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NSA LinkedIn with Konnected Klown


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David Newman's presentation at the 2012 National Speakers Association National Convention in Indianapolis, IN on the power and potential of using LinkedIn for marketing and sales.

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NSA LinkedIn with Konnected Klown

  1. 1. LinkedIn Strategies: Konnect for Kash(by Konnected Klown) David Newman e: | p: 610.716.5984
  2. 2. Big Idea e: | p: 610.716.5984
  3. 3. Bad News…VOLUNTARYATTENTION e: | p: 610.716.5984
  4. 4. More Bad News… e: | p: 610.716.5984
  5. 5. Rethink WHY and HOW People Buy People Buy from Friends 10,000BC-1945AD People Buy from Strangers 1945-1995 People Buy Online 1995-2005People Buy from Experts and Because of Friends 2005-2020 e: | p: 610.716.5984
  6. 6. Find PROSPECT-centered Groups e: | p: 610.716.5984
  7. 7. Join PROSPECT-centered Groups• Meetings – Events – Conference – Convention• Association: ASAE – HSMAI – NSA• Industry: Engineering – Real Estate – Law• Function: HR – Sales – Marketing – Training• You can join 50... So join 50!! e: | p: 610.716.5984
  8. 8. Groups Allow You to Konnect e: | p: 610.716.5984
  9. 9. Step 1: KonnectId like to put my professional network onLinkedIn at your disposal. After weconnect, if theres someone to whom youdlike a personal introduction, just let meknow. If you prefer not to connect at thistime, please archive this message now.Thanks in advance. e: | p: 610.716.5984
  10. 10. Step 2: Konnect for KashI’m glad to be connected to you on LinkedInand wanted to reach out to you personally.My expertise is in helping [YOUR WHO] raisethe bar even further on [EXPERTISE/VALUE].If a conversation about your situation wouldbe of value, please do get in touch.-- [Your Name] [Your Phone] e: | p: 610.716.5984
  11. 11. Step 3: Targeted ProspectingHi [NAME],Im not sure if you can help me, but I am hoping youmight point me in the right direction.I have some research we put together specifically for[TITLE]. I am not sure if this would be of value for[COMPANY](from what I read on your website, I think itmight be), and I would like to connect with the rightperson to find out. Any help you could provide would bevery greatly appreciated.Warmest regards,[YOUR NAME] e: | p: 610.716.5984
  12. 12. Step 4: Ask for Speaking!Hi Susan, This is David Newman. I speak to groups of [WHO]who want to [OUTCOME] and [RESULT]. I’m writing to see if aprogram like this might be valuable for your members.Hi Susan, This is Jane Buck. I speak to groups of bankers whowant to get more small business banking customers and boostboth deposits and lending. I’m writing to see if a program likethis might be valuable for your members.Hi Susan, This is Betsy Ross. I speak to groups of cancerpatients who want to feel good and look great even duringtreatment. I’m writing to see if a program like this might bevaluable for your patients and nurses. e: | p: 610.716.5984
  13. 13. Make Sure This Sticks!• Email me, call me, put me on your team• Get your FREE Social Media Starter Kit• Visit for more resources e: | p: 610.716.5984
  14. 14. “Hey David, Great Stuff! What Else Could We Do Together?”• Thanks for asking!• Work with me 1-on-1:•• Simple Marketing Success program starts 9/5/12:•• Let me know if you’d like to discuss… Thank YOU! e: | p: 610.716.5984