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18 principles for successful life


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Every person want to fulfill something in his or her life. But success is coming to those people who are moving forward to implement some action instead of just thinking. Success is coming to those who think properly with proper and dedicated planning.
Every person has infinite potential within him/her. These 18 principles are useful as how a person use his infinite potential to succeed in life.

I prepared this power point presentation and i hope many people will benefited with this presentation to succeed in their Goals and Life. All the best to the readers those who study and implement these principles.

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18 principles for successful life

  1. 1. 18 Principles forSuccessful Lifeprepared by ~ Dokka Srinivasu
  2. 2. Every person want to fulfill something inhis or her life. But success is coming tothose people who are moving forward toimplement some action instead of justthinking. Success is coming to those whothink properly with proper and dedicatedplanning.Every person has infinite potential withinhim/her. These 18 principles are useful ashow a person use his infinite potential tosucceed in life.
  3. 3. 1. Life means time!Time is very valuable in Life. Try toutilize every minute in some usefulway. Not only time, but also do notwaste anything in Life. Every minutetry to improve the skills for growth incareer as well as for personal growthalso.
  4. 4. 2. Always live life with Positive Thinkingby making good and healthy thouts inevery moment of life.In every minute of life try to live with zealand enthusiasm with good humanitarianvalues.Always try to do good things i.e. helpingothers in whatever possible manner.
  5. 5. 3. Set a goal in your life.Analyse your strengths and weaknesses to reach your goal.Analyse your opportunities to achieve your goal.Understand your strengths and try to improve themcontinually to reach your goal. If needed try to acquire newstrengths which require to climb your goal.Try to control your weaknesses which harm your efforts inthe process of advancement to your goal. But in this processdo not attract and allo new weaknesses.Always go ahead with proper planning and implementationof your goal. Aim high to reach your goal. Analyze frequentlyabout the stages and process in the goal.
  6. 6. 4. Never lose belief in yourself. Always try toimprove self confidence.Always keep in mind that your goal or aim not onlyuseful to you but also useful to other people i.e. forthe benefit of humanity.Always take care and observe that your efforts areuseful to improve your belief and self confidence.Work and think positively by keep in mind that yourefforts will give positive and fruitful results in theprocess of reaching your goal.
  7. 7. 5. Be optimistic in moment of life and understandthat Victory and Defeat – both are common in life.If defeat arises in your life do not get discouraged.Try to analyze the reasons for defeat with open mindthen re-implement the efforts with moreenthusiasm.Making faults and wrong decisions are commonmistakes in human beings. But it is the biggestmistake and danger if any person is not learn lessonsfrom the mistakes.Try to came out from the failures with positiveattitude. Also please keep in mind that there will belessons in every success and try to learn them.
  8. 8. 6. Like your keen observation and analysis in theprocess of reaching your goals also look at otherpeople and as how they reach high and came outfrom the lower and negative circumstances in theprocess of reaching their goals.This process of both self learning and learning fromother peoples efforts and mistakes is useful to usand advancing us in our efforts of reaching our goal.Also this 2 way learning process is useful for us toclimb high in advancing our goals.
  9. 9. 7. Your open mind efforts on observing and analzingthe mistakes and faults of the other people in theprocess of reaching their goals are very useful foryour self analysis.But please keep in mind that instead of justobserving them is not useful to you but try toimplement those things in the process of reachingyour goals which gives success to you.Through this process it is helpful to every humanbeing to learn lessons from both their and otherpeople mistakes and it is a vital key thing in theprocess of development.
  10. 10. 8. Never neglect your physical and mental health.Always focus on staying healthy both in the termsand physical and mental health.Otherwise if you succeed in your goal but youcannot be happy with your success because of yourill health.So also please stay healthy and try to focus andimplement some action plan for both physical andmental health i.e. reading books, listening goodmusic, regular health check ups, doing meditationetc.
  11. 11. 9. Enjoy every moment of life particularly thosesmall things or small goals where you got successbecause please understand that small victories giveboost for bigger victories.Hence never neglect those small goals and do nothave negative opinion on these small things becausethese small efforts leads us to become higher on oneday. So please pay similar attention with enthusiasmboth for small and big efforts.Keep in mind that your victories on small efforts giveconfidence and boost for your bigger victories.
