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History of money chisinau


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Published in: Education
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History of money chisinau

  1. 1. The history of money By ACCESS Chisinau
  2. 2. The goal of the project The goal of our project is to find out how money appeared in different countries and how it is valued in those countries
  3. 3. So, we……. • Divided our class in different countries, each student had a country and had to bring information about the money from that country
  4. 4. The results: • We found out a lot of new interesting information about money from other countries. For instance, did you know that....
  5. 5. The US dollar bill can be folded 4000 times and it will not tear?!
  6. 6. Or that Belarus is one of the few countries that has never issued coins?!
  7. 7. And, by the way, in 2004 1 $ = 1 350 000 Turkish Lira
  8. 8. The Ukrainian Hryvna had no coins issued until 1996
  9. 9. In India the 100,000 bill is called “Iakh”
  10. 10. And last but not least •In Moldova there were 1-Ban Coins issued until 2006
  11. 11. Conclusion: •Money looks different everywhere but everywhere it has a historical value