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Dogs Trust ITP: Ziela Haider - Using the Media


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Interim Head of Communiations Ziela Haider talks about harnessing the power of the media.

Published in: Lifestyle, News & Politics
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Dogs Trust ITP: Ziela Haider - Using the Media

  1. 1. Using the Media 8th March 2012 Ziela HaiderInterim Head of Communications
  2. 2. Aims…To show you how Dogs Trust:• Uses PR to rehome dogs and promote its views through the media• Reaches different audiences• Turns a ‘negative’ story into a positive one• Works with the social media team…and hopefully to inspire you with new ways to promote your organisation and its values
  3. 3. Over to you! What would you like to learn from this session?
  4. 4. Communications Department• Press & PR• Information• Events, Surveys, Projects• Wag!• Annual Review• Action on dog welfare
  5. 5. What about you?Tell me about any experience you have with the media!
  6. 6. Media Trends: a short quiz• How many regional newspapers are there in the UK?• 1,607• How many consumer magazines are there in the UK?• 3,100• What was the most searched for thing on Google last year?• The World Cup
  7. 7. Why is this important?• Lots of ways to tell people about Dogs TrustBUT• Lots of competition
  8. 8. Over to you! Can you give me recentexamples of PR campaigns in your countries that worked well?
  9. 9. PR –v- Advertising• PR & Advertising – What is the difference?• Advertising – Paid for by Dogs Trust – We have complete control over what appears• PR – Editorial – we supply the information, the journalist writes the feature or article – No control over what appears – No cost to Dogs Trust – Much more effective
  10. 10. “One favourable paragraph in a news story can be worth a whole page of advertising”
  11. 11. PR Cost – a pack of biscuitsAdvertising cost – £19,000 and a key ring
  12. 12. Advertising cost – £36,104 PR Cost – a telephone call
  13. 13. The Independent Review£4,950 Front Cover£75,570 Feature
  14. 14. PR Results• 4th most read story on BBC Online on the day it appeared• Over 65 press articles in national and regional newspapers• Over 100 online articles reporting the news• 3,000 extra hits to the Dogs Trust website on the day the news broke• 1,000 click-throughs to our press release when posted on Twitter and Facebook• An ongoing relationship with a key children’s TV programme
  15. 15. How much of what you read in the papers and see on the news is PR generated? 60%
  16. 16. How many press releases does a features editor of a national newspaper receive each day? 140
  17. 17. What makes the news?• Controversy• Royals• Cute and fluffy• Celebrity & soaps Above All• Sex – Human Interest• Money• Public safety• People power
  18. 18. Getting Dogs Trust in the Media
  19. 19. Our Audience?• Supporters• Future supporters• Future rehomers• The media• Opinion formers• Politicians• Fundraisers• Internal staff members
  20. 20. How do we do reach them?• Re-active – Journalists call us for a quote, a story, or information• Pro-active – We think up ideas, stories, and campaigns and persuade journalists to cover it• Essential Tool – The Press Release
  21. 21. Anniversaries/ Reasons to Celebrate Support from Corporate/ E.g.. Staff member celebrating long Celebrity Partners service, 1000th dog rehomed Details of dramatic rescue Cute /Brave Stories PR IDEAS E.g. how was the dog rescued, were E.g. Dogs who are best friends members of the public involved, with other dogs or other animals, what did Centre staff do? loyalty to owner, bravery,Link back to the work of Dogs Trust Funny/Topical Dog Names Centre Events Sponsor a dog, microchipping, E.g. Named after things linked to the E.g. Open days, bring a dog a neutering, education, responsible seasons & events [Noel & Holly at Christmas dinner dog ownership, fundraising Christmas] Famous singers, celebrities, sports stars Old Dogs Area Related Dog E.g. Longer term residents,‘London’s prettiest / ugliest/friendliest/ Educating Dog Owners of Tomorrow The oldest dog at the centre, older dogs biggest/smallest/cutest dog’ with older people Asking for help The health benefit of dogs Link to Topical Events E.g. Centre urgently needs bedding, E.g. Sports, films, award ceremonies volunteers, extra food, toys etc. Unusual breeds, sizes Litters of Puppies Disabled Dogs colours, crosses, weight E.g. Do they an unusual story, funny E.g. 3 legged or deaf dogs who are E.g. The smallest dog next to the names, are they being hand reared, doing well despite their ailment largest dog is it a very large litter?
