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Newsletter august 2014


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Newsletter august 2014

  1. 1. Overgrown Hedges South Marston Parish Council 01793 686150 Following the recent warm and wet weather, a large number of hedges in the village are now very overgrown. This not only causes problems for pedestrians (who end up having to leave the pavement to avoid them) but also for vehicles trying to pull out onto village roads. Their view of pedestrians and oncoming traffic is obscured, potentially leading to accidents. South Marston Parish Council would be very grateful if residents would check their hedges and cut them back if they are causing a nuisance or covering road signs.
  2. 2. Tower & Tap As there have been no applications for the role of Editor of the Tower & Tap, the Parish Council has decided to suspend this publication until further notice. In the meantime, we will be using the internet to inform residents about important village matters. Besides the village website ( and notice boards, we would also like to build a list of email addresses for all residents who would like to receive information updates. Send your email address to: Nightingale Woods We have been approached by the Forestry Commission with a view to local residents. They are looking to us for ideas of how we might improve the woodland walking experience. Some meadow, opening up a wetland area and adding one or two open glades inside the woodland. thinning of low branches and opening up the under canopy to more light. Light maintenance tasks may also be included, together with roles for younger family several village residents expressing interest in this. If you wish to find out more, please contact Barry Thunder at: South Marston 20mph Zone This proposal was given overwhelming support by the villagers when plans were presented at the last two village development and have the finances in place to pay for the project. approval and permissions that will allow us to move forward with our plans. Colin McEwen St Julian’s Woodland A small and discreet woodland currently owned and managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The Parish Council has been invited by WWT to discuss the long term ownership and management of the woodland with a view to passing these on to a local community group or the Parish Council. No other details are available at this ’s and would like to become involved in its future, please contact Barry Thunder. Eneco Community Benefits Fund The Parish Council are in receipt of monies from Eneco as part of be spent on improvements to drainage ditches alongside both solar edge of the Sevor Solar Farm to join up with Footpath 2, which runs by the War Memorial north east towards Sevenhampton. Other projects will be developed over the coming months.