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Paleobiology Database


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Learn the basics of searching the paleo

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Paleobiology Database

  1. 1. A Doherty Library Information Literacy Tutorial
  2. 2. The Paleobiology Database is an onlineresource compiled by paleontologiststo allow analysis of the fossil record. Click “Full Search” to see the different search options. We will look at “Fossil Organisms” searching first.
  3. 3. In this example, we will search forinformation on trilobites by entering“trilobite” under “Common name.”Be sure to review the options forsearching, including more precisescientific names.
  4. 4. The page on trilobites contains awealth of information. If you scrolldown. . .
  5. 5. … you can read about the geographicdistribution of trilobite fossils, andeven generate a map.
  6. 6. Next we will select “Time intervals”from the Full Search menu.
  7. 7. This tool allows you to browse stages ofmajor geological time intervals. If weclick on Kaihikuan. . .
  8. 8. … we can see information about thisstage, plus fossil collections from thistime interval.
  9. 9. Finally, the database contains manyimages of fossils. A search under“Common name” for dinosaur. . .
  10. 10. … reveals images of dinosaur fossils inthe Paleobiology database collections. Remember to visit for help using the library.