  22. 22. Support fromCorporate Partners
  23. 23. The Saturdays, Nintendo and Dogs Trust
  24. 24. Topical or Interesting Names
  25. 25. Piggyback!• World Cup• Wimbledon• Flower shows• Valentines day• Christmas themed• National holidays
  26. 26. Chrissie & Evie
  27. 27. Cranbury
  28. 28. Bjorn & Borg
  29. 29. Dogs with health conditions
  30. 30. Ronnie
  31. 31. Snowball & Meg
  32. 32. Unusual Dogs
  33. 33. Weasel
  34. 34. Britain’s Ugliest Dog
  35. 35. Film releases
  36. 36. Results• Over 500 phone calls on the day Hubble appeared on TV• Over 100 offers of a new home as far afield as the US and Switzerland• Hubble has a new home and is settling in well with his owner – good follow up story too
  37. 37. Piglet
  38. 38. Charlie & Barney
  39. 39. Rose
  40. 40. The Walking Mat - MathersonBefore… After….
  41. 41. StaffRecognition
  42. 42. Career changes…
  43. 43. Turning you into the story…
  44. 44. Fundraising
  45. 45. My Life As A DogThree opportunities for coverage
  46. 46. Before… During… After
  47. 47. Unusual Size
  48. 48. Birthday celebrations
  49. 49. Life after Dogs Trust
  50. 50. Turning a sad tale into a positive
  51. 51. Turning a ‘negative’ into a positive• Separation anxiety• Older dogs• Common breeds• Abandonment• ‘Sticky’ dogs• Nicknaming dogs
  52. 52. Going the extra mile…
  53. 53. Over to you!What challenges do you face incommunicating the aims of your organisations?
  54. 54. Health Benefits
  55. 55. Events
  56. 56. Centre Focused• Summer Open Days• Christmas Fayres• Education workshops• Visits from celebrities or dignitaries• Agility events• Dog training and behaviour workshops or talks• Fundraising events or large donations to the RC
  57. 57. Celebrities• Can add weight to your campaign• Different type of media• Online media- eg Twitter
  58. 58. Over to you! Tell me about the celebrity culture in your countries and‘key influencers’ you would like to target?
  59. 59. Letter to the Editor
  60. 60. A Day in the Life
  61. 61. Ten Golden RulesPoints to remember:• What?• Who?• Where?• Why?• When?90% of press releases end up in the bin!
  62. 62. Spotting a story• Always have an eye out for catchy stories that will not only have a regional but also national appeal• Maintain and develop good media contacts in your region- maybe set up a visit to your center or a lunch so that these contacts will keep coming back for stories• We have a journalist meet and greet programme and ensure that we regularly circulate our contact details to new journalists
  63. 63. Internal Comms• Don’t forget to tell your staff what has been going on and inspire them to spot news stories for you
  64. 64. Photography
  65. 65. Photography tips• Be patient
  66. 66. Photography tips• Take shots of normal behaviour
  67. 67. Photography tips• Use sounds to focus the dog’s attention
  68. 68. Photography tips• Shoot at eye level
  69. 69. Photography tips• Natural and playful rather than posed
  70. 70. Photography tips• Get close
  71. 71. Photography tips• Show the dog in action
  72. 72. Photography tips• Take lots of pictures
  73. 73. Photography tips• Use branding
  74. 74. Photography tips• Use props
  75. 75. Photography tips• Dogs and children
  76. 76. Photography tips• If your dog won’t pose – get creative!
  77. 77. Photography tips• If your dog won’t pose – get creative!
  78. 78. Photography tips• Combination of different shots
  79. 79. The PeopleCirculation: 900,000Readership: 2,700,000
  80. 80. Over to You!
  81. 81. Thank YouAny Questions?