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How to Get Started in Podcasting



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How to Get Started in Podcasting

  1. 1. How to Get Started in Podcasting The Why, What & How to Do Your First Podcast
  2. 2. WHO am I? • Award-winning Author of From Grief to Grace • TEDx Speaker • Online Media Consultant • Podcaster of “What Really Matters Interviews”
  3. 3. My Podcast
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. WHY do you want to do a Podcast? • Hobby vs. business? • Marketing? • Reach your market in another content form?
  6. 6. Benefits of Podcasts for Listeners • Listen anywhere • In-depth content • Longform content they have time for
  7. 7. Benefits of Podcasts for You • Intimate connection – your voice • In-depth, long-form content • Listen to them anywhere • New marketing channel
  8. 8. What are your expectations? • Highlight your skills • Talk about your expertise • Reaching your audience more deeply is good (in-depth content) • Direct monetization is difficult, so don’t plan on that right away – unless you already have a big following. • Me: use it as a way to showcase my interviewing skills, build an audience and hone my skills
  9. 9. What type of podcast do you want to make? • Solo: • Just you talking about your topic • Read your book • Specialty (gaming, movies, music etc) • With others • Co-host with another • Interview others • Inperson vs. remote interviews
  10. 10. Who is your Audience? • Lots of Podcasts • Find a niche and stand out! • Biggest mistake I’ve made.
  11. 11. … do you
  12. 12. What “stuff” do you need to DO a podcast?
  13. 13. What’s the NAME of your podcast? • Make it short & simple • Make it appeal to your audience • Check other names to make sure you’re okay • See if you can get the domain name
  14. 14. Create Podcast Artwork • Make it graphically simple • Square shape • Large size:(3000 x 3000 px) • Where to create it: Canva, PowerPoint, Fiverr, etc. Create it in Canva
  15. 15. Google “Podcast Covers”, etc.
  16. 16. What equipment do you need? • Need to create a recording • Basic: phone • Better: external microphone, iPad, PC or Mac • Best: mixing board, boom, soundproofing, digital recorder (if on location)
  17. 17. My Set-up
  18. 18. What Software Do You need to Record? Remote Interviewing: • Zoom, SquadCast, etc. In-person Recording & Interviews: • Phone or iPad (built-in software?) • Audio recording software: Audacity (free), Hindenburg, Adobe Audition, Garage Band, etc. • * Digital Recorders – bypass software and record directly into a recording device.
  19. 19. What editing software do you need? • Free: Audacity • Free: Garage Band (Mac) • Paid: Hindenburg • Paid: Adobe Audition • Free: DaVinci Resolve (for video AND audio!) • Many others out there …
  20. 20. Audio Editing + Transcript An all-in-one solution for transcripts & audio editing!
  21. 21. Where to host your audio files? • Anchor – Free. Gives you limited control. • Libsyn – Been around forever. • BuzzSprout – my fav. Good reviews, support, interface, etc. • There are many others … (Need a place to store your audio files distribute them to Apple, Spotify, etc.)
  22. 22. HOW Image HOW do you do your podcast? Make the Leap and DO It!
  23. 23. Prepare Image Prepare for Your Podcast • Gather your notes and links - Google docs, relevant websites, etc. • Mic check – On? Have you selected the right mic input? Sound level check? • Software and/ or recorder ready? • Prepare & relax your guest Get
  24. 24. Record Your Podcast • Click “Record” on Zoom, Squadcast, digital recorder, etc. • Have 8-10 seconds of silence at the beginning • Record. Don’t stop/ start … keep going. • Done – leave 8-10 seconds of silence. • If online recording – let files upload.
  25. 25. Edit Your Podcast • Create file folder for all audio files. Move all audio files to those folders • Remove noise • Normalize • Tighten up • Add intro & outro • Render
  26. 26. Organize Your Files! • Create file folder for all audio files • Date-Podcast-Name • Subdirectories for “Renders” & “Media” • Within media: images, audio, etc. • Enables you to keep everything in one place
  27. 27. Prepare at Hosting • Add artwork for issue • Add text about podcast • Add any relevant links • Upload audio file
  28. 28. Publish Your Podcast • Push the “Publish Button” • Get the word out! • Social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Email, etc.
  29. 29. Q&A / Resources Resources Page (PDF) soon available: • Send email to What questions do you have?

Editor's Notes

  • Goal: to show you the why, what and how to do your first podcast. Everything you need to get started.
  • Who am I?
  • What Really Matters Interviews is my podcast
  • Why do you want to do a podcast? It becomes your North Star
  • There are many reasons ranging from personal to business.
  • There are lots of benefits to listeners …
  • And there are benefits for you …
  • If as a business, here are some possibilities …
  • Podcast types – solo vs. “with others”
  • Finding a niche is crucial to standing out. “The more clearly you can state what you do, and who you do it for, the more people will seek you out.”
  • There are several “moving parts” to bring together for a podcast. We’ll take a look at all of them.
  • You can get inspiration by Googling “podcast covers” or “podcasts” on Instagram.
  • There are levels of equipment investment you can make … from basic to best.
  • Here’s my set-up
  • There are lots of software options to record your interviews .
  • There are both free and paid options for editing software
  • Show Descript if there’s time. Automatically transcribes your audio. And also lets you edit the audio from the transcript!
  • There are lots and lots of places to host your audio files.
  • “All you have to do is do it.”
  • Like any presentation to get ready for your podcast: notes, equipment check, relax guests, etc.
  • This system makes it easy to keep all your files and one place and move them to another drive when you want.
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