Dojit notify provides context aware push notifications


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Dojit has created an inspirational service for game and app developer across the world. Allowing developers to create and manage a notification solutions targeted at individual players. The online service with application plugin is easy to setup and has a simple monthly subscription. We believe this is a unique service which all game and application designers would use to generate their own successful customer retention strategy. The services currently generates Apple, Android and in App notifications.

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Dojit notify provides context aware push notifications

  1. 1. explained November 2013
  2. 2. what problem do we solve? • enabling people of all abilities to play games for longer • How – tools which developers can use to engage players – dojit-notify – dojit-improve 2
  3. 3. Push Notification Stats • • • • • can increase in daily app opens by 540% can increase social sharing by 30% can get 60% click-through rates after 3-6 months retention rates double more that three time the open rates after three months 4
  4. 4. A context aware notification service which creates A context aware notification service which creates messages to players based on a set of developer defined rules messages to players based on a set of developer defined rules
  5. 5. we only send one push notification per day per app during day light hours in their language multiple messages about how they are using the app 6
  6. 6. Key Benefits •Custom-made notifications to ensure player retentionPersonalised messages to add user incentive, driving monetization and revenueDesigned to follow the ‘recipe’ chosen by youOut-of-game notifications can entice players back into the game and increase daily app openings. •In-game notifications can help ensure push notification are switched onNotifications that correlate with player’s in-game progression to boost enjoyment and engagement. Key features •User-specific in and out-of-game push notificationsAn adaptable and flexible r engineChoose between either manual or automatic notifications.Easy online se managementAn intelligent data collection systemThe power to create a notifica secondsA simple plug-in process
  7. 7. From where to what? Game Plugin Notification Service 8
  8. 8. recipes • Location – • Language – • Since last played, to complete, re-action, time played, App Version – • English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese, Tradition Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Time – • Country / City Up version, Crash, In App Usage – – Developer Defined – • Levels, Sub Levels Usage, Player sessions per month Phone Version 9
  9. 9. Technical Strength • Solution is currently scalable to – over 5 million push notifications per day – over 10 million players / app users – 99.999% hosting based on third level domain names for high value clients – multiple games and tokens per handset – multiple push solutions 10
  10. 10. Developer Access and Marketing Admin 11
  11. 11. Notify Roadmap • Game Engine Plugins – Unity3d, Trigger, PhoneGap – Marmalade, Contruct2, ImpactJS, Tuberlenz • Push Streams – Email, HTTP, Windows, Amazon, • Increased number of triggers and conditions – e.g. By Date • Graphical Analytics • Results presentation