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Lehigh 2012 kuali update and demo


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Presentation to Lehigh staff on January 17, 2012 providing an update on Kuali OLE

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Lehigh 2012 kuali update and demo

  1. 1. Kuali OLE: Our First Year
  2. 2. OutlineO Overview of Kuali OLEO Review of our First YearO Our Innovative TechnologyO A Demonstration of Kuali OLEO Our Second Year…and Beyond
  3. 3. Overview of Kuali OLEO Kuali OLE is a enterprise approach to Library ManagementO Kuali OLE is a community of partners & has additional support from MellonO Project started in July 2010O We‟re half way through year two!
  4. 4. Key drivers for Kuali OLEO Find sustainable model for the LMS thru community-sourceO Build a next generation technology environmentO Re-examine library business operations & workflowsO Break away from print-based modelO Achieve staffing flexibilityO Reflect changing nature of library materials & new approaches to scholarly workO Integrate with enterprise-level systems
  5. 5. Kuali OLE Partners
  6. 6. A community effort – driven by librarians
  7. 7. Including Lehigh’s Own…
  8. 8. Working TogetherTiger teams… …made of SMEs (subject matterexperts)…According to a 1964 definition, "In case the term„tiger team is unfamiliar to you, it has beendescribed as a team of undomesticated anduninhibited technical specialists, selected for theirexperience, energy, and imagination, and assignedto track down relentlessly every possible source offailure in a spacecraft subsystem.„From:
  9. 9. Working TogetherMUR Tiger Team MER/ERMS Tiger Teamcoordinates user & patron coordinating with GOKb (Global Openfunctionality; university system Knowledgebase), licensing & ERMintegration for IdM (will work across planning, specifications & investigationsother teams & system integrations,Deliver esp.) Deliver Tiger Team oversees specification teams, research,Scope Tiger Team & quick decision-making for allscoping recommendation to refer to requirements around Deliver, circulation,the functional council; works with patron & related library functionsother tiger teams on scoping decisions& scheduling Manage/Describe Tiger Team specifications, requirements & planningSelect & Acquire Tiger Team for library management of descriptivespecifications, requirements & metadata (bib, item, holding, etc.)decision-making around Select &Acquire (i.e., financial & acquisitions)
  10. 10. Year One DeliverablesO Hire and Engage Kuali OLE Core TeamO Engage Software Development Contract O HTC Global ServicesO Set Kuali OLE Agile Framework and Timelines O Develop User Story ProcessO Form Functional Specification Writing TeamsO Develop Year 1 Prototype Kuali OLE 0.2 – Demo at CNI Spring 2011 Member Meeting O Set Agenda for Year 2 Software ReleaseO Develop our first public release O Version 0.3 released at Kuali Days in Nov 2011
  11. 11. Year One Deliverables
  12. 12. Our Innovative TechnologiesO Service Layer Architecture – to provide isolation of concerns & to improve flexibilityO Kuali Technologies – to provide ready-built technologies for development, messaging, coordination, & financialsO Standard interfaces (when it makes sense) – to provide open & predictable pathways in & outO Multiple data stores – to provide purpose-built data repositories that best model interactions & provide some future-proofing
  13. 13. Kuali OLE DemonstrationsO Library requisition workflows in KFSO Document store technology with heterogeneous document typesO Discovery integration
  14. 14. Our Second Year…and Beyond O Roadmap for Version 1.0 – Dec 2012 O Partner Implementation Strategies O Developing GOKb Sister Project O Sustaining & Growing our Partnership
  15. 15. More Information & questionsO Follow us on Twitter: @kualioleO Read our Blog: Visit our website: Register and attend an EDUCAUSE LIVE Event THIS WEDNESDAY from 1-2pm: “Kuali Open Library Environment: Reflections on Our First Year of Collaborative Software Development”. The session will offer insight into the OLE design and collaborative methodologies of this significant and groundbreaking project.O Get in the sandbox!!! Try the OLE demo that Tim showed during the presentation: OR