus it is clearly seenthat chastity is thecornerstoneof all morality andof all religion.
  7. 7. The mind uncontrolled and unguidedwill drag us down, down, forever –rend us, kill us;and the mind controlled and guidedwill save us,free us.
  8. 8. The main difference betweenthe men and the animalsis the differencein their power of concentration.The differencein their power of concentrationalso constitutesthe differencebetween man and man.
  9. 9. Ninety per cent of thought-forceis wastedby the ordinary human being,and therefore,he is constantlycommitting blunders;the trained man or mindnever makes a mistake.
  10. 10. Good and evil thoughtsare each a potent power,and they fill the universe.As vibration continues,so thought remainsin the form of thoughtuntil translated into action.
  11. 11. If we make ourselvespure andthe instruments ofgood thoughts,these will enter us.
  12. 12. In the history of mankind,you will find thatthere come the Messengers,When they speak,each word is direct;it bursts like a bomb-shell.What is in the word,unless it hasthe Power behind?
  13. 13. Whatever you do,devote yourwhole mind,heart, andsoul to it.
  14. 14. It is our mental attitudewhich makes the worldwhat it is for us.Our thoughtsmake things beautiful,our thoughtsmake things ugly.The whole worldis in our minds.Learn to see thingsin the proper light.