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Old Isnt Necessarily Bad Andrea


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Old Isnt Necessarily Bad Andrea

  1. 1. Old Isn’t NECESSARILY Bad Models: The Best of the Oldies • Inquiry Project Presentation • Andrea • July 30, 2003
  2. 2. Teachers have been modeling writing for at least a few hundred years. -- James Murphy
  3. 3. Sometimes, people think that old ideas are bad ideas.
  4. 4. Like when my dad was little, they used to X-ray feet at shoe stores to see if shoes fit.
  5. 5. BAD IDEA.
  6. 6. When I was little, it seemed like just about everyone smoked (except my mom).
  7. 7. BAD IDEA!!!
  8. 8. However, there ARE some old ideas that are good ideas.
  9. 9. Some Good Old Ideas: • Indoor “modern” toilets! First used around 4,000 years ago!! • Giving presents • Soft Serve
  10. 10. GREAT IDEAS!
  11. 11. Another Good Idea from the Past: • Modeling writing for students
  12. 12. Modeling ranks high among the “fifteen key factors associated with effective writing instruction.” -- Marcia Farr
  13. 13. Modeling is especially important for “non-mainstream students.”
  14. 14. In other words, students who speak nonstandard English dialects from backgrounds such as  Urban Black  Bilingual Hispanic  White ethnic  Rural -- Marcia Farr
  15. 15. When teachers do not give students models, “Writers spend too much time groping in the dark, trying to imagine or invent the conventions of an assigned genre.” -- Marcia Farr
  16. 16. In fact, a student “cannot be an effective apprentice liberal artist without models.” -- Grant Wiggins
  17. 17. Modeling for students …it’s an oldie and a goodie.