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ICAWC 2012 : Elizabeth Whiter Healing Animals Organisation


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ICAWC 2012 : Elizabeth Whiter Healing Animals Organisation

  1. 1. CARING for the ANIMAL CARER
  2. 2. Healing Animals Organisation• Working Hand-in-Hand with the Veterinary Fraternity• Bringing Complementary Help to Rescue Centres, Animals & Staff• Fundraising for Animal Charities Worldwide
  3. 3. Supporting Vets
  4. 4. Healing Animals Organisation• Professionally Trained Volunteers help at Animal Rescue Centres • Graduates include Vets & Vet Nurses • Animal Husbandry • Behaviour Balancing • First Aid • Nutritional & Environmental Assessment • Outreach Projects, Education, Community Integration & Training
  5. 5. Community Needs
  6. 6. Healing Animals OrganisationFundraising and Supporting…
  7. 7. Wherever there are Animals in Need
  8. 8. Who’s Rescuing the Rescuer?• Body Awareness• Staying Healthy to Provide Health• Being Present, Focus on NOW• Grounded, Solid, Calm• Promote Trust• Techniques to Manage Stress & Anxiety – You are Never Alone
  9. 9. *Energy follows Thought*Our Thoughts create our Actions• Our animal friends pick up on our emotions, whether happy or sad.• They read us like a book.
  10. 10. Making a Difference Together• There is never a Problem only a Solution• Animals Respond to Calm• Relaxation techniques help develop TRUST between Carer & Animal• It is vital the Carer is supported to help with self empowerment & to create a loving bond with all animals.
  11. 11. We are here to help…