June 12-newsletter


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Newsletter for Corsham Wind Band

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June 12-newsletter

  1. 1. windbandcorsham@googlemail.com www.corshamwindband.org June 2012 NewsletterA Plea to our MembersMay I ask all members to read at least the “Coming Events” section of every Newsletter and make a note of thedates and times listed, even if they ignore the rest of it? Before every event I get enquiries about venues, times andwhich bands are involved, even though this information is in the latest Newsletter and has often been published inseveral. Please make sure you note down unconfirmed events as well as the confirmed ones, as we seem to end updoing most of them anyway. I email the Newsletter in pdf format which requires Adobe Reader in order for you toread it. Adobe Reader is available as a free download at http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/. If you have troubleopening the Newsletter, let me know – I can send it as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Shaw Stampede and Fête The Shaw Fete and 10k Run was a great success, much enhanced by the presence of the Windband. The band, mainly Spectrum players but bolstered by some YCB and Training Band members, put on a good show and were much appreciated by the crowd. We took nearly £50 in donations, which wasn’t bad considering we were not the main attraction. The only slight disappointment was that we were a little short of players in some parts which meant we were a bit quiet when those parts were the predominant ones. For future reference it would be helpful for members to let us know whether or not they can make it to a given event to aid our planning. In your email, let me know the player’s name, band, instrument and part (eg, YCB, 1st trumpet).We used our Performers Rightslicence which was issued by PRS forMusic. We are grateful to thesponsorship from PRS for Musicwhich was in the form of a100% discount against thecost of the licence. PRS forMusic licences the use ofcopyright music across the UK,giving businesses andorganisations the legalpermission they need to playthe music they want.These licences ensure thatmusic publishers, songwritersand composers are fairlyrewarded with royalties so theycan keep making music - andmean that they’re able tosupport music at events likethis. For more informationabout PRS for Music or musiclicensing, visitwww.prsformusic.com or call0800 068 4828.
  2. 2. Queen’s Jubilee event at the George Inn, Lacock“A huge thank you to all who came to help and play at Lacock, a great time was had by all. It is events like this thatmake all the hard work of rehearsing on Saturdays, practicing at home, moving drums, stands and music aroundworthwhile. Many thanks once again to all who helped - it could not have happened without everyone.” – ChrisElson. In addition, we raised £86 for the Association. Coming Events  Saturday 7th July, 12.30 – 1.30 – Batheaston School Fête, Spectrum Band – New entry, confirmed. There will be a normal rehearsal at the Pound for 1 hour, then on to Batheaston.  Saturday 7th July, 1.00 - 2.00pm – Shaw School Fête, YCB ensemble – New entry, confirmed.  Saturday 14th July - Summer Concert at Corsham School. See below.  Saturday 13th October - Colerne Music festival. This is a concert for small ensembles starting at 5.30pm and we are planning to enter a group of between 6 and 10 players, which Jack Anstee has agreed to organise. More details later.  Saturday 20th October – St Bartholomew’s Spire Appeal evening concert, YCB, confirmed.  Monday 29th – Wednesday 31st October – Braeside residential visit, this will be charged at £50 per child.  Sunday 25th November – National Concert Band Festival at Cheltenham Ladies College (was listed as “Monmouth Festival”), to be confirmed.  Saturday 15th December – Christmas Concert, date confirmed.  Sunday 9th and 16th December – Busking at Morrison’s, dates confirmed.Please make a note of these dates now so you don’t get caught out or double book something later. Notice the newadditions highlighted. Summer Concert, Saturday 14th July,We have made plans for the big event of the summer and are looking for help, as ever. On the evening we willrequire three to four people to man the kitchen, two people to run the raffle and one person each for selling sweetsand children’s drinks. We may also need a helper to deal with tickets at the door. We will, of course, need the usualmuscle power to move the equipment to Corsham School. For refreshments we will be selling sausage rolls andshortbread so please could we have volunteers to do a bit of baking? All those willing to help, please send me yournames and I will forward them to Vicki Matcham.Rehearsals on the day will be as follows:  YCB 12.45 – 2.00pm at Corsham School.  Spectrum 10.45 – 12.00pm at Corsham School.  Training Band at the normal time of 9.15 at the Pound.  There will a short mass practice for all bands from 12.00 – 12.45 at Corsham School.The concert starts at 7.00pm so please get to the Corsham School hall at 6.30pm. Players should wear the correctuniform at the performance. There will be no theory lessons. Tickets are now available from the Pound Arts Centrebox office. I will send round an email with any changes or additions nearer the time. If you are unable to attend,please let me know, and don’t forget to include your band, instrument and part (eg, 1st trumpet YCB). InstrumentsWe are carrying out a stock-take of our instruments. Please will all those who hold CWA instruments contact mewith details including CWA number and serial number, type of instrument and make. Poster Competition – win a £20 voucher!As part of our on-going recruitment drive we have decided to start a Poster Competition. Do you have any artisticskills or design ability? Why not submit a design to be made into a poster promoting the CWA to go on display atlocal schools and you could win a £20 music voucher.
  3. 3. Here is another crossword. Does anyone attempt them?Across1. Percussion instrument similar to xylophone (12)7. Tune (6)8. Scottish instrument (8)9. US state (6)10. He compiles a newspaper (6)12. Scott Joplins "Entertainer" is one (3)13. On a ship (6)16. Stringed instrument (6)17. Amaze (8)19. Run one to deliver a message (6)20. Happiness (12)Down1. American music society (8)2. Woodwind instrument (4)3. Piano or harpsichord are examples (8)4. Not clever (6)5. Contains writing fluid (6)6. Used to form an embouchure (4)10. Paint texture (8)11. Toy wind instrument with limited range (8)14. Eight notes (6)15. Type of bean (6)17. Hes smart! (4)18. Liberated, no charge (4)