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Bus information news

  1. 1. Bus Information News for all Swindon Borough CouncillorsLocal Bus Service Changes January 2013 1. Bus services to the Great Western HospitalIn January 2013 there will be significant changes to bus services provided byThamesdown Transport to the Great Western Hospital, which will have an effect onthe local bus network.Most of the bus services to the Great Western Hospital are currently provided byThamesdown Transport and a number of these services have been supported bySection 106 Planning Agreement funding that is managed by Swindon BoroughCouncil. Over the years the bus services have been revised to form the present levelof service provision. These bus services provide a service for patients, visitors andhospital staff as well as assisting the Hospital in coping with its parking capacity.The Section 106 funding that has supported these services ceases in December2012 and therefore only commercial services will be provided from January 2013.The current level of bus services which receive Section 106 funding is shown below.Please note that some parts of some services are currently operated commercially byThamesdown Transport already and will continue to be so. Route Days Contractor Area Served Thamesdown 16 Sat / Sun Swindon Fleming Way - GW Hospital Transport Ltd. Mon - Fri, Thamesdown 16 Swindon Fleming Way - GW Hospital Evenings Transport Ltd. Thamesdown Early morning and late evening journeys funded by 20 Mon - Sat Transport Ltd. Dorcan Mail Centre s106 agreement. Swindon - Gorse Hill - Kingsdown - Lower Stratton - Thamesdown 20 Mon - Sat Greenbridge - Covingham - Eldene - Liden - GW Transport Ltd. Hospital Greenbridge - Covingham -Eldene - Liden - Croft (Nationwide) - Old Town - Swindon Bus Station (Service 20B one return journey). 20B Mon - Fri,24 Blunsdon - St.Andrews Ridge - Abbey Meads - Thamesdown20B,24,30 Mon-Sat, Haydon Wick - Pinehurst - Swindon Fleming Way - Old Transport Ltd. 30 Mon - Town - Lawn - GW Hospital (Service 24 majority of Fri service). Swindon Fleming Way - Walcot East - Cavendish Square - GW Hospital (Service 30). Mon - Sat, Thamesdown Swindon Fleming Way - Old Town - Lawn - GW 24 Evenings Transport Ltd. Hospital Mon – Sat Thamesdown Lawn section of route (Marlborough Rd - Windsor Rd - 24 Lawn Daytime Transport Ltd. Queens Drive)Following discussions between Thamesdown Transport, the Great Western Hospitaland the Borough Council to ascertain whether any of these bus services could beprovided commercially, Thamesdown Transport have decided that from January
  2. 2. 2013 they will provide the following services on a commercial basis (i.e. with nofinancial support either from the Council or the Hospital):–Service 16 - the daytime Monday to Friday service will continue as present becauseit is already operated on a commercial basis.The evening Monday to Friday service will continue to operate but the frequency willbe reduced to 30 minutes from 15 minutes.The Saturday and Sunday service will continue but with a reduced frequency of 30minutes on a Saturday to make it the same as Sunday.Service 20 - will operate on Mondays to Fridays every 45 minutes as opposed to thecurrent service level of every 30 minutes.However, the Saturday service will only run between the Town Centre, Kingsdownand Greenbridge Retail Park, on an hourly frequency; it will no longer go to theHospital. This means that in order to reach the Hospital on Saturdays passengersfrom Covingham, Eldene or Liden will need to travel into town on Services 2, 13 or14 and change in the Town Centre to Service 16.Please note - There will be no late evening journeys on Service 20.Service 24 - will be replaced by a new Service 12 between Blunsdon, Fleming Way,Old Town, Lawn and the Hospital which will operate every 30 minutes as now.Please note there will no longer be an evening service between the TownCentre and the Hospital on this route and that Service 12 will operate viaPinehurst Road rather than Cirencester Way.Please note that a number of other commercial and financially supportedservices provided by Stagecoach, Thamesdown Transport and Wilts & Dorsetoperate via the Hospital on their way to and from destinations outsideSwindon. These operate mainly along Queens Drive.The following services will no longer operate:Service 20B –This service does not serve the Hospital but was part of a tenderedpackage of routes. Nationwide Croft Campus can be reached by using Services 2, 7(Stagecoach), 13 or 14 into the Town Centre and changing on to Service 11.Service 30 Fleming Way, Walcot East, Cavendish Square and the GreatWestern Hospital. For journeys to the hospital , passengers can board Service16 at New College, or Service 12 along Queens Drive. The town centre can bereached by using alternative journeys on Services 2,17 and 18. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Short term local bus contracts
  3. 3. In 2012 the Council provided funding to two bus services on a short term basis ofone year in order to provide them with the opportunity to become a commercial busservice again or enable other opportunities to be explored.Service 18 Park South to Swindon Town Centre Mondays to SaturdaysIn January 2012 Thamesdown Transport deregistered their commercial Service 18which operated between Swindon town centre, Park South and the Great WesternHospital. The Council agreed to support the retention of the service from FlemingWay to Park South only due to the good patronage levels; however, the limitedpassenger usage to the Hospital and availability of alternative bus services meantthe section of the Service 18 route from Park South to the Great Western Hospitalwas not retained.This service was secured for at least one year to enable an opportunity forThamesdown Transport to return the service to a commercial operation. Following ayear of financial support Thamesdown Transport can continue Service 18commercially. This justifies the decision to support this service during a difficulteconomic period and ensures that Park South like other urban areas has a regularservice to the town centre.Service 21 Penhill / Coleview to Swindon Town Centre Mondays to SaturdaysIn January 2012 Thamesdown Transport deregistered their commercial Services 21from Penhill to the Town Centre and 23 from Stratton Park and Coleview to theTown Centre.Following public concerns, a new Service 21 which linked Penhill (Ramsbury Avenuearea), Stratton Park and Coleview to the Town Centre during the off peak (0930-1530) was considered by the Council in February 2012.Approval was obtained for the introduction of this service for one year while demandwas assessed. This service commenced at the end of April 2012. This service hasstarted reasonably well in terms of passenger usage with an average of tenpassengers boarding in Penhill and four/five passengers boarding in Coleview. It ishoped that nearer the end of the contact in April 2013 there maybe commercialopportunities to continue this service.The Council will be working with local community groups to ensure this level ofservice is meeting their requirements and that the availability of the service ispublicised. In addition the Council will be seeking interest from other organisationsincluding parish councils to see if there are other alternative sources of fundingavailable.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. 3. Other changes to Thamesdown Transport commercial servicesFollowing a review of their commercial bus service network, Thamesdown Transportwill be making a number of other changes to their timetables in January 2013. Thecompany will be announcing these changes in November.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have any questions or concerns about any of these local bus service changes aboveplease contact passengertransport@swindon.gov.uk