  12. 12. 10. Positive and Healthy thoughts,Motivational Inspirations, Good andsoothing music, Good Books, Good andhelpful Friends, Good Efforts – all thesethings are useful to you to become morehappy and positive. Preserve all theselittle treasures available with you and tryto gather many more similar treasureswhich gave you much happy in theprocess of reaching your goals.
  13. 13. 11. Under any circumstances never discourageyourself. Never allow negative and destructivefeelings, thoughts in to your mind.It is a common struggle to entire humanity inthe process of reaching the goal.Hence never became negative in whatevermanner and always be positive.Further never accept and indulge new negativethoughts in yourself while you are indepression. Always be optimistic.
  14. 14. 12. If you want and need help from other people first youmay help some in achieving their goals. Then Universe willhelp you through some people for reaching your goal. It is aUniversal Principle and Law as those who need help firstthey do the same to some other people.Please understand that it give immense pleasure to helpother people.Please think and obverse that doing help others is aopportunity to you to understand your abilities and skillsand through this helping process you are achieving moreabilities and skills with much improvement.Hence please do not neglect of any circumstance whichcame to you in the form of helping other people some wayand please remember that this give you opportunity to testyour abilities.
  15. 15. 13. Always have crystal clear vision on your goal, franknessand honesty both in the mind and also in the ways and inthe implementation procedure to reaching your goal withsacred vision, Strong will power, Determination, Dedicationwith self discipline – all these things are definitely neededfor every person those who want to climb high in theirrespective fields.Please understand that results will not come on the sameday when we start our efforts on a specific goal. Henceplease wait until the result came with patience. The fruits ofthe results are came at right time only when the time arisesaccording to the Universe.Hence please continue efforts continuously and waitpatiently for the results.
  16. 16. 14. Never feel jealousy on any one or many people. Neverdevelop hatredness on them in your mind.When you got victory please do not get over confidence.Please understand observe that gaining confidence isdifferent than insulting and letting down other people withour behavior.Always keep in mind that insulting other people and lettingdown them with our words, actions is not at all good for us.It is better to every human being instead of letting downother people in the process of reaching their goal give a bighand i.e. to help them in certain extent by giving confidenceto them and the same will be useful to those people alsoaccording to Universe because every good deed and actioncame back with similar results.
  17. 17. 15. To survive in this world competition is very compulsoryparticularly to those people those who want to reach theirgoals.In the process of reaching goals every person shouldcompete not only with other people but only compete withhimself/herself for gaining more strengths and skills toreach the goals.But please keep in mind the competition must be in healthyway and manner which is useful for our continuous growthinstead of destroying our skills with our foolish competition.Hence always compete with others and yourself also for ajoyful life in every manner.
  18. 18. 16. Try to reduce your selfishness and your selfish attitudegradually at least 1 percent initially. Please note that joy andhappiness coming only at the time of helping others withopen mind instead of selfishness. Always be positive withhealthy attitude. If any chance arises then do not hesitate tohelp other people in any way. Please understand theUniversal Principle as “If you do not want to do any help toothers in any way then no problem and no harm to you. Butif you are doing harm to other people which cause sometrouble to them, then you got negative results or fruits forthose wrong things you did to other people”. Hence pleasebe careful and understand that if possible do some help butnever try to do harm to other people because those thingswill give negative results to you. So always be positive andtry to help other people in the process of reaching theirgoals.
  19. 19. 17. Always try to learn new things and skills which are usefulto you to improve skills in the process of reaching yourgoals.Every successful person in the world history is never waste asingle minute and they always trying to learn something inevery moment.Hence please keep in mind that to sustain and cope up inthis world it is necessary to learn new skills continuously forcontinuous growth in any field.Always read good books which give boost to you withconfidence in the process. Reading is a good habit whichgive opportunity to explore many things in creative manner.
  20. 20. 18. Fill your mind with Love. Then only it is observed andunderstand that you accept God and Divine Qualities inyour heart.Do every work whether it is small or big with love and openmind.Please note and understand that in your every action, inyour words, in your behavior are always working accordingto the Divine Qualities and please carefully obverse thatyour every action, word, deed and thought are not onlyuseful to you but also useful to entire humanity.Always work accordingly with the above Divine Qualitiesthen people obverse the Divine Nature of yourself andwhich is the Ultimate Goal of every Human Being.