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130421 tower and tap may 2013

  1. 1. towerandtap@southmarston.org.ukTOWER & TAPMay 2013SOUTH MARSTON’S COMMUNITY NEWSLETTERWhat HGVs?There are HGV’s regularly ignoring weight limit signs and drivingthrough South Marston. However, since Christmas the details ofonly one HGV has been received by PC Marc Jackson, our localPolice Officer.Please take a note of the number plate and company nameof any HGV you see and email PC Jackson directly onmarc.jackson@wiltshire.pnn.police.ukWhen PC Jackson receives sufficient vehicle information he con-tacts the Haulage Company responsible. Please don’t assumethat other people are reporting the problem. The Police cannotact unless they know who is responsible.INSIDE...South Marston School 140 years young....Jobs JobsJobs….SMAWL Word Search…..Church Services....100 Club...Local Business....Volunteers wanted at SMRA and SMAWL.
  2. 2. 2 http://southmarston.org.uk
  3. 3. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 3Dear FriendsHave you ever seen a child’s frustration and disappointment when the toyhe ‘s been playing with won’t work properly or even stops altogether. Thelight in his face goes out as the batteries run down and there is no power.And what about you, have you gone to your mobile ‘phone and found itdead because you forgot to plug it in?We can do that in our lives too—not notice that the batteries are runningdown and need recharging. There is so much more stress in our busylives than there used to be. We see breakdown and ill health amongst ourfriends and colleagues.Taking time to connect with our innerselves and with God is to rechargeour batteries. Taking our prayers toGod for help is to ask God for morepower to continue when the going getstough. To pray for others is to ask Godto give them a fresh resource ofstrength and comfort.On Ascension Day, 9th May, we cele-brate Jesus’ ascension into heavenwhere he intercedes for us and at Pen-tecost, 19th May we celebrate God’soutpouring of his power into our livesthrough giving us His Spirit. This is abattery that lasts for eternity but we need to connect and stay connected.On Ascension day we are launching ’Oasis’ which will be a programme ofopportunities, differing in style and content for people to get connected tothis eternal source of power. Ascension will be a whole day of prayer splitinto short times of different prayer activities—including just silence. Youwill find the programme for May in the magazine.Will you take the opportunity to recharge your batteries or pray for oth-ers?God Bless,Vicky FlemingPriest in Charge
  4. 4. 4 http://southmarston.org.ukChurch News‘Craft Company’ we are meeting Dryden House at2pm Wednesday 8th May, More details from MaryCooper.Saturday Scene meets on 11th May in the VillageHall 4-5.15pm. An exciting church event for youngfamilies. Stories, songs, crafts, games and food.Contact Donald Page on 825693From the Registers:Funerals19th March Edward Hayward (Ted)The Annual Meeting.Tina Hiscocks and Richard Sansum were elected as ChurchWardens once more. William Hiscocks is Treasurer and DianeGambles is PCC Secretary. Donald Page was also elected asa PCC member. We were able to thank Donald for hiscommitment over the years and as he stands down as churchwarden to concentrate on his children’s ministry we presentedhim with a puppet—The Rev. Neil Down who will no doubt beintroduced to you very soon!Our vision continues to be helping people to explore faith,serving the community through our links with the school,Meeting Point and sharing the joys and difficulties of life whencalled upon. We want to thank you for your support and helpfollowing our Sow for the Harvest Appeal. We are very gratefulfor the help we receive.The 7.30 Clubfor 10 to 16 year olds from Stratton, Stanton &South MarstonHeld on alternate Sunday Evenings7.30pm to 8.45pm at St Margaret’s CentrePlease call the St. Margaret’s Church Officefor more information
  5. 5. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 5The Meeting PointCoffee morning with table top sales(Why not book a table : £2.50 for people who live in the village, £5 for thoseoutside and free to village organisations )11th May from 10.00 –12.30pmIn the Village HallRefreshments provided by South Marston ChurchSomething for every age group!We look forward to seeing youOasisOffering a place and time for refreshment,healing, rest and stillness“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and Iwill give you rest.” Matthew 11:28Prayer and God’s Word is at the heart of ministry in our Team.Oasis will be offering different opportunities for prayer at differenttimes and on different days. Some events will be in our homechurches, some away. There will be prayer walks, creativeprayer times, silent times, Lexio devina, intercession and avariety leaders and speakers.We are launching Oasis with a Day of Prayer 9th MayAscension Day in St. Margarets ChurchProgrammes available in church.
  6. 6. 6 http://southmarston.org.uk5th May 11.00am South Marston Family Service12th May 9.30am South Marston Holy Communion19th May 10.00am St Margaret’sPentecost Team HolyCommunion Service26th May 8.00am South Marston Holy Communion BCP2nd June 11.00am South Marston Family Service9th June 9.30am South Marston Holy Communion16th June 10.00am Stanton Pentecost Team Holy23rd June 8.00am South Marston Holy Communion BCP30th June 11.00am St Margaret’s Team ServiceChurch Services for South MarstonSouth Marston Church is part of Stratton TeamMinistry.The office is located at St. Margaret’s Centre,Kenwin Close, Stratton St. Margaret and it isopen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdaymornings from 8.30am to 12 noon.Email: stmargaretsoffice@tiscali.co.uk or tel:826505.If you would like to talk to a priest or book aChristening or Wedding please contact RevVicky Fleming on 827021 between 6 and 7pmany evening except Fridays or Sundays.Members of the team:Priest in Charge Rev. Vicky Fleming 827021Asst. Priest Rev. George Fleming 827021Lay Minister Mr Dan Read 763016
  7. 7. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 7School NewsThis June, South Marston C of EPrimary school turns 140 years old.We are holding a week of celebra-tions beginning onMonday 17thJunewith children dressing up to repre-sent the different decades, and cu-mulating with a school picnic on theFriday. The children will be produc-ing an archive of memories whichwill be on permanent display inschool. We are also planning onholding a special 140 years churchservice.We would love to hear about any memories of the school, frompeople in the community, and also any photographs that could belent to us.If you would be happy to talk to some children about your memo-ries, we would be delighted to see you in school during this week.Please could you give us a ring on 01793 823379 or pop in toschool to make yourself known.It would be great if we could find 8 people to represent the decadesgoing all the way back to the 1930s. Perhaps your parents passedon their memories to you?Looking forward to meeting you all.Mr Luke Maddison,Headteacher, South Marston C of E Primary SchoolSouth Marston Primary School
  8. 8. 8 http://southmarston.org.ukS M A W LSouth Marston Assisting WildlifeSMAWL is a group of South Marston volunteers who care about wildlife.The SMAWL team is composed entirely of volunteers and is currentlylooking for more help.Anyone with a spare hour or two throughout the year will be most wel-come. It’s sociable and helps to improve the look of the village. We wel-come any age and ability (although children must be accompanied by anadult).For further information, please call Chris on 829868 or Susan on 824957,or email Chris at Wttmh@tiscali.co.uk. You can also read more about thegroup on the village website, www.southmarston.org.uk.
  9. 9. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 9It’s surprising how many mammals live in our area, although some localmammals are very hard to see.So here’s a word search where you can find 18 mammals that live innorth Wiltshire.Words can be found forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally.The solution is further on in this issue.North Wiltshire mammals word search.T L E R R I U Q S TI A S E E L S H T DB X B H E G E B O OB O Q S R D D T A RA F A E G E A A T MR E E E A R W R B OW D H U M A N E M UX O E S U O M T O SG M O H A R E T L EE L O V Z A N O E UChildren might like to note how many of these mammals they see dur-ing the year.BADGER MOUSEFOX SHREWMOLE WEASELRAT DEERVOLE HEDGEHOGBAT OTTERHARE SQUIRRELHUMAN DORMOUSERABBIT STOATThese are the mammals to find:
  10. 10. 10 http://southmarston.org.ukRelief of Need FundSupporting South Marston residents.The Relief of Need Fund Currently has a lim-ited amount of money available to assist resi-dents who are in genuine need. Applicationforms are available from Highworth CouncilOffices or the Lions’ Shop in Newburgh Place.Please note that documentary proof of needwill be required before applications can beconsidered.Educational FundSupporting Young Peopleliving in South Marston.The Educational Fund currently hasa limited amount of money availableto assist with the education or trainingof young people. Application formsare available from Highworth CouncilOffices or the Lions’ Charity Shop inNewburgh Place, Highworth.The Highworth United CharitiesDo you want tolearn but can’tafford the fees?Do youneedassistance?SMRA South Marston Recreation Association100 ClubAll profits from the 100 club go to theupkeep of our village playing field.New members - if anyone would liketo join the 100 club and have a num-ber, please contact:Julie Hatherall (07749 211867) orJenny McEwen (825312).April Winners£10 52 Gladys Fitchett£10 2 Rachel Case£10 60 Sheila Jinks£10 58 Richard Sansum
  11. 11. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 11South Marston Parish CouncilParish Councillor VacancySouth Marston Parish Council currently has two vacancies on the ParishCouncil.If you would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor andwould be interested in joining the team, please contact the Parish Clerkvia email: clerksmpc@aol.com.Diary Dates…Annual Parish Meeting and AGMCome along to the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 4thJune at 7pm inthe Village Hall to hear about what the Parish Council has been doingthroughout the year. You are welcome to get questions to us in advanceof the meeting by emailing clerksmpc@aol.com or leaving a message on820529The Parish Council AGM will be held half an hour before the normal Par-ish Council meeting on Tuesday 21stMay at 7pm in the Village Hall. Youare very welcome to attend.
  12. 12. 12 http://southmarston.org.ukSouth Marston Parish CouncilMeet Barry Thunder – Councillor ,South Marston Parish CouncilWhen working on the initial clearance of theconservation site, some three years ago, I wasworking alongside two parish councillors whotold me about the work of the Parish Council(PC). To be honest I had no idea what the PCdid!But having lived in South Marston for 25 years, Idecided it was time to become more involved invillage matters, so I duly sent in my election pa-pers and waited for more details, I fully ex-pected to have to tell more people than my im-mediate neighbours to vote for me! But nine peo-ple applied for nine vacancies, so suddenly I wasa parish councillor.After my first meeting, I found myself as the liaison for the allotments andpart of the finance working group. After 3 years this has extended to in-clude planning applications and the village development working group.As membership of these groups is purely voluntary, maybe I should takemore care in what I agree to become involved in.But having said that, I have found that I enjoy the tasks (well, most ofthem!!) and that learning new skills has given me a range of interests thathas become most enjoyable.And yes, I am still working with the conservation group, who are lookingto gain more volunteers. Why not come along to a Parish Council meet-ing and see what we do?To keep informed of all the latest Parish Council news, includingminutes of Parish Council meetings, please visitwww.southmarston.org.uk and click on the ‘Parish Council’ section.Barry ThunderSouth Marston Parish Council
  13. 13. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 13South Marston Parish CouncilParish Council MeetingsMembers of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetingswhich are held on the third Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm in the Vil-lage Hall. There is an “Open 10 Minutes” section at the start of the meet-ing where you are invited to ask questions or discuss an agenda item. Itwould be helpful if you could inform the Chairman at the start of the meet-ing of any items that you wish to raise or discuss. All agendas are pub-lished on the village website and on the village notice boards, prior to themeetings.Vacancy for Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer12 Hours per Week, Subject to ReviewSalary by negotiation depending on qualificationA vacancy exists for the position of Clerk and Responsible Finance Of-ficer to the Parish Council. Opportunity for career development in thisexciting; varied role. Duties include: Administering the Council’s affairs including - arranging and at-tending meetings; minute-taking; dealing with correspondence. Financial management involving book-keeping and budget con-trol. Advising the Council on procedural and regulatory issues. Editing Tower & Tap local village publicationApplicants should be computer literate using Word and Excel, and pref-erably qualified or experienced in local council administration. Goodorganisational and administrative skills are essential. Training can beprovided.Please send application letter and CV to the Clerk, Mrs Gemma Cheal,Woodbine Cottage, 75 Stratton Road, Lower Stratton, Swindon, SN12PN, Tel. 01793 820529, Email: clerksmpc@aol.com.Closing date is 10thMay 2013.
  14. 14. 14 http://southmarston.org.ukMay 2013Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun1 2 3 4 5Tots ‘n’Toddlers9.00-11.00Village HallQuiz Night atCarriers ArmsSME Group19.30-21:00Venue tbcYouth Club(8-11)18:30-20:00Village HallGet WalkingDay at LydiardParkMeet at visitorscentre/cafe11.00amFamilyService11.006 7 8 9 10 11 12Youth Club(12-18)18:30-20:30Village HallTots ‘n’Toddlers9.00-11.00Village HallCraft Company14:00SMRA Meeting19:30 -21:30Wheelie BinsMixed PlasticsGreen WasteMeeting Point10:00-12.30Village HallSaturday Scene16:00-17:15Village HallHolyCommunion09:30Tower & TapAdvertisers CutOff Date13 14 15 16 17 18 19Gardening Club19:30-22:00Village HallFriendly Club14:00-16:00Village HallTots ‘n’Toddlers9.00-11.00Village HallQuiz Night atCarriers ArmsYouth Club(8-11)18:30-20:00Village HallLive Music atCarriers ArmsTeamService10:00St Margaret’sStratton20 21 22 23 24 25 26Youth Club(12-18)18:30-20:30Village HallParish CouncilAGM19:00Village HallParish CouncilMeeting19.30Village HallTots ‘n’Toddlers9.00-11.00Village HallTower & TapContributionsCut Off DateWheelie BinsMixed PlasticsGreen WasteJohn DenverTributeMercure Hotel8.00pmHolyCommunion08:0027 28 29 30 31Ladies WhoLatte10:00-12:00Mecure HotelTots ‘n’Toddlers9.00-11.00Village HallQuiz Night atCarriers ArmsYouth Club(8-11)18:30-20:00Village Hall
  15. 15. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 15June 2013Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun1 23 4 5 6 7 8 9Youth Club(12-18)18:30-20:30Village HallAnnual ParishMeeting19:00Tots ‘n’ Tod-dlers9.00-11.00Village HallSME Group19.30-21:00Venue tbcWheelie BinsMixed PlasticsGreen WasteMeeting Point10:00-12.30Village HallSaturday Scene16:00-17:15Village Hall10 11 12 13 14 15 16Friendly Club14:00-16:00Village HallTots ‘n’ Tod-dlers9.00-11.00Village HallCraft Company14:00SMRA Meeting19:30 -21:30Tower & TapAdvertising CutOff DateQuiz Night atCarriers ArmsYouth Club(8-11)18:30-20:00Village Hall17 18 19 20 21 22 23Youth Club(12-18)18:30-20:30Village HallParish CouncilMeeting19.30Village HallTots ‘n’ Tod-dlers9.00-11.00Village HallWheelie BinsMixed PlasticsGreen WasteTower & TapContributionsCut Off Date24 25 26 27 28 29 30Ladies WhoLatte10:00-12:00Mecure HotelTots ‘n’ Tod-dlers9.00-11.00Village HallQuiz Night atCarriers ArmsYouth Club(8-11)18:30-20:00Village Hall
  16. 16. 16 http://southmarston.org.ukSouth Marston Enterprise (SME) GroupWe are a business group that holds regular monthly meetings on the firstThursday of the month. It is for people who live in the village and eitherrun or have an interest in running small businesses.At the April meeting we had ademonstration of Equine Reiki.Jane, our guest, talked about herexperience in working with horses ata sanctuary and how they benefitedfrom their sessions with her. Sheexplained what was involved andthen demonstrated it on 3 luckyhorses!The evening was rounded off overwine and snacks and a more socialchat over the types of training thatJane offered for horse owners aspart of her business. We also discussed future topics we would like cov-ered in the SME meetings.The next meeting will be all about swapping useful contact details or nug-gets of business sense that have really helped us in our business. If youwould like to join us please contact Hazel Andrews athazel@acuhome.co.uk or Tel: 01793 827507.Puzzle page creator (any age)for June issue, please contacttowerandtap@southmarston.org.ukby the 22nd of May 2013
  17. 17. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 17
  18. 18. 18 http://southmarston.org.ukRecent EventsTuesday 9th AprilA talk was to be given by John James-Davidson on handwriting but whilsttravelling to South Marston he was involved in a car accident with a deer.We reverted to a social afternoon.Future eventsTuesday 14th May– In the Village Hall at 2.00pmA talk will be given by Wiltshire Farm foods advising us of the selectionof foods they supply.A tasting session will be given at the meeting.Tuesday 21st May – OutingThe outing is a trip to Bournemouth. Departure from South Marston is at9.30am (by car park) return arrival time approx. 6.30pmTuesday 11th June– In the Village Hall at 2.00pmAnnual General Meeting. Members are requested to send their nomina-tions for election to the committee to the secretary, Brian McGlone. Fol-lowing the AGM a talk will be given by Graham Carter on Alfred Williamsin South Marston.Friendly Club Annual Holiday - September 2013An opportunity not to be missed - open to non membersOur annual Holiday this year will be toNottingham staying at Warners Thor-esby Hall Hotel for 4 nights departingfrom South Marston on the Monday30th September and returning Friday4th October. This will include variousday trips during our stay. BarnesCoaches will be supplying thetransport. The hotel has 30 acres ofgardens and is on the edge of Sher-wood Forest.The cost for dinner, bed and breakfast for 4 nights is £330 per person. An-yone over 50 who would like to join us will be made very welcome.Please contact Sheila 828545 for details and to book the holiday.The Friendly Club
  19. 19. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 19Christmas Hampers - new qualification criteriaThe government has increased the State Pension age for women to 65phased from April 2016 to December 2018. A further increase will bephased in to raise the State Pension age for all to 66 from December2018.In consideration of these changes, and the proposed expansion of thevillage community, the Trust will be making the following changes tothe criteria for allocation of Christmas Hampers to senior citizens ofSouth Marston. These changes will be implemented on 1st April 2016.The changes are not subject to the exact scheduling of governmentcriteria. To qualify for a Christmas Hamper the recipient is required tohave been in permanent residency in South Marston for a periodof 3 years prior to submission of registration. All new applicants must be 65 years of age on 24th December2016 to be eligible to register. All new and existing applicants must be 66 years of age or overon the 1st January 2019 to be eligible to register.The F & E Harris Memorial TrustGardening ClubRecent EventsOur meeting on Monday 15th April was entitled Trugs. Carl Sadler came with his array of trugsand entertained us all with interesting storiesof his life. These were all associated around trugsand went from chopping down of the trees tomeetings with royalty at country fairs.Future eventsOur next meeting will be on Monday 13th May at 7:30pm with a talk byAlan Christopher entitled Summer gardening made easy.
  20. 20. 20 http://southmarston.org.ukOasisOffering a place and time forrefreshment, healing, restand stillness“Come to me, all you who are weary andburdened, and I will give you rest.”Matthew 11:28Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Letanyone who is thirsty come to me anddrink. Whoever believes in me, asScripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from withinthem.”John 7:37– 38Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clearas crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of theLamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On eachside of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops offruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree arefor the healing of the nationsRevelation 22:1-2Prayer and God’s Word is at the heart of ministry in our Team.Oasis will be offering different opportunities for prayer atdifferent times and on different days. Some events will be in ourhome churches, some away. There will be prayer walks,creative prayer times, silent times, Lexio devina, intercessionand a variety leaders and speakers.
  21. 21. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 219th May, Ascension DayA Day of PrayerSt. Margaret’s Church9.00am Morning Prayer9.45am Silent prayer10am Prayer for the Churches10.30am Refreshments11.00am Prayer for Young People’s Work11.30pm Prayer for Worship Team, musicians and choir12.00 Mid-day Prayer12.30pm Lunch Break1.30pm Prayer for the Pastoral Care Team2.00p, Silent Prayer2.30pm Prayer for those in need with opportunity for thelaying on of hands and anointing3.30pm Refreshments4.00pm Bible meditation (Lexio Devina)4.45pm Closing Prayers7.30pm Ascension Day Holy Communion
  22. 22. 22 http://southmarston.org.uk
  23. 23. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 23South MarstonVillage HallHire ChargesAll enquiries and to make a booking please contact Julie Hatherallhttp://southmarston.org.uk/village-hall-bookings/or email: j_hatherall@yahoo.co.uk tel: 07857 310 624Refundable deposit also applies for all one off bookings,Please see website for further details. Terms and Conditions apply.REGULAR HIRE COSTLocal Village Organisation £5.00 per hourNon-Local Organisation £8.00 per hourParish Council £8.50 per hourONE-OFF BOOKINGS e.g. Children’sParty, Family Party, Christenings etcCOSTVillage Resident Non-ResidentMorning Session 08:30 – 13:30 £20.00 £25.00Afternoon Session 13:30 – 18:30 £25.00 £30.00Evening Session 18:30 – 23:30 £30.00 £35.00Send your contributions for our next issue totowerandtap@southmarston.org.ukby the 22nd of May 2013
  24. 24. 24 http://southmarston.org.ukSMAWL North Wiltshiremammals word search solutionHOME TUTORINGFully qualifiedprimary teacheroffering home tutoringat competitive prices.Maths from KS1 to GCSE(£25 - £30 / hour)Literacy KS1 and KS2(£25 / hour)Full CRB certificateKirsty Feline BSc (Mathematics)PGCETel: 07855 099086kirstyfeline@hotmail.com
  25. 25. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 25All prices exclude VAT (where applicable) and are valid for 30 days fromissue of this schedule.The South Marston Tower & Tap is a popular publication read, pub-lished monthly with a double issue in Dec/Jan and Jul/Aug. It is dis-tributed by hand to 375 homes in South Marston with a potentialreadership in excess of 700. It is also published on our website in-creasing its reach beyond householders.Note: the dimensions above are based on B5 size pages.(164mmx 235mm) Your advertisement should be sent totowerandtapadvertising@southmarston.org.ukin an electronic format ie .jpeg or .tiff or .pdfPlease send any logos or picture files in a separate file.Failure to send your files by 13th of the Month will delay publication.Please send all advertisements totowerandtapadvertising@southmarston.org.ukBy the 13th of the month before the publication you re-quire.Black and White Colour (for back page or inside cover)For a one off ad:£27.50 full page£16.50 half page£8.80 quarter page.For one year (10 issues)£82.50 full page£49.50 half page£27.50 quarter pageFor a one off ad£35.00 full page£20.00 half page£10.00 quarter pageFor one year (10 Issues)£100.00 full page£65.00 half page£35.00 quarter pageTower & Tap Advertising Rates 2013
  26. 26. 26 http://southmarston.org.ukParish Council Chair Stuart Young T 828775Parish Council Vice Chair Sylvia Brown T 823535Clerk to the Parish Council Gemma Cheal T 820529SMRA Chair Angie Newton T 832034SMRA Secretary Julie Hatherall T 07857 310624Village Hall Bookings Julie Hatherall T 07857 310624Football Field Bookings Chris Maull T 824505Tots & Toddlers Rachel Case T 832719Youth Club Julie & Steve T 07923 441296Gardening Club Mike New T 827807Friendly Club Brian McGlone T 826243Spitfires Football Club Bev Maull T 824505South Marston School Mr Luke Madison T 823379Pre–School Pre-School Staff T 07847 590601Saplings Children’s Centre (All Sorts) T 829996Ward Councillors Russell Holland T 07999 566623John Haines T 07901 534640Colin Lovell T 321634Member of Parliament Justin Tomlinson T 522123Priest in Charge Vicky Fleming T 827021Church Wardens Richard Sansum T 831473Donald Page T 825693Website Donald Jones T 823035Tower and Tap Hannah Jones T 823035Useful Contacts
  27. 27. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 27What’s happening atSouth Marston Hotel & Spa….Our Sunday carvery lunchis still going from strengthto strength, so rememberto book early. For the realale drinkers I am pleasedto announce that, follow-ing a few requests fromvillagers, we have addedOur Bath Ales as a suppli-er and we’re serving quin-tessentially English beerbrewed in the West Coun-try. We have a choice of premium amber ales and a distinc-tive dark bitter. Come al,ong and try them, then give us yourfeedback. As you know all of your comments are gratefullyreceived.Senior Citizens Lunches have again been well supportedlast month and we of course want to continue with itssuccess. So remember, every Thursday from 12.00 noon-2.00pm, a two course lunch is served for only £4.99 perperson.Just a reminder that Father’s Day is fast approaching andthat we are now taking bookings for Father’s Day carverylunch which will be served from 12.30pm-4.00pm priced at£17.95 per person for a three courses and a special gift forFather’s Day….
  28. 28. 28 http://southmarston.org.ukOur next village coffee morning will be on Monday 13th May2013 from 10.30am- 12 noon. Coffee and biscuits are pro-vided by the hotel and as you know donations are sharedbetween the Village Hall and Church Funds. This is our wayof giving back to the local community so we hope you’ll joinus. Any budding cake makers in the village that want tobring along cakes to sell at the coffee morning in additionalsupport will be welcome.Contact Steve to arrange on 01793 833700 or e-mail me atgouldingsteve@hotmail.comMake money with a smile and some hard work!The Wedding Season is fast ap-proaching and we are lookingfor casual waiting staff to helpus serve our guests. If you areover 16 and interested in hospi-tality, please contact SteveGoulding on 01793 833700or e-mail your CV togouldingsteve@hotmail.com .The work is mainly Saturdays and Sundays but we also willhave lots of evening work in our busy calendar.Until next month …enjoy the bank holidays everyoneThe Mercure South Marston Hotel and Spa,Old Vicarage Lane, South Marston, SN3 4SHwww.southmarstonhotel